Every Business Is A "Service" Business

If you have a store, say cell phones store , blu-ray store, computer store, or any store, or any other business, then in fact you are not selling a product that is available in your store. Your product is only the output of the production only, whereas that determines your income is service, benefits, and advantages provided your store to the consumers.

Do not believe it? Ok, let's look at an example the following case.

In a shopping center, there are two film store side by side, namely Store A and Store B. Both stores are sell and has a collection of the same product, which is DVD movies and the latest Blu-ray. The difference is that if in Store A the storekeepers are provide just a common service, while Store B provide “service beyond the service excellent”. And what happened? Apparently a lot of visitors who come to shop B rather than Store A, and of course the Store B sales is greater than Store A. Why? Because the service performed by the Store B make the visitors feel comfortable to linger and shop at this store. Then eventually they become loyal customers, and customer loyalty is giving high income for the store.

All of that is due to service. Service was the one which determines the sales turnover and the age of your store, not a product that you sell. However the full collection of items in your store, you will be vulnerable to attack by competitors if you do not have a great service to your customers.

This service and this applies not just for business alone. Institutions, organizations, public service, even though the school will be influenced by the service provided. If they can provide satisfaction and comfort to its customers, then the power of word of mouth will make the institution, organization, or school more familiar. Many people want to use their services. But if the service is bad, then the institution, organization or school would be abandoned, and eventually disbanded. Just like a store A that went bankrupt and closed because of competition from Shop B in terms of service.

So whatever you are selling, or even whatever your field of business, know that the service determine the life and death of your business, because essentially all business is "service" business.


Belajar Photoshop said...

Service in every product must have had a flower whose name service, for what..? To make it more beautiful and enhance the services your offer of course :)

faadimalik said...

Yeah in business investment is the main things,Because this things make your business more and more strong.
regards, fahad from
Sri Lanka Institute of Architects
Independent University Bangladesh

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