How To Post Articles Automatically To Facebook Via RSS Graffiti

If you want your blog posts can be read by more people, then one way you have to do is submit your RSS feed to Facebook. By submitting your RSS feeds into Facebook, then every time you post a new article, the article will appear automatically posted on your facebook profile, so that friends or friends of facebook you can read your blog posts directly on your facebook profile page. If you have a nice article, then they will visit your blog to read more so that it can also promote your blog.

There are facebook apps that can perform this task. One of them is RSS Graffiti.
RSS Graffiti will automatically submit your blog posts to your facebook profile page each time you update this post so you do not need to submit articles manually to facebook.

What should you do is open the application and add graffiti RSS feed address of your blog. After that everything will run automatically .

In addition, the RSS graffiti also provides several settings so you can customize the display correspond to the feed you want.

Some of the features provided by the RSS graffiti, among others:
1. Allows you to set the display of articles in the form of regular feed or a short message like Twitter
2. Filter out articles from a specific date
3. Giving an additional message on any article published
4. Schedule a post
5. Publish tweak twitter to facebook

How to submit RSS feed to your RSS Graffiti, this is the step :

1. Log in to Facebook.
2. Open RSS Graffiti and run applications.
3. After that, click Add Feeds.
4. Then the page will appear as follows :

Feed URL: contents of your blog feed address. Example
Source Name: Fill in the name of your blog
Source URL: Fill in your blog address
Post style: Let the 'Standard'. If you want to post up in the form of short messages such as Twitter select 'Compact' or 'status updates'

5. If you have press Save. Completed

Now every time you post an article, the article will automatically appear your facebook page.


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