How To Works As Rich People Do?

Who would want to be rich ?
I am sure you will stretch out your hands . Correct ?
If you want to be rich , then you need to learn how to work the rich . Average rich men if we had noticed similarities in the work . Well that's what I want to share this time : how to work as the rich do .
Of course I'm referring to here is not rich because you have inherited so descendants such as Mark Zuckerberg or Larry Page . Or maybe because of marrying a rich widow or widower .
I mean the word here is that they get a fortune with his own hands . From the bottom , crawling , trying hard , until then able to accumulate wealth that makes it referred to as the rich .
1 . The rich are not only motivated by money . Yes , money is not the only motivation of people who become rich in work and raising business. But the awareness to make a valuable contribution to the crowd . There have been many examples of how rich people donate and contribute in many ways , whether published or not .
2 . Time is more valuable than money . Rich people are aware that time is more valuable than money . Therefore , they buy time from people who worked for him . The rich prefer to hire people for things he is not good enough to do it or it is not productive for him .

3 . Not just work . The rich do not just work . But they worked hard and smart to achieve the success they want to achieve . They not only work , but would like to achieve victory .
4 . Got a lot of sources of income . Income of the wealthy is clearly derived from many sources . Not only one source . The amount of resources to create wealth obtained cepet increases .
5 . The rich man also wants you rich . Do not believe ? Yes , the rich do not want the rich alone . But many people also want the rich . The reason is simple , if you are rich , then you will be able to buy the product or service being offered . In other words , the velocity of money gets bigger and firmer . Anyway, it feels more comfortable as well as more and more rich people in this country . So that more problems may be more quickly resolved together .
6 . Investment Focus . Money spent focused on investment , not consumption . Mmebeli property for rent or vehicles for operational tool for example .
 That's some of the traits of the rich in the act . Whoever you are , I 'm sure could also rich . Because being rich was given by God to everyone focused and never give up .

WINNER mentality

A success is largely determined by the mentality that we have. The mentality will determine whether we will win or lose in this life. Therefore we need to build a winner mentality which will have an impact in our work and also in the process of achieving our goal. Keep in mind that we have determined to win even more than the winner, so it is not fair if we continue to experience defeat in this life. A person with a winner attitude will always be able to survive in a difficult situation even managing to achieve the best results.

These are winner mentality

1. Having a clear goal
A winner will be clear about what they are trying to reach, making it easier for him to focus on preparing and allocating time and energy to be used in achieving targets. Clear goal is like looking at a jigsaw puzzle that has finished before beginning to compose any piece of the puzzle. This makes it easy to assemble all the pieces into compliance with the desired final image. Similarly, if we want to achieve something big make sure we can clearly see the first goal we began to assemble the necessary steps.

2. Brimming with confidence
People who lose always pessimistic, while a winner always be optimistic. The mentality of a winner is always filled with confidence that having a base and generate action toward the target. Confidence can produce with variety of strategies that support to achieve a goal. Full confidence is the mentality that we need to work well in a career, especially when we have a responsibility to achieve a sales target or finishing a project.

3. A different perspective
Winners see in a positive way, people who lost look in a negative way. Winners see opportunity; people who lose always see trouble. Winners see the way out, loser look at the problem. A winner always look at everything with a different perspective, this will brings into achieve different results and go beyond limitations. If we want to be a winner then began to view everything in life with the right perspective.

4. Dare to pay the price
For every success and achievement there is a price to pay. This is what needs to be taken into account from the beginning. Many people have the desire to achieve something big and significant, but only few are actually willing to pay the price. We must be ready to get out of the comfort area and pay the price for what we want to achieve. Remember that the price of a victory still cheaper than the price of a failure.

5. No quitter
The reason why many people give up easily because it is the most convenient way when a person feels unable to confront the difficulties. So there are terms Winner never quit and quitters never win. A winner has a mental attitude that is not easy to give up despite the circumstances and situations are so difficult. They are fully aware that victory does not mean the absence of trouble but how to defeat these difficulties. People who have given up less often used in the face of challenges and even some are giving up before he failed because he never dared to try. The mentality of a winner is finish what he started and never had to stop in the middle of the road.

WINNERS do not do different things, They DO THINGS differently.

Marketing is so simple

There may be confused about what marketing is. Some are trying to answer with the definition that marketing is an activity to offers something to the target market. There is another people that describes marketing as a communication process to provide information on products and services related to the needs and desires of people.

Whatever the definition, actually marketing is simple.

You can ask what people want. Then, you provide what they want. Likewise, if you've got the customers you may ask about the product that has been consumed by your customers and fix it. If you want to grab a market. You may ask what is still less from the product they consume and fill it. The point is to ask for input. Ask what people want , and fill it. Actually it is very simple, is not it?

Many business person who bother to create a new market, or trying to make a product that they think is good. The money will come when you find the market, find people who want something, and provide it for them. Human desire is endless, so it is certainly there is very much niche that we can play. Unlimited and more.

So, if anyone feels not know what to sell. Try asking what is needed by the target market, and began to provide it.

How to Become a Franchisee with Small Capital

Franchise business with small capital is very safe type of business with considerable profit anyway. You can buy a system and trademarks that had already formed and evolved and do not bother to prepare a raw material or promote the business. Franchise anything that can be obtained with a small capital and how to start and run? The questions will be reviewed in detail in this article.

Furthermore, how to run a franchised business small capital in order to survive in the long term?
- Location
You need a strategic location in accordance with the type of franchise is run. For example, it is not suitable if the car rental outlets opened around the elementary school. Adjust market conditions with the products you offer. In addition to suitability, choose a location that allows your efforts crowded also visited by many people.

- Marketing
Marketing associated with the promotion, be it distributing flyers, set up a flyer, or through the internet facility. Even promotion costs to be prepared, but the promotion was able to make the effort to know people and build a franchise on the product image.

Tips for starting a business franchise small capital in order to obtain large profits should pay attention to the following suggestions.

- Starting a business that is favored.
Running a business that suits your interests and hobbies we certainly will be fun rather than vice versa. Thus, expanding it would be much easier.

- Know the Franchise Sector
If we do not know anything about the franchise business sectors that will be undertaken, it is very sure we will not be able to run it properly. So, get to know the field of small capital business franchise both in terms of concept, financial arrangements, and systems in order to sell what could be beneficial to the fullest.

- Mastering Franchise
By mastering your line of business, the consumer will be sure to choose your product. Therefore, you must master the type of franchise in order to produce quality products and unique.

Once you carefully consider the steps above, you may attempt to run and run well developed!

Visual Communication in Retail Business

Retailers communication with its customers is not always the mass media as the voice on the radio, with the words and images such as in magazines and newspapers, or with media such as voice and image on television. Communication can occur through visual images, layout and product display in-store.
Visual communication is a retail company or store communication with its customers through a physical form, such as the identity store, lay out and displays and in-store communication.

By applying the full visual communications, will improve or add to a better store image in the eyes of consumers. Here are some of the elements of the image of the store, namely:

• Product - Merchandise such as price, quality, diversity categories, the availability of the item (color, size, type).

• Convenient location, safe, and be in a shopping center or close to other retail stores.

• Prioritize services to certain segments corresponding to the demographic characteristics of potential buyers, such as adolescents and young adults, families or housewives certain circles.

• Services, such as the choice of payment method, delivery service, as well as a catalog that is sent to the home.

• Clerk / staff / cashier, such behavior in the service (friendly, courteous, alert), product knowledge, and an adequate number of personnel.

• image of corporate personality or store, such as full / store and advanced.

• Facilities,
such as the food court, parking, restrooms.

• Store ambiance / atmosphere, such as exterior decoration is modern and elegant, attractive interior decoration, which makes the situation at home (full color, music, lighting), in a store that allows the circulation moving, layout or arrangement of products, attractive display.

• Promotion, such as regularly doing promotional gifts, provide discounts, special events, coupons program, lottery program.

After knowing the definition and Retail Management can then be formulated retail management is the overall setting factors that influential in retail trade, the trade of goods and services directly to consumers. Factors that affect the retail business are place, price, product, and promotion known as the 4Ps.

Imaginary leader

Every organization must have a leader already. The organization develops or not lies in the performance of their leaders. If the leaders in an organization has a clear vision and mission, and implemented consistently, then it can be believed that the organization will make some progress. Regarding the speed of progress, it is returning again to the performance of their leaders.

Are there any organizations that do not have a leader? I do not think there are, but there are organization whose leaders do not act appropriately. That is what I call imaginary leader. Imaginary leader is a leader who is between exist and does not exist. To be said exist because it was clear that every organization has a leader. It is shown and proved by authentic evidence of the appointment of a person to be the leader of the organization. On the other hand, to be said does not exist because the role of a leader in the organization is not functioning properly.

Here are some signs that an organization is under the imaginary leader :
1 . There is no clear vision and mission ,
2 . Subordinates Confusion in determining how to act.
3 . The subordinate determine their own policies without any direction from the core leaders .
4 . No teamwork, aka subordinate work their own .
5 . Leader always unavailable in important issue.

Result of having the imaginary leader in an organization is very fatal, and the main thing is the decline of performance significantly, whether the performance of individual members of the organization as well as collectively.

Imaginary leader arises as a result of not having knowledge of leadership, combined with the type of character he is not a leader, including the incapacity to communicate something. An organization that has an imaginary leader is supposed to be replaced immediately so that the performance of the organization and the product result does not reach lowest level. If this is happen, and has become a culture, then the organization will be very difficult to get back up. This applies to all forms of organizations, both business organizations, government organizations , or social organization. Does your organization is led by a imaginary leader? Write your comment!

Leave your family with 3 days only , then you will feel how much you love your family

Daily activities often makes you forget that you have a wife who must be served , and the children who need your learners . Diligently working for the family is something that shows that you are a responsible person .

Whatever work you do now is purely for the welfare of the family . However diligently you work as if you forgot to make your family love . So how to remind her back ?

You try to be alone for 3 days . Suppose you leave your family out of town for the task . When you are out of town , far left the family , that is where you will again remember that you really need your family . You will be re- remember that your family loves you .

Vacation , or a job out of town , or whatever it is, it is a way that God has given us to remind you that you have people who love you . God also told me that you needed a wife and your children .

I am sure , when you go back to your family after vacation or out of town assignment , then you will be more active in the work . And you too will love your family . You will be thankful that you have been lucky to be given a lot of gifts and blessings . Incredible luck , which may be another people not get it .

Saturation is a natural thing . Eliminate your boredom with a 3 day vacation alone , and back meet your family . I am sure you will come back refreshed vigorous . Spirit will grow when you arrive greeted by his wife and your children you leave behind .

A good person is a person who is very caring to the family and you will strive to make your family feel no pain.

9 How Do Promotion and Being Famous

Nothing is impossible in this world . Whatever you want you can definitely make it happen . Requirement is simple , focused and sincere . Do not let your desires just as a dream ended . But , prove it!

I like to spread the spirit . Because life is to be excited about . If now you are feeling sluggish and pessimistic with your life , you have to move fast . Find new sources of inspiration that can pump up your motivation batteries . Blow a new spirit !

Similarly, if you currently are not excited by your internet business field. If you feel tired still much - much for it , it would not hurt you to try a new breakthrough . For example , what if you spread the spirit that you have for your prospective customers ? So it's not just merely advertising your product and offer. But , you give more value to your product . So you can tuck the spirit , motivation and compassion on your product .

I know , as a businessman you will definitely unleash the most powerful marketing models of all time . Yes , words of mouth aka gethok mouth . To transmit to all the products simple principle . Give kindness to one person . And let the people who proclaim your goodness to the world .
How to - how to conduct a campaign and became famous

Well , how do I speed up the spread of this virus ? Just nine steps you need to run . And essentially , you spread a virus which should be free . In the free will that you can put your product ad . But , not just any free products that you give to visitors . Remember , give more value . Well ... we just stepped into nine strategies to conquer the visitors .

1. Do not be stingy to share articles free . With conditions remain anonymous web site or blog , let visitors you copy your article and include them on their website or blog . Or even in the ezine and newsletter . And , to allow visitors to copy , you can create a resource box and the option at the end of article reprints .

2. Your product as their bonus . Allow your visitors using the product as a free bonus accompanying their main product . But , do not forget ... in this bonus you must list your product ad .

3. Create your blog as a forum or a cozy place to chat . Because all people need to communicate , create forums or your blog as a convenient place to chat . And, importantly , also their desire such accommodation to promote . You also will not lose because it can place a banner ad on the product you are there .

4. Link to website directories . If you have a directory , invited visitors to add their link to your website directory . By doing so , they and you are equally lucky . Link them helped his promotion . Directory you were too.

5. Free online service . If visitors want the product or service you are free at their website , let them put it up . Because once again your promotion will be helped . Well , you can give the product for example , free email , free consulting , search engine submissions , etc. .

6. Distribute free software . If you have free software , let your visitors spread the . Enter only your business advertisement inside the software program .

7. Share templates , fonts , and designs can be . Once again you have nothing to lose . Because you can insert an ad and anyone can click on the ads that go directly to your own website .

8. Alliance promotion . For example , if there are visitors who ask to advertise free in your book , is actually good news . Because then they will be more eager to spread this to all your ebook ezine subscribers , also to all their website visitors .

9. Free ebook . Be thankful if someone asks your ebook and want to pass it on to all their visitors . Because , relay promotion going on . Their visitors will also continue to deploy your free ebook to their visitors . And so on .

It is easy to spread free product on the internet . as long as you circulate the product quality actually , I 'm sure no one refused . Now you 've got a strategy of how to do promotion for your product . With the product you are known to many people , the more you popular. About money , the next will follow you .

Things You Should Know When Making a Credit Application

How do I get to ask people's business lending from the government? Such questions have often heard it and became warm conversation in the midst of society. Not a few of the majority of people feel confused in getting the people's business credit, can not be denied , it is indeed a lot of people who need this type of loan.

Small loans is a credit for working capital devoted to micro, small, medium, or cooperatives. The purpose of the small loan is to develop productive business to the success of your life.

However, in reality, many people who have difficulty in the case apart from that, they end up desperate and unable to try anything else. It's certainly not like you if you do not want to be party to submit?

So how do I submit it? Here are some tips in applying for loans are small loans so that you no longer need to worry in developing the business you want to run.

1 . You must make sure that the business you manage, for example, businesses, such as crafts, beauty salons, restaurants, printing, and other.

2 . You also have to prepare documents to obtain the loan small loans. Required documents such as identity card, family card, business proposals, domicile, legal business, financial statements, etc. if requested supplemental letter filed by the bank.

3 . You also need to go to the nearest bank to lend to the people's business . You should also get info on how to obtain the loan clarity.

4 . You need to follow the procedure or steps in getting the people's business credit credit petition and submit it. After that did submit the necessary documents to apply for loans at the bank.

5 . Furthermore, the bank will make an assessment whether the credit application that you're proposing is feasible or not. Normally be carried out a survey of the business that you manage. When assessed are qualified , then your loan application will be approved.

Sometimes, there may be some things that happen outside of the plan, so that the credit application can run smoothly, you need to follow some additional tips below.

• You must make sure that you're not getting small loans from other banks

• You also have to make sure that your business has been running at least six months, so, not still in the planning stages. It can strengthen you when surveyed by the bank.

• You must ensure that you maintain a healthy business. Which means that the business that you manage to achieve a profit and loss instead. Based on the financial statements that, healthy or not your business will appear.

• The last one is you also have to set up collateral. Indeed, usually without the use of collateral or guarantees . But it was as a precaution because sometimes there are some banks that require collateral as loan collateral.

Management and Human Age

Management is actually the same age to human life, why because basically human in daily life cannot be separated from the principles of management, either directly or indirectly, conscious or unconsciously. Scientific management science arose in the early 20th century in western Europe and America. Where in these countries are being hit by the revolution known as the industrial revolution. Anomalies that changes in the management of effective and efficient production. This is because the public is more advanced and human needs are more numerous and diverse kinds.

Now arises the question, "who are the actual use management" is only used in the company alone or whether in government alone. Management is required in all areas. Shape and organization as well as the type of activity. Where people work together to achieve a goal that has been set.

There was no doubt that management is an important thing to touch, affect almost all aspects of human life. Management shows the ways that are more effective and efficient in the execution of an activity. Management is the art and science of planning, organizing, directing and monitoring. Management is an inevitable requirement as a means to facilitate the achievement of the organization's human.