FC Barcelona and Lionel Messi: Mutual Relationship Between Company Branding and Personal Branding

Who is not familiar with the soccer club FC Barcelona, ​​the rich club from Spain that won the Champions league in 2010. Who could not know with Lionel Messi, the world's best player in 2010 and 2011. The interesting question is: "Is FC Barcelona great because of Lionel Messi, or Lionel Messi great because of FC Barcelona?"

Since the age of young Lionel Messi guided and trained in FC. Barcelona soccer school.. With a very good coaching system, a few years later, Lionel Messi became a star football pitch that might have been the best product of FC.Barcelona today. Lionel Messi transfer prices soar now, maybe even just rich clubs are able to pay, if at FC. Barcelona are willing to sell them.

Lionel Messi transfer price is actually not on the basis of talent that is owned by the concerned alone, but of course there is part of the club FC. Barcelona along with marketing strategies to create a high-priced Lionel Messi. Is Lionel Messi benefit? Of course. With the help of FC.Barcelona, Lionel Messi personal brand has high sales value. Surely so many costs have been incurred to make the world famous Lionel Messi. Does the FC. Barcelona loses? Of course not. Even this benefit the club. With Lionel Messi, FC. Barcelona earn an abundance of jerseys he made, not to mention the club's stock price which of course increase as the club's financial position more profitable. And even great, the name of FC.Barcelona soccer school is becoming increasingly popular and increasingly in demand and more children around the world. This is because FC. Barcelona make Lionel Messi to become a star.

This is an example of mutual relationship between personal branding with company branding. FC. Barcelona have an endorser to lift the image of its business through a Lionel Messi, who incidentally is the product of his school. This is a much cheaper price than the cost of advertising or other strategies that result is not necessarily as good as this. Why cheaper? Because the FC. Barcelona's Lionel Messi does not assign to advertise FC. Barcelona that requires detailed planning is very complex. Lionel Messi is a product of FC. Barcelona soccer school, so the image of the FC.Barcelona existence automatically has lift by itself. On the other hand, benefit for Lionel Messi as with any marketing strategy that is owned by the FC. Barcelona then the talent he has valued at prices unusually high.

Obviously we want the business that we have or the brand that we have known. Of course it requires the help of an endorser. And coaching to employees with good will indirectly make employees into our business endorser. The price will be much more cheap rather than contracting a film artist.


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