Leader: Between Exist And Not Exist

Within an organization, be it in the company, institution, or an association, the existence of a leader is vital. Character and style led a leader will greatly affect the performance of every member who joined in the organization. Leadership is important in organization.

It is true that every leader that no one is perfect, there are the weaknesses of every leader, although a bit. However, intelligent leader is a leader who can cover up weaknesses by maximizing the power he has. So what if the leader in an organization can not issue a strength or perhaps even more weakness? Then wait for the destruction of the organization.

In one organization there may be a leader who says "between exist and not exist".
Said to exist as a physical fact and the structure,there is a leader, but the leader has been found not exist because it does not contribute at all to the organization. No decisions are made, there is no direction to go, and do not understand the environmental conditions of men and institutions. In other words, the existence of these leaders did not affect the progress of an organization. Organizations are left adrift in the uncertainty of not knowing the objectives to be achieved, even strategic instruction was not there at all.

If an organization has leaders who are "between exist and not exist", so watch the destruction. Because sooner or later its members will slowly leave his concern for the organization. Great ideas they have only limited ideas without execution because fettered by uncertainty. And in the they will lazy to work, despair, individualism, no team works, and egoism will upon them.

Leaders must have good attitude and communication, because attitude and communication is important in organization. A good leadership is a leader who is able to control and mobilize all of its members in achieving the vision and mission of the organization. Leaders who will be respected by his subordinates is a leader who can deliver a decision for its members, and they are not afraid of making decisions. Because in principle, better to have a decision in the organization even though it's wrong when compared to no decision at all.

There Is Always An Opportunity To Make A Business

You may have heard people say that "Business is great need of capital," or "Currently there is no opportunity to do business". Yes, most people would comment like that. However, it is not true one hundred percent. The entrepreneur believes that with foresight, intelligence and perseverance then you can start a business. Problem capital? Not the main thing. Opportunity? If you are observant, there will always be opportunities to start a business.

Maybe you would not believe one hundred percent above statement. But try this. Nowadays people are familiar with the world of internet and social networks. In fact, you might spend every day at least one or two hours to perform social network activity, be it through facebook, twitter, or anything else, and you do not make any money. If you are observant, actually it is a business opportunity, and do not need big capital. How can it be?

This time has been developing many Internet-based business as a medium to approach potential customers. Example is the online retail store. Do you need a big capital? Not really. In fact, maybe you can make money without capital. You can just be an online marketer promoting other people's products through the Internet. If there are consumers who are interested in these products, you just ask the owners of the product to be delivered to the buyer's address. You only accept payments from buyers alone. And you'll earn from the difference between price of goods you sell and the real price from the owner of the goods. This is the sophisticated business opportunities in the era of information technology today.

The point is when you are keen to see something that could be money, then in fact that's business opportunities. No need to imagine a large scale, because it clearly needs a large capital, and anyway it probably will not succeed. Think that a business is to obtain the money flowing into your pocket, although a little but sustained. Yet over time would also be great.

Once you are keen to see opportunities, increase your knowledge associated with these opportunities through the exercises, reading business articles, or ask the person who first knew. After that, be consistent, focused, and diligent in the explore these opportunities. Do not give up easily, as fortune would soon come when you have been at the right time. And it's the right time you can not predict.

Yamaha V-ixion : The Giant Killer

Since its initial launch on May 12, 2007, the public interest against the Yamaha V-Ixion has been very enthusiastic. Evident from the thousands of customers who lined up to get this product since February 2007. Why Yamaha V-Ixion is so successful reach the market and beat competitors like Honda Tiger? This is the answer

Before beginning production, Yamaha V-Ixion positioned itself as a motor sport for people who are young at heart. Before Yamaha V-Ixion compete to reach this market, there are already first Honda Tiger in this market. It was Honda's Tiger dominated the youth market of motor sport, and relatively no competition. This is what makes the Yamaha feel have a chance to reach that market, because according to the rules, some competitors will be a greater chance of success.

However, positioning is not one thing that makes this product a success. Advertising also plays an important role. Yamaha V-Ixion ad launched far-distant days before product release, either through word of mouth, or below the line. Why advertising is launched before the product release? Because it is important to socialize and find out the public interest, so that production targets to serve the consumers can be met.

It is not easy to market a new product that has been monopolized by other products, but with the right marketing strategy, then the monopoly can be defeated. Reflecting the Yamaha V-Ixion case, then in fact those of us who are and will be doing a business, need not fear the competition. By knowing the strength of our product will, weakness of competitor products, there will always be opportunities for our products in order to reach the market. The important thing to think about the right marketing strategy from scratch. Which segment you position your product, then how to deliver and introduce your product, and do not forget to think about what services you can provide to consumers, and different from our competitors. The latter is a process. The process here is that the steps in the delivery of products until to consumer has been through a groove so that no systematic errors in every department of corporate communications. The products will reach consumers must be believed to have experienced the touch of every department in the company, such as the production, marketing, sales, etc.

Do not feel inferior to the products you have than competitors product, just the opposite is the mix of products so that you have prepared in the fight reached the market. Who knows your product is "The Giant Killer".

Tips To Keep Your Presentation Interesting To The End

What's the first time you prepare when you do a presentation? Yes of course, a deepening of the material. It was a very amusing if you have not mastered the material when it will make a presentation in front of many people. You can be bruised. Therefore you must have prepared all things for all the questions you can answer. You should understand about simple communication skill.

But when you enter the battle arena, namely the presentation room, a sense of nervousness began to emerge. Especially when you see that the participants who come are a CEO, nor the people of the same level of director or manager, you may have experienced when all the things you do prepare to be lost some where.

Not to mention when you start talking, the response was less appreciative audience. They expect you to finish the conversation, because saturating. And you were actually hoping that your conversation be completed soon. You lose before the match!

So what should be done to deal with this? These are some tips so you do not lose without a fight.

1. Know your prospective audience
Sun Tzu said: "Know your opponent before you fight". Yes, if you do a battle, the function of intelligence is very important to recognize the enemy in formulating a strategy battle. Then what its connection with presentation techniques? Try to imagine, if you do a speech in front of the kids do need to use a difficult language? Of course not. If your audience is children then of course you will use the language of children. The language used in making presentations to managers is different from the language used to its staff. Then know your audience first.

2. Calculate the time to talk
It is important that you not too long in front of an audience. Moreover, too many words will cause the listener to be decreased arousal, and ultimately your message is not conveyed. Use a brief but clear language. If you are using Power Point media, preferably no more than 5 minutes to explain every slide. Your message should send effectively, and you should have a right time.

3. Play the intonation of speech
Do not use a flat intonation in speech. Use up and down intonation so that it can invite the listener passion. Analogues? If you listen to a song, of course, you will be getting carried away when the song was sung in a voice up and down and tunable. Imagine if the song you hear is flat!

4. Use your body language
Do not sit when you speak. Nor should stand like a statue. Move, but not too excessive, just naturally adjust to the content of your conversation. Why is this important? Due to the move, this will make you more relaxed. What you say can flow perfectly. Then using body movements to make a statement that disclosed will be more easily understood by the listener. Body movements that you do will also make the eyes of listeners follow your movements, and this will avoid the sleepiness that usually come over to the listeners.

5. Use a joke
Comedy can break the ice. Use little phrases that can invite the laughter of the audience because it will make the listeners remain concentrated listening to your voice. But do not to much because it may wasting time and it will also disrupt your credibility, so you are considered as a comedian who was doing attractions. Use the joke at the right time and place.

If you are a novice presenter, it is not easy to implement this tips when you make a presentation. It takes time to acquire the style of presentation that you would expect. Practice diligently and take every chance of doing a presentation or public speaking to get a high number of flying hours. The more often you speak in public, then you will get trained, and you'll find your own style of speaking so that your message can be received well by the listeners.

Things That Must Be Prepared In Opening Offline Retail Stores

You might have the desire to do business. And business that you run is to open a store. If you are hiring a retail consultant to build a small shop, it would require no small cost. But you are confused and will be trouble if there is no place to ask questions in preparation for opening the store. Here is my attempt to share about things that have to be prepared in the opening of a modern retail stores, not traditional anymore. This is taken from my experience in making a specialty stores in a few years back.

Things that must be prepared to open the first store is:

1. Place
Certainly the difference between offline retail stores and online retail store is that online stores does not require a place.
On offline stores, you should have a place to do all your business activities. It might be owned by yourself or by rent. If you decide to rent a place, then you should find a place that you think is strategic to sell your products, whether it will be in a shopping mall, or alongside a road.

2. Product
Of course, what would you sell if you have no products? Prepare the amount of your product as accurately as possible. It should not be over stock even more low stock, because the amount of goods you have will determine your store appearance. If you have a lot of budget and lack the ability to lobby communications, you just buy it in cash to the supplier for the supply of goods. If you are good in business communications, and happen to have a limited budget, use your communication strengths to lobby suppliers to be owed first in the provision of merchandise. But remember, if you do the lobby, you must uphold honesty and trust, because that is the primary key in this business.

3. Employee
You should not have a lot to recruit employees. Adjust to your needs and of course in accordance with your financial planning business. Things that must be considered in recruiting salesperson are:

a. Appearances.

Who says the appearance is not important? Very important. The logic? How would you feel if approached by a beautiful and fragrant woman? Glad is not it? Customers also feel the same. I'm not saying you should looking for pretty salesgirl, but at least your employees must be willing to be taught and able to improve her appearance.

b. Confidence

Being a salesperson is not a trivial job. In contrast, your store survival depends a store clerk. Being a store clerk is not just in order to keep the goods not be lost, or just serve people who want to buy. Far more important than that. A clerk should be able to gain a loyal customer. For making a loyal customers, then they should be served with excellence. And service will be excellent when your employees have a high confidence.

c. Skilled
Don't hire a lazy person, but a skilled one. This allows you to carry out activities at the store.

4. POS Systems
The next thing must be prepared in opening a modern retail store is to prepare the POS. Pos is the abbreviation of Point Of Sales, which is a set of computers used to process the trading transactions at the store. Is it necessary? Of course, this is the preparation of a modern retail store, not a traditional store! POS is not only to process transactions only, but will also be used as a data source to perform analytical work such as sales analysis, customer effectiveness, productivity per transaction, etc. Everything was advanced, no need to use the record books that might take up much room. Standard POS for stores are computer monitor, customer display, CPU, barcode scanner, and printer. If you believe that your store will be crowded with visitors? You can use 2 or 3 POS at once, but if you are not sure, simply provide a unit only. And do not forget, give training to your employees and create a standard operating procedure so that the transaction does not have errors.

5. Displays
What you see when you visit a shopping mall. Stores therein displays their products with beautiful and neat. These are made not in vain, but have certain rules and techniques, and it was called display techniques. Display technique is important to attract customers visiting your store, and as a supporter of impulse buying customer. Standardize your display technique, and socialized to all your employees. display technique also includes your interior design. Create a design of your store as attractive as possible, but also not too crowded. Feel when you act as a customer, what would you get when visiting a store? Convenience.

That is 5 things to prepare in opening a modern retail store. This is just the first step, not yet the retail management. But as time went, I am sure you will be more proficient in managing the store. And if you are already proficient, get to share your retail knowledge to others, because it will further increase your fortune.

Good Luck!

Is It Hard To Reach Loyal Customers ?

Ability in capturing the consumer directly is a task that must be performed by store employees who are the front line in a retail business. Therefore the leaders in this section shall have ability to analyze themselves and their environment (SWOT Analysis) to be able to support the company's survival.

Everyone can be consumers, ranging from children, adolescents, and adults, but what matters is their purchasing power. Requirement that he hoped would be in accordance with purchasing power. Therefore, ideally to get consumers then the store must adjust their purchasing power. In the entertainment retail stores, such as music and movie store, the situation was more complicated when compared to retail stores engaged in the field of primary needs. This because entertainment is a secondary requirement, where this requirement will be met if the primary needs (food, clothing , boards) have been first met.

In terms of techniques to reach customers, of course, music and movie store with basic needs store are very different technique. An entertainment retail stores might be more aggressive in doing product offerings when compared to the primary needs retail store. Why is that? Because music and movies highly dependent on the tastes of consumers. And this taste can be satisfied if the primary needs are met. It is very important for employees in the store to have the ability to design impulse buying customer.

Not only impulse buying customers, the ability to analyze customer, product knowledge, and skills of employees in suggestive selling is an important factor in order to create a sales transaction.

And one more that is not forgotten, that is excellent service. Transactions that we expect certainly not the only one time transactions, but continuously transactions, in other words we expect that retail stores have a loyal customer. And customer loyalty is strongly influenced by the service performed by the employee.

So was it difficult to gain loyal customers? The nature of human beings who love the beauty, cleanliness, comfort, and satisfaction is a basic philosophy in creating a loyal customer. As long as we understand and do the third thing which is impulse buying customer, suggestive selling, and customer service, then the answer is not difficult. This three things are united that can not be separated to maximize the sales of a store. Stores will be more leverage in reaching its sales target if it has a lot of loyal customers.

Impulse Buying Customer In A Store

Impulse Buying Customer is an effort made to stimulate consumers to buy goods that are not planned in advance. When someone came to visit a store, it is likely that these visitors want to buy the goods according to their needs, or just want to browse the store room as interested in the arrangement of the room. Impulse buying customers tend to make users who had only intended to just look around to be interested in purchasing a product that owned the store, or a consumer who will only buy a product they need, be interested to purchase more planned out. Some examples of customer impulse buying are: engineering displays, window displays, and product demos

According to research, customer impulse buying based on a fact of consumer behavior as follows:

1. The reason consumer spending is due to attract consumers shop, the store looks beautiful, easy to find stuff that consumers need, and store employees are easy to help and serve.

2. 2/3 of purchase decisions happen at the store. When visit to a store, desire to buy will increasingly appear after the visitor is seeing the physical product, as well as understand the functions and benefits received from these products. And it happened in the store!

3. 55% of consumers visit is without a pre-planned. The difference supermarkets with the regular stores are because supermarkets assume everyone who is visiting a potential buyer. Starting from this understanding, then they will try to entice consumers to be willing to pay a visit to the shop, although previously not intend to buy. With efforts like this then logical to say that the supermarket more often visited by people who previously did not plan to visit.

4. Consumers buy 15% -20% more as visually appealing as well as in accordance with the conditions of his emotions. Since the supermarket is to pamper and empower consumers, then when someone is planning to buy an item needs indirectly they will look at other items on display in the store. Sometimes because of the products on display are attractive, they will be willing to buy. Emotional condition is greatly affected consumers' purchasing desire, as an example in a shop there is a visitor seen is sad of course will find the music in accordance with the conditions of his feelings, and if deemed suitable then they will willing to conduct transactions on the product.

Efforts in order to impulse buying customers are actually part of the strategy undertaken by the store manager. Understanding of this strategy is complicated because it is closely connected with the advantages and disadvantages of the store along with the opportunities and threats.

The main purpose of the store is to obtain maximum sales, thus creating impulse buying customer would not be sufficient if no sales transactions occur. Therefore, to support the efforts that have been performed, then active employees serve customers in the store is very involved in the customer's decision to buy the product. When customers have started to be interested with the products on display at the store, the employee is immediately active in suggestive selling of those products. In this way the purchasing decisions by customers will be more quickly accomplished. The theory which says that 2 / 3 purchasing decisions occur in the store is a logical thing because it is supported by active employee in approaching customers shop.

Customers Who Wages Employees, Not Management !

In September 2011, held the handover ceremony of Boeing aircraft to one of Indonesia's airlines, Lion Air. The event was also attended by Minister of Transportation Republic of Indonesia and Indonesia's Ambassador to the United States.

Boeing's welcoming party was incredible, hundreds of employees are very enthusiastic to welcome guests. One of Boeing employees in the finance staff said: "We want to know customers and the face owner of this new aircraft. For us they are very special guests as they are helped to develop and maintain the viability of the company and the family ". They understand the importance of a customer. Their enthusiasm in welcoming the guests, as well as the attitude of those who do not look down upon his guest. A remarkable phenomenon in the concept of customer service.

Attitude and enthusiasm that Boeing employees shows as if that was his. Boeing will not live without customers. And if Boeing does not have customers, then the employees and their families will certainly run into trouble. They realize that THEY ACTUALLY PAID BY THE CUSTOMER, NOT BY MANAGEMENT. 

This is exactly the principle which must be held by all companies in any field of business. All companies must have their own superior products. And the products made by its employees under the command of skilled managers and directors or leaders. But what's a superior product if no one bought, only to be sitting in storage until broken. These products need customers! The employees needs the customer.

That's why customers is important. Without customers, the company will not survive. Money coming into the company, and the wages paid to all employees every month is from the customer, and not from the management or owner of the company. Many products being sold, then more incentive are received. And the more incentive receives, then the welfare is increasing. Work Motivation will be stronger because of the needs of the employees are met. And this will further extend the life of the company.

Whatever business you have, assured that the customer who determines life and death of your business. Make customers satisfied when served will create a loyal customer, and customer loyalty will make the company survive and grow. Therefore, remind your employee, that "customer who wages employees, not management!"

Relations Sales Incentives To Work Motivation

"Motivation is the willingness to issue a high level of effort for organizational goals, conditioned by the effort's ability to meet some individual needs. The need is an internal state that causes certain outcomes appear attractive. As each of these needs have been met, then the next requirement will become dominant. Although there is no need to ever be met in full, satisfied a need is (substantially) no longer motivate. Therefore if you want to motivate someone, it needs to be understood where a person is focusing its needs, or needs that are above it. "(Stephen P. Robbins)

Abraham Maslow said that in human beings there are five levels of needs, namely:

1. Physiological Needs
These are hunger, thirst, protection (clothing and housing), as well as other bodily needs.

2. Security Requirement
It is the need for safety and protection against physical and emotional losses.

3. Social Needs
Includes affection, sense of belongings, sense to be received, and friendship.

4. Award Needs
Includes internal respect like self-esteem, autonomy, achievement. And external such as the status of respect, recognition, and attention.

5. Self-actualization needs
That is a boost for becoming what he feels is capable of, including growth, achievement potential, and self-fulfillment.

Employees motivation is a very important thing that needed to progress the company. Many ways that companies do to motivate employees. In general, the factors that determine an employee is motivated because of the recognition of the achievements obtained by the company, the work itself, giving greater responsibility, and the challenge of a job.

One of the criteria of a qualified leader can be seen from the ability to motivate subordinates. It is very important to put his subordinates as a colleagues. By placing subordinates as colleagues, then there will be confidence in subordinates so it will be easier to direct them as you wish.

In a modern retail store business, one of the most common shape in motivating employees is by incentives or commissions. Incentives are paid wages directly on the basis of his work. Providing incentives is a form of company awards for his accomplishments he achieved in sales, and it is formed with money. Incentive are different with bonus, because the incentive provides a continuous increase, while the bonus is a form of reward that describes the one-time payment.

Sales incentives are closely related to sales targets. If a seller successfully achieve the targets specified by the company to sell his product, then the employee is eligible for an incentive. Each company has different ways in the regulation of sales incentives to its employees. Sales incentives is usually paid in conjunction with next month's salary. Providing sales incentives might be used as a parameter of an employee's productivity. The more productive an employee to make a sale, the greater the amount of sales incentives received.

Each person has needs, and each needs to be met with money. Sales incentives psychologically will increase employee motivation in doing the work. As a result of their self motivated, then automatically they will always use their ability so can be more skilled. And if employees have been motivated, it will be easier for a leader to guide them in doing a job.

Glossary of Blogging

You must have heard about the term blog or blogging. Well if you are a beginner, you probably do not know what to do with blogs or blogging. And if you are already an expert in blogging, this is just a reminder, you might even know the meaning but maybe it is difficult to describe in words. This are the terms in the blogging world.

Content is the most important component of the blog. The form can be an individual article, input, or writings. The main content of blogs arranged in reverse chronological order ie most recent posts at the top and are identified by date, time, and writer.

Writing Titles (Headline)
Identify the content and / or theme of each blog post, the post title acts as an important indicator for blog readers and customers. Quality titles will attract the attention of the reader and when includes potential keywords, that can increase the ranking in top search engines, link by readers and the distribution of the popular social networks.

In each article, readers can provide feedback and share suggestions. Depending on the information shared by the readers who wants to comment, comments generally consist of the name of the readers, web site, the date and time associated with it. The names of the readers will be linked to their site if any. In this comment section can also contain Tracking (Trackbacks) and Pingbacks.

Comment Spam
Spam is a problem that applies not only in emails but also on the blog. Comment spam usually contains only a few words and is connected to a site. The goal is to get as much might link to spam giver that gives them higher rank in search engines.

Each article is saved and given a date catalogs or categories that can be traced as an archive. Archives are usually seen on the sidebar, or on a separate page.

Classification is a form of blog posts. Every time we publish a posts, we could give a label, or often referred to as a tag, with one or more categories that describe their contents. Categories are usually displayed on the sidebar or at the top of the blog, and when clicked will display all the appropriate posts. Category of our blog will help readers choose the topics they're interested in writing.

A list of our favorite blogs or sites.

Installed in the sidebar or footer of a blog, widget is the accessory panel that provides additional information for the reader blogs. Blogroll is also a widget in WordPress. Another widget that is widely used is the Most Popular Posts, Recent Comments, Recent Posts, Giver Best Comments, and Calendar. There are hundreds if not thousands of widgets that can be added to our blog.

RSS / Atom Feeds
Often represented by an orange button, RSS is an acronym for "Really Simple Syndication" or "Rich Site Summary" which serves to subscribe a posts from the blog. By clicking the RSS button, readers can subscribe to our blog using an RSS reader like Google reader and receive notification every time we publish a post. Even at this time if you have a facebook account, your writing will instantly update on your wall or your group. Facilities for automatic posting of facebook is called RSS Graffiti. How to set RSS Graffiti, just see How To Post Articles Automatically to Facebook Via RSS Graffiti.

Trackback feature helps bloggers get links back to other posts with related subjects. The function is rather complicated: If we write about anything we have ever read on other blogs and we quote it by including the URL address of the blog, the blog will automatically be notified about our writing. And if the owner of the blog is approved, then our link will be mounted on their blog.

Trackback spam
Same with spam comments, but done via Trackback.

There are several blog tracking the websites where we can search other blogs and search for recent posts. If we use a blog platform that allows us to ping to these sites when making posts, then our writing will be sent and included in to ping site index, it is potentially increasing our traffic.

Many blogging software package platform that allows us to capture and display RSS or Atom feed other people's blogs. This is useful if we want to create sites that are constantly updated by the fed blog content. For example, a blogger who posts about business can capture feeds from other business blogs.

Moblogging is short term for mobile blogging. Many blogging software that allows us to publish writing by sending via e-mail from our mobile phone, PDA, or whatever it was possible to send emails.

Blacklists usually is a list of URLs that are identified as spam URLs and therefore removed from our blog comments and trackbacks. With many blog software providers, software companies build and maintain a public register of this blacklist and all users can contribute.

Captchas is an additional feature to provide comments and user registration. By providing a picture containing letters and numbers, and required by the user to type the appropriate letters and numbers, the blog software can eliminate some of the comments and trackback spam robots generated by the program.

URL Redirection
In an effort to make comment and trackback spam is not effective, the link in the comments and Trackback labeled NOFOLLOW indicating to search engines so that the link is not counted when the search engine do the ranking sites.

Most blogs include a set of templates that are designed to provide a specific and interesting blog. These are called skins.

Post scheduling
Some blog software allows you to write posts and schedule them to be published at some point in the future. This is useful for vacations and holidays.

Bookmarklet is a direct link to the new post page of our blog. If we add this little JavaScript to the browser toolbar, this is a shortcut to write quickly.

16 Attitude To Be Done By The Store Clerk To Satisfying The Customer

Anyone like to shopping because this activity is interesting and fun. Even so, there's no customers like to persuaded, even urged to buy. Store clerk main job is helping, offering, and suggesting a product to customers, not to persuade them to buy. How to do it? This is the attitude that should be done by a store clerk to satisfying the customers, and even they will come back again to your store. Thanks to Michael Dalton Johnson, founder SalesDogs.com who share his tips.

1. Be Emotional
When offering a product or service, turn on the imagination and emotions of the customers. Give emphasis on the benefits and rewards of owning your product or use your services. Use colorful verbal illustrations that emphasize these benefits. Disclose also some brief case histories involving your product. Show your attitude makes you popular. The rest, let the customers do most of the conversation.

2. What do they want
Let your customers know how your product or service will help them. How to prepare your answers to common questions that often arise in the customers. Question customer is "What is available to me?", Note these questions and prepare answers.

3. Appreciate customers intelligence
Your customers savvy and deserves an award from you. Do not insult the intelligence of customers by directing a stupid question like, "We all want to save money and time, right?" Should say, "Our products will save your time and money."

4. What's in a name?
Be careful with names. Too often pronounce the name of the customer in the sales presentation will impress too much, and not sincere and dismissive. Try calling customer name only a few times, and with correct pronunciation.

5. Avoid the smell of perfume
It's okay to use perfume, but it sure did not make the prospective customers to leave you because of impaired sense of smell. Customers will lose interest if you smelled the perfume, cologne, or aftershave that is too overpowering.

6. Timely but not too early
When prospective customers come to your store, you should immediately greeted with a light just to say welcome, and give a chance to see the product display, do not directly offer the product. Wait a while until you know what they wants. Being on time show respect, a good business, and start the interaction in a good way.

7. Create a strong image
Reveal the poetic words to build the image of your product or service is okay. As long as they do not overdo it.

8. Alert criminals time
There's nothing that prohibits you to chat casually, or browsing the Internet in the back office for only a few minutes. However, when added together, this time to relax could be use to increase sales. Remove immediately this criminal time in order to increase productivity.

9. Do not interrogate the customers
A smart customers will assume too many probing questions, especially in the early stages of the meeting, is a sales tactic that led to the soliciting. Do not sit in a customers in interrogation chair. Apply the 80-20 rule, ie 80 percent for listening and 20 percent spoke with the customers. Many of your questions will be answered even before you ask. Do not bombard customers with questions, just listen to them.

10. Breaking the awkward
When greeting a potential customers for the first time, do not be pretentious familiar. Introduce yourself and mention your job to assist customers in meeting their needs. With that way customers will appreciate and respect your honesty.

11. Do not answer the question with a question
This tactic is usually considered customers as an act of avoidance, it also can destroy your credibility. For example, if the customers asks "When are things there?" Response to this question with an average time of your delivery. Ask again whether it is good for them, if not negotiate with them. If possible give them what they want. Never asked, "When do you need?"

12. Take care of your appearance
Skill to dress neatly and make you look attractive is needed in the sale. So be smart to your appearance. Because appearances are important!

13. Thanking do not need excessive
Do not even say thank you too much when you manage customers make transactions, this attitude shows your position lower. A lower position will be easy to be removed.

14. Gestures affect mood
When the sale was not running smoothly, smile and stand upright so that you feel everything would be resolved. Likewise when greeting shoppers, stand up straight and smile. Because of this gesture makes you confident and full of purpose. You show yourself sound quality.

15. Let the customers leads
The ability to read personalities and styles of speech customers is the absolute skill you should have. Modify the speed and style of your speech so that your message can be received well. If you talk to people who like to chat, do small talk, rather than directly offering your product. If the customer prefers a general description of your product or service, do not talk about details. Perform adjustments, with practice your skills first.

16. Customers are like cats
Customers can complicate suspiciously like a cat, all alert, fussy, self-contained, and keep a distance. The fix, do not pursue because he will run away. Do not be persuaded because later on they even ignored. Be quiet and give time to the customers to think and choose. Later they will draw near to you by itself.

That is 16 attitude needs to be done by the store clerk to satisfying the customers. Customers satisfaction will bring good influence to the lives of the store. It is not impossible that they would be loyal customers because of the customers satisfaction. And all of it can run smoothly when the store clerk have high confidence in servicing the customers.

The Importance Of Satisfying Your Store Customers

Life and death of a business is through the sale of its products. Therefore, each company must have its own techniques in terms of making a sale. By that every human resources involved in it must understand the sales techniques.

In conducting sales techniques, not just knowledge and skills that are used, but also must possess the mental attitude so that sales could reach a maximum effort. Ironically human resources that owned sometimes has a mental attitude that is not so high in serving customers, making sales techniques can not run. This may occur due to embarrassment or fear of unwarranted, or perhaps because of lack of confidence.

Modern retail stores are very important as part of marketing. This is evident from their participation in absorbing a number of products owned company. Therefore selling as part of marketing is a major part in the life of a business. Many ways are done by a company to increase sales of its products. The fact that there is the stores that originally was hope for the company as an outlet for distributing its products, falling one by one because it is not managed well by the owners.

Satisfied customers will continue the relationship with the satisfactory store, while providing long-term profits to the owner of the company. Because satisfied customers will make repeat purchases and recommend to others to buy at your store. This means that store must maintain a customer satisfaction continuously, which in the end the customer not only as an "object" but it would be a "partner" business. Linked to the concept sale at a store, each employee was expected to serve customers the best so it will show the continuous purchase and a good view of the store. One thing to do to make this happen is the company / store owner gives its employees the knowledge to sales techniques.

Empowering a store to be sustainable as a company marketing activities should be considered, because it does not only to serve consumers directly, but also is spearheading to distribute products that are owned. Because of it, in order to well developed , then the concept of aggressive marketing is needed to obtain the maximum earning so that the target company can be achieved. There is an interesting method that can be observed when conducting the sale in a store. The method is called Suggestive Selling.32HNQMFBWK5Y

Suggestive Selling To Increase Your Store Earning

Sales is a revenue transaction that is the goods or services delivered to a customer for cash rewards or financial penalty. The product is an item produced and sold both tangible and intangible. Literally, suggestive selling means selling advice. This means that human resources in store, in this case called the seller, offers its products to consumers that are willing to buy the products offered.

There are several forms of suggestive selling is going on in the store, namely:

1. Offering products that are more expensive

This means that the store employees offer a product that is more expensive than products that customers wanted. Offer a more expensive product is made through the hope a customers interested in purchasing these products, so the number of sales is increase. Usually this form is done when the shop has two products with the same title, for example a store has a movie titled "Taxi" on DVD for $ 16.00 and the Blu-ray for $ 49, then the store employees will make an offer to the customer to buy a Blu-ray .

2. Offering similar products

In this form, the employees of the stores offer an alternative product of the products customers wanted. Offering similar products are usually done when the store did not have a stock that customers wanted. When the stock of goods that customers want does not exist, then to avoid the customer does not make a deal, the store employees offer an alternative product similar with the customers wanted. In this form of suggestive selling, the store employees should have a very deep product knowledge and reliable speech. Example: In the music shop, a customers plans to buy the CD artist "Kenny G", then the employee store offers a CD similar to the type of music that wanted, such as offering CD "Richard Clayderman". It is known that Kenny G and Richard Clayderman is equally as instrumental musicians.

3. Offering new products
Offer new products means that the employee store offering the latest products they have to the customers, so hopefully in addition to purchasing products of interest, the customers also purchase a new product being offered. Offering new products is done every time starting from the arrival of new products. This form is more effectively done when the products offered are similar to products that customers wanted.

4. Offering promotional products
In this form of suggestive selling, store employees give an information and offer products that are promotional in his shop, although not similar to the product that customers wanted. Given this information are expected to customers interested in purchasing promotional products either at that time or at a later date.

5. Offering complementary products
In this form, store employees provide an information and offer to customers about products that support purchased product. Example: A customer who purchase Karaoke CDs, then the store employee offers karaoke equipment, or good quality headphones to support the product purchased.

In fact, suggestive selling done by store employees is a combination of all existing forms of suggestive selling, which offers products that are more expensive, similar, and up to date. The salesperson gave suggestive selling to shoppers or customers when they are in the display arena, while the cashier did suggestive selling when the customer will make a deal. Suggestive selling that is done causing the sales becomes more effective, to maximize the achievement of sales targets.

In order to be more effective, then the store should carried out a strategy to support the suggestive selling techniques, for example, is to create an attractive window display, gifts giving in a certain amount, and demo products that are offered.

Good and effective suggestive selling is demanding the store employees to have deep product knowledge, customer service, as well as mental attitude and high self confidence.

Calculating Customer Effectiveness To Increase Your Store Earnings

Effectiveness is a measure that gives an idea of ​​how far the target can be achieved in the quality or timing. The greater the percentage of targets that can be achieved, the higher the level of effectiveness. Effectiveness means the accuracy of the target.

At a retail business, the customer effectiveness means that the accuracy of store strategy in reaching consumers who come to shop at his store. This means that increasing the effectiveness of the customer means that an increasing number of buyers. The formula used for Customer Effectiveness are:

Here is an example calculation of Customer Effectiveness

If in September, Store X, an edutainment store is visited by 400 people, and the transaction occurred as many as 200 people, then what is the customer effectiveness in the store X in the month?


Value of 0.5 means that the number of visitors who do transactions is 50% of the total number of visitors. Or it can be said that every day in September, the average sales transaction is 200: 30 days = 6.66 ~ 7 pieces of the transaction.

Productivity per transaction if the same value, then the store can increase his earning through increased Customer Effectiveness, namely increasing the number of buyers. And buyers can increase if the number of visitors who come are also increasing.

Speaking about the number, then we are talking about quantity. Value owned by a default value based on the quantity is arithmetically. The value obtained is strongly influenced by conditions that occur and mental attitude contained therein.

At the modern retail store business, increase the number of visitors means adding arithmetically count which is affected by the treatment store in empowering man, material, method, machine and environment. This is where the marketing will work. Through SWOT analysis, then the store will create a strategy to attract the public to visit his store. Some examples of common strategies is made by a store to attract visitors, include:

2. Creating, maintaining, and improving convenience store.
3. Making changes to lay out the store
4. Conduct promotional programs.
5. Perform product demos.

Calculating Productivity Per Transaction To Enhance Your Store Earnings

Productivity is a universal concept, intended to provide more goods and services for many people using resources as efficiently as possible. Productivity is a measure of the extent to which resources are used well to show specific results desired.

Philosophically productivity is a mental attitude that always had the view that the quality of life should be better today than yesterday, and tomorrow is better than today. Productivity is the level of efficiency in producing goods or services. Productivity express how good utilization of production resources. In general, productivity is a comparison between the results achieved (outputs) with a unit of measurement used (inputs), and this is a qualitative nature.

Productivity per transaction in a shop means the ability of a store to make a sale by way of utilizing his sources, namely all kinds of products and services they have. Productivity per transaction is the ratio between the number of sales (output) by the number of transactions (input).

The larger the resulting value, the better the productivity. In a modern retail store business, increasing productivity per transaction means that an increase in sales value per transaction.

Here is a sample calculation:

A stores X in September 2011 obtained a sales of $ 40,000.00 with number of transactions of 200 transactions. What is the productivity per transaction?


The meaning is that in September, average spend for every customer in the store X is $ 200.00. Sales can be increased if the productivity per transaction with the same number of transactions can be improved. And this can be done with customer service.

How To Post Articles Automatically To Facebook Via RSS Graffiti

If you want your blog posts can be read by more people, then one way you have to do is submit your RSS feed to Facebook. By submitting your RSS feeds into Facebook, then every time you post a new article, the article will appear automatically posted on your facebook profile, so that friends or friends of facebook you can read your blog posts directly on your facebook profile page. If you have a nice article, then they will visit your blog to read more so that it can also promote your blog.

There are facebook apps that can perform this task. One of them is RSS Graffiti.
RSS Graffiti will automatically submit your blog posts to your facebook profile page each time you update this post so you do not need to submit articles manually to facebook.

What should you do is open the application and add graffiti RSS feed address of your blog. After that everything will run automatically .

In addition, the RSS graffiti also provides several settings so you can customize the display correspond to the feed you want.

Some of the features provided by the RSS graffiti, among others:
1. Allows you to set the display of articles in the form of regular feed or a short message like Twitter
2. Filter out articles from a specific date
3. Giving an additional message on any article published
4. Schedule a post
5. Publish tweak twitter to facebook

How to submit RSS feed to your RSS Graffiti, this is the step :

1. Log in to Facebook.
2. Open RSS Graffiti and run applications.
3. After that, click Add Feeds.
4. Then the page will appear as follows :

Feed URL: contents of your blog feed address. Example http://reachschools.org/feeds/posts/default
Source Name: Fill in the name of your blog
Source URL: Fill in your blog address
Post style: Let the 'Standard'. If you want to post up in the form of short messages such as Twitter select 'Compact' or 'status updates'

5. If you have press Save. Completed

Now every time you post an article, the article will automatically appear your facebook page.

European Champions League Not Just Only Prestige

In this millennium era, soccer is not just a sport to cultivate the body to remain fit. Like the NBA or NFL in the United States, soccer is a sport that has become an industry. The difference is that basketball and football is only popular in the United States and less bite in the world, then soccer is the most popular sport in the world.

European Champions League is the best soccer league in the world. A variety of elite European clubs involved, and compete every year for the title. Why is competition for the champion in the European champions league so fierce? Is this merely competing for prestige? For the players or team managers may be yes, but for a club and club owners are more than that. Total prizes worth millions of euro may still arguably too small, because there is a greater goal, namely to increase the brand of a club. Why brand a club is the main thing? Because soccer is an industry! a business!

Brand Image. That's the main thing that must always be maintained and always enhanced by any business whatsoever. In European soccer, champions league is the media to enhance brand image which is of course, the name of a club. Manchester United, FC Barcelona, ​​FC Real Madrid, AC Milan, FC Bayern Munich, etc. may be in the eyes of soccer fans is just a club name, but in the eyes of club owners and employers that are trademarks. Field effort to scoop up the coffers of euros.

Many of the effects that arise when a soccer club won the champions league. Try to note the club FC. Barcelona. This club is a soccer club from Spain who won the champions league in 2010 and 2011. Currently the club's shares being a target for every dealers. Compare with let says 10 years ago. And the price ? Became higher and higher.

Just share value? Of course not. By winning the European Champions League, the FC. Barcelona fans is increasing. And look at the benefits obtained when FC. Barcelona sells merchandises to fans around the world! Millions of euro. See also the selling price of the players belong to FC. Barcelona! The price is exorbitant! And if you have a son, you not only enough to pay with hundreds of euro to put your son to FC. Barcelona soccer school, unless you're lucky your son is ogled by a talent scout club. It could be free!

That is why the European Champions League is not just competing for prestige, but is also as business competition is illustrated through a soccer competition. Keep practicing to improve deficiencies, weaknesses observed opponent, attacking at the right time, and resounding victory. It is very synonymous with business competition, to reach and win customers. And if you win the customers, then market shares remains in the grip of the company.