Customers Who Wages Employees, Not Management !

In September 2011, held the handover ceremony of Boeing aircraft to one of Indonesia's airlines, Lion Air. The event was also attended by Minister of Transportation Republic of Indonesia and Indonesia's Ambassador to the United States.

Boeing's welcoming party was incredible, hundreds of employees are very enthusiastic to welcome guests. One of Boeing employees in the finance staff said: "We want to know customers and the face owner of this new aircraft. For us they are very special guests as they are helped to develop and maintain the viability of the company and the family ". They understand the importance of a customer. Their enthusiasm in welcoming the guests, as well as the attitude of those who do not look down upon his guest. A remarkable phenomenon in the concept of customer service.

Attitude and enthusiasm that Boeing employees shows as if that was his. Boeing will not live without customers. And if Boeing does not have customers, then the employees and their families will certainly run into trouble. They realize that THEY ACTUALLY PAID BY THE CUSTOMER, NOT BY MANAGEMENT. 

This is exactly the principle which must be held by all companies in any field of business. All companies must have their own superior products. And the products made by its employees under the command of skilled managers and directors or leaders. But what's a superior product if no one bought, only to be sitting in storage until broken. These products need customers! The employees needs the customer.

That's why customers is important. Without customers, the company will not survive. Money coming into the company, and the wages paid to all employees every month is from the customer, and not from the management or owner of the company. Many products being sold, then more incentive are received. And the more incentive receives, then the welfare is increasing. Work Motivation will be stronger because of the needs of the employees are met. And this will further extend the life of the company.

Whatever business you have, assured that the customer who determines life and death of your business. Make customers satisfied when served will create a loyal customer, and customer loyalty will make the company survive and grow. Therefore, remind your employee, that "customer who wages employees, not management!"


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Management is the key thing in the business.
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