Glossary of Blogging

You must have heard about the term blog or blogging. Well if you are a beginner, you probably do not know what to do with blogs or blogging. And if you are already an expert in blogging, this is just a reminder, you might even know the meaning but maybe it is difficult to describe in words. This are the terms in the blogging world.

Content is the most important component of the blog. The form can be an individual article, input, or writings. The main content of blogs arranged in reverse chronological order ie most recent posts at the top and are identified by date, time, and writer.

Writing Titles (Headline)
Identify the content and / or theme of each blog post, the post title acts as an important indicator for blog readers and customers. Quality titles will attract the attention of the reader and when includes potential keywords, that can increase the ranking in top search engines, link by readers and the distribution of the popular social networks.

In each article, readers can provide feedback and share suggestions. Depending on the information shared by the readers who wants to comment, comments generally consist of the name of the readers, web site, the date and time associated with it. The names of the readers will be linked to their site if any. In this comment section can also contain Tracking (Trackbacks) and Pingbacks.

Comment Spam
Spam is a problem that applies not only in emails but also on the blog. Comment spam usually contains only a few words and is connected to a site. The goal is to get as much might link to spam giver that gives them higher rank in search engines.

Each article is saved and given a date catalogs or categories that can be traced as an archive. Archives are usually seen on the sidebar, or on a separate page.

Classification is a form of blog posts. Every time we publish a posts, we could give a label, or often referred to as a tag, with one or more categories that describe their contents. Categories are usually displayed on the sidebar or at the top of the blog, and when clicked will display all the appropriate posts. Category of our blog will help readers choose the topics they're interested in writing.

A list of our favorite blogs or sites.

Installed in the sidebar or footer of a blog, widget is the accessory panel that provides additional information for the reader blogs. Blogroll is also a widget in WordPress. Another widget that is widely used is the Most Popular Posts, Recent Comments, Recent Posts, Giver Best Comments, and Calendar. There are hundreds if not thousands of widgets that can be added to our blog.

RSS / Atom Feeds
Often represented by an orange button, RSS is an acronym for "Really Simple Syndication" or "Rich Site Summary" which serves to subscribe a posts from the blog. By clicking the RSS button, readers can subscribe to our blog using an RSS reader like Google reader and receive notification every time we publish a post. Even at this time if you have a facebook account, your writing will instantly update on your wall or your group. Facilities for automatic posting of facebook is called RSS Graffiti. How to set RSS Graffiti, just see How To Post Articles Automatically to Facebook Via RSS Graffiti.

Trackback feature helps bloggers get links back to other posts with related subjects. The function is rather complicated: If we write about anything we have ever read on other blogs and we quote it by including the URL address of the blog, the blog will automatically be notified about our writing. And if the owner of the blog is approved, then our link will be mounted on their blog.

Trackback spam
Same with spam comments, but done via Trackback.

There are several blog tracking the websites where we can search other blogs and search for recent posts. If we use a blog platform that allows us to ping to these sites when making posts, then our writing will be sent and included in to ping site index, it is potentially increasing our traffic.

Many blogging software package platform that allows us to capture and display RSS or Atom feed other people's blogs. This is useful if we want to create sites that are constantly updated by the fed blog content. For example, a blogger who posts about business can capture feeds from other business blogs.

Moblogging is short term for mobile blogging. Many blogging software that allows us to publish writing by sending via e-mail from our mobile phone, PDA, or whatever it was possible to send emails.

Blacklists usually is a list of URLs that are identified as spam URLs and therefore removed from our blog comments and trackbacks. With many blog software providers, software companies build and maintain a public register of this blacklist and all users can contribute.

Captchas is an additional feature to provide comments and user registration. By providing a picture containing letters and numbers, and required by the user to type the appropriate letters and numbers, the blog software can eliminate some of the comments and trackback spam robots generated by the program.

URL Redirection
In an effort to make comment and trackback spam is not effective, the link in the comments and Trackback labeled NOFOLLOW indicating to search engines so that the link is not counted when the search engine do the ranking sites.

Most blogs include a set of templates that are designed to provide a specific and interesting blog. These are called skins.

Post scheduling
Some blog software allows you to write posts and schedule them to be published at some point in the future. This is useful for vacations and holidays.

Bookmarklet is a direct link to the new post page of our blog. If we add this little JavaScript to the browser toolbar, this is a shortcut to write quickly.


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