“Service Beyond Service Excellent”

In business, you may heard about service, but you probably just heard about the "Service Beyond Excellent Service". In a retail business, this is actually very familiar and may have become a necessity in order to increase sales, even though the name may vary. In theory it may be difficult to explain, but let us refer to the following examples so you understand more about the service beyond the service excellent.

Ok, if you've been visit to a diner or fast food restaurants, have you ever asked or even brusquely ignored by his servant? Yes of course you have, and this is a bad service.

Then if you come to the other diner, then your arrival was greeted with a smile and the servant asks "Good afternoon, please come in, what would you eat?" And you answered: "I want a hamburger." And the servant replied: "Well, one hamburger come soon."Then five minutes later a hamburger is coming. Well, that's called a good service. Sales just simply end there. One hamburger only.

On the next day you come to another diner. Just like in the previous diner, the waiter greeted with a smile: "Good afternoon, please come in. What would you like to have? "And you answered:" I want a hamburger." Then the waiter replied, but this time a bit differently:"Well, one hamburger come soon. What would you like to drink, coffee or soda? "Then with a slight frown you say:"Yes, let me have a cola." Well, actually you only need one hamburger, and you do not need drink a cola because you've taken a drink from the house. But because the waiter asked, giving a choice, then you may be a bit forced to buy one of these options. You feel shame if you answered "I do not need a drink."For this particular case, the sale is not only limited to a single hamburger, but coupled with one glass of cola that actually you do not intend to buy before. Customers ego is involve here. This called excellent service.

Then on the other day you try to visit another diner. You and servants makes dialog such as the following :

The waiter (with a smile): "Good afternoon, welcome to the diner X. What would you like to eat ?"

You: "I want a hamburger."

Waiter: "Good. One hamburger come soon. What would you like to drink, coffee or cola?"

You: "I want a glass of cola."

Waiter: "One hamburger plus one glass of cola."

A few moments later the waitress returned to ask: "Excuse me sir, this afternoon we had apple pie that had just lifted from the pan. Maybe you want to try it ?"

Then you thought for a moment, and then said: "Well ok, I want to try the apple pie."

Finally the waiter closed the conversation: "Good. One hamburger, one glass of cola plus one apple pie are coming soon. Thank you."

Try to note the waiter dialogue. Actually you only intend to buy a hamburger only, but the waiter trying to offer another product to you, and you end up buying 3 types of products, which is hamburger, cola and apple pie. Well, the sales of the store increases as the servant ingenuity in making a sale.

Sales increased through a variety of ways and take advantage of all opportunities. And from the forth diner example above, the waiter took advantage of opportunities to increase the sales. Was quite up there? Not yet! In the fourth stall you feel you have served well, and felt that the diner is as if they know exactly your needs. That diner has been pampering you. The next day you return to this diner, as well as the following days. In other words you have become a loyal customer to this diner. And this is what is called the service beyond excellent service.

So in essence, the service beyond excellent service is a service that exceeds expectations of people served. In the service beyond excellent, your business is "buying" the heart of your customers so they become loyal customers. If you already have loyal customers, then you do not need hard to find sales income, and no need to bother or fear of competition with the competitors, because your brand are already embedded in the hearts of your loyal customers. With service beyond service excellence, it is difficult for loyal customers to migrate shopping to your competitors, because they already feel comfortable with your store.


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