How To Get A Small Business Loan

Currently business loans are not only given to companies but also individuals. Some use the collateral, and there is also an unsecured loans. It aims to facilitate and stimulate the public to have their own business. Loans for small businesses are expected to assisting the government in suppressing the rate of unemployment. Currently it is not only banks that can provide loans for business, but also many private companies engaged in business financing.

And how to get a small business loan? In this era of Internet, everything is easy, as well as in the case of business loans. Currently loans can be made online. And it's much easier than conventional loans. In this online loans, what needs to be done is to fill out forms and comply with the requirements listed on the website.

All you need to consider before making a new business loans are :
  1. Character: It's about your commitment in making mortgage payments.
  2. Capital : Consider the assets you have, whether your loans exceed the value of all your assets or not.
  3. Capacity: You have to see how your business trends, comparison of costs and revenues, cost structure (fixed cost, variable cost), manpower, and production capacity.
  4. Condition: This is sort of similar industry conditions (whether the risk of small, medium, or high), as well as future business prospects.
  5. Collateral: If you make a business loan with collateral, consider and select carefully what assets you want to guaranteed.
In order for your small business loan can be granted, you should be realistic. Realistic means that you borrow the necessary funds, pay the mortgage within your means, and specify the ideal repayment period. If you are not realistic, then your loan will bother you in the future, and even possible - and greater certainty - your business loan application will not be granted.

Healthy First To Run The Business

Any person who manages a business usually are the ones who actively and creatively. They can not pause to rest his physic and his mind. There's always the idea and the work to be done so that the business grew rapidly. With activities that are so dense and relatively without a break, sometimes they become oblivious to time. They eat late, rarely exercise, maybe even eat a small meal without adequate calories. They are not aware that poor physical and health conditions actually can hurt themselves in the future. To protect the health and physical condition in order to stay fit in the present and future, the diet should be maintained. Consider what to eat and calories needed, and even better is by adding l-arginine supplement for healthy lifestyles.

Health is important. So important that it can affect a person's productivity. Businesses will drop its performance due to its owner sickly, especially when they are above the age of 40 years and over. In old age, fear of heart disease, stroke, high cholesterol come to haunt. This is because the body is experiencing setbacks in producing life saving molecules. However, l-arginine may help prevent this productivity setbacks.

The composition contained in the l-arginine is making the need for the molecules in the body can be improved. If the content of these molecules remained stable in the body, then the diseases that haunt these can be avoided, and even life will be healthier. And finally, healthy every time will make the business will remain productive.

Facts About the Customer

If you are a businessman and understands that every business is service business, then you should pay attention to the facts of the following customers:

1. On average, companies only hear complaints 4% from 100% of dissatisfied customers. A 96% longer go quietly. And 91% of dissatisfied customers will never return. For companies that people do not understand how to treat customers, this is a serious financial loss. But otherwise this is an advantage for companies who understand how to treat customers.

2. A study about "why customers run" found the following facts:
- 3% for resettled
- 5% as it finds a new friendship in the company or another store
- 9% because of inducements competitors
- 14% because it was not satisfied with the product bought
- 68% due to the indifference shown by the owners, managers, and employees.

3. On average, an unhappy customer will tell the problem to the eight or ten of his friends. One in five dissatisfied customers will tell the problems and complaints in social networking. To fix one negative incident that required a dozen positive service.

4. Seven of the customers who complained would return to continue his business relationship with you after you solve the problems they face. If you solve the problem directly on the spot, then 95% of them will continue the business relationship with you. A customer who is satisfied that the complaint be taken, on average, will tell his experience to five of his friends.

5. To attract new customers, on average, company spent six times more than the time when they put in to retain the old customers. Whereas in most cases, customer loyalty has a value 10 times greater than the money spent in one-time purchase.

6. Businesses that service quality is low, on average only an additional 1% gain new customers and lost market share by 2% a year. On the other hand, businesses that service quality is very good, even "beyond service excellent" , on average earn 12% extra new customers, gain market share by 6% a year and are usually able to set prices high enough.

Those are some facts about the customers that you must concern to make your business survive and even be able to continue to grow.

Education Funding Source

Education is a necessity, and people has the right to proper education. But as everybody knows, the cost of education in today's time is really high, and increasing every year. For people who could afford it maybe this is not a problem, but for the poor this is a big problem. This is the reason why every nation has an educational program offered to their people. To pursue people dream of having education, government provide federal student aid to help those who interested in school but are less capable of financing.

Most common assistance given by government to finance education is the scholarship. Students are required to fill out several forms that have been provided to obtain the scholarship. But to obtain scholarship is not easy, there are several requirements that must be met.. So is there another way to help finance education in addition to those provided by the government? Yes, there is from the private sector. Today there are many finance companies that help people to fund their education by providing loans for school. These loans may be have easier condition so that everyone can use this facility, which need to be considered is the financial ability to be able to return the loan.

For that, before starting to make a loan, what should be considered is about the amount required, repayment amount each month, and payment period. This should be done in order not to have deficiency or excess. If having deficiency, then it certainly will hassle as same as when not doing a loan. And if excessive, then the fund received will be a bit redundant because usually the excess fund are used for others which just does not related to education. It is better to make a personal financial analysis first before starting a loan.

Proving the Durability of Mens Tungsten Wedding Rings

The buzz about tungsten carbide rings for men is they're virtually indestructible. They don't bend, scuff, break, or tarnish... so they say. I would never "try" to prove this claim with my wedding ring, but I did.

It was the infamous snow ball fight of 20-09. My in-laws were visiting for Christmas when my younger brother-in-law ambushed me. Of course that meant war. Everyone got into the fight, and when it was all over, I was cold, bruised, and ringless.

We scoured the front yard and the street, but couldn't find it. When the snow melted I looked again, but there were no mens tungsten wedding rings to be found. I figured a squirrel or some passerby had claimed it somewhere along the line. So I got a cheap silver replacement since tungsten carbide rings for men aren't cheap.

Late that spring, I decided the lawn was ready for a first mowing. Half way through the front yard I heard a loud "ping" and saw something shiny fly into a bush from under my lawn mower. I ran over to see what it was. It didn't take me long this time to find my wedding ring. And the most shocking part was that it looked like new.

There was barely a hint of the encounter with my lawnmower blade and nothing of the months it had spent sitting in the snow and mud. The finish was still beautiful and bright.

Not everything you read is true -- especially when it comes to claims of "indestructibility". But I'm convinced mens tungsten wedding rings are as close to indestructible as you will find. I don't recommend trying to beat up your wedding ring, if for no other reason than because it's a bad metaphor. But if you're looking for a ring that will stand up to some pretty brutal incidental treatment, I recommend tungsten carbide.

Mens Tungsten Online

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Brand is an identity of a company that is expressed through a logo or tagline. Brand is very important for business development. With a brand, a product or service offered will be recognized by its customers.

A brand is a collection of properties that greatly influence the purchase. Brand enable consumers to identify products or services that promise specific benefits. Brand raised consumer expectations for quality, price, purpose, and performance. Well-known brand name is the company's most valuable asset. They represent accumulation of consumers experience over the years and high investment in advertising, presentation, and quality.

There are two kinds in brands, which is:

1. Master Brand. Namely a single name and propositions that are used to cover a wide range of different product areas. Examples of the famous master brand is Sony, Canon, Honda, Toyota, Hitachi. Brand can be used for all products manufactured by their own.

2. Individual Brand
. Individual brands always contain one type of product to one market, and includes a choice of models, sizes, product, and different packaging formats. Individual examples of this brand for example is McDonald's, KFC, CFC, and other specialized business in a market that is fast-food restaurant market.

In its development, the individual and the brand can become the master brand is executable if the business produces other products or services by using these brands. Similarly, the master brand. To create a brand becomes stronger and segmented, master brand will be followed by individual brands. Example is the Sony Vaio. Sony is a master of the famous brand that is engaged in electronic. To make a stronger self-image, as well as to create a brand that has a market segment in a product, then create individual brand Sony "Vaio" for the computer market. At the mention of this brand is usually individual and be placed after his master brand. Example Sony Vaio, Sony PlayStation, Apple Iphone, etc.

Building the Channel To Creating a Top Brand

Steve Jobs was a phenomenal figure. Whatever he does is always in the news. Understandably, he was the CEO of a highly respected throughout the world. His achievements in making Apple from a company that nearly bankrupt to a company that has a market capitalization higher than Microsoft is really amazing. A business performance that never been thought before by the businessman or investors around the world.

In January 2011, Steve Jobs decided to take a sabbatical as an attempt to treat his colon cancer which have since 2004. Within hours, the stock market immediately reacted negatively. Apple's stock price fell 8% within one day of trading. Wow! This is a very expensive health value. Even health may be more expensive than a president.

Since Steve Jobs returned to Apple as CEO in 1997 after sacked in 1985, he had a variety of innovative products launched. Ipod, Iphone, and Ipad are phenomenal products, which customers willing to queue to buy. This is what made Apple's stock price rose more than 100-fold over the last 10 years. Brilliant achievement of Apple is not just limited to the innovation of its products, but also venturing into business development and services.

Apple has successfully developed its retail network across the world. Steve Jobs realized that all high-tech products has changed, which was originally a tool for productivity then becomes a tool to gain experience. Launched in 2001, then grow very rapidly until 2010. Contribution to total revenue from the Apple Retail Store has reached 20% of sales and about 25% of corporate profits. Apple Retail Store is also shown to boost Apple's market share and simultaneously strengthen the Apple brand so strongly embedded in the minds of customers.

Apple Retail Store starting with the concept of giving experiences. This is different from other electronic products that tend to be concerned with the appearance of the product. Customers are left to try and even perform various activities such as downloading a song or photos. One of the famous concept of the Apple Store is the Genius Bar, which is part of the retail that serve as a learning process for our customers. Genius Bar is indeed one of the attractions and provide the uniqueness that distinguishes the electronics stores of other global brands.

Brands and Distribution Channels

I take the stories about Apple Retail Store is to show a shift in brand building strategy. Distribution channels such as retail does have an important role in building brand. Indeed, the impact is relatively low compared to the conventional advertisements, particularly television advertising. But in the long run, the establishment of the brand through distribution channels will be increasingly important both in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

Of the various analysis conducted by teams of Business Analys, I see how the importance of distribution channels in influencing the strength of the brand. The brands which became a Top Brand continually seem to be able to combine the power of advertising in shaping the brand and also use the distribution channels as part of brand building.

For the service industry, the strength of this distribution channel was easily visible. Some banks that have strong brand awareness and image are strongly supported by its thousands of branches spread all over the country. Not only the branch of a bank that helped shape the strong brand, but ATM also has an important role. Even today, the brand power still rests on the ATM channel, and not on the ads that usually appear in the conventional media. In the future, other channels such as mobile banking and internet banking will play an important role in shaping the strength of a brand.

Industrial Durable and Consumer Goods
Although the contribution not as big as in the service industry to create a Top Brand, the role of industrial durables and consumer goods channel have started to look real. The strength of the automotive brands is strongly influenced by their channel dealer. Yamaha and Honda for example, by the number of dealers more than any other motorcycle brands look very mighty mastering the market. Similarly, with Toyota and Honda for the car category. The role of these dealers are also increasingly important because they are able to create another channel. It is they who often made exhibitions in various mall or other crowded places. Spare parts industry is also increasingly enjoying the process of establishing the brand through communication in stores that sell spare parts. It also occurs in a variety of brands sold in the shops of building materials.

Managing Channel
In the future, the marketers are increasingly challenged to effectively manage the channel to build the Top Brand. Channel in the future have a diverse role. In the context of the formation of Top Brand, they are also more effective communication source. Channel will help create top of mind.

Aside from being a source of communication, channels are also able to provide the customer experience, especially when they are into the retail sector. And this is very important in creating customer loyalty. Strong channel will also help increase sales. Moreover, when the company start to develop e-commerce in pushing the sale then channel's role will be more dominant. High market share would certainly have made a strong brand and are in the position of Top Brand.

Seeing the importance of this channel, it is the duty of business owner and CEO for more creative creating new distribution channels. At the same time, existing channels should be more optimized. Channel that used to be as a channel to sell, today must play a role in building strong brands. On the other hand, if your business today is part of the channel itself, it is important to more active cooperation with the manufacturers or suppliers to build a strong brand.

Everybody Can Write

A few decades ago when the internet has not transformed into a primary needs of every human being, ideas and thoughts can only be poured into a writing on the paper. Keep sheets of paper up to hundreds to be collected and made into a book. And after the book was made not all people can know your idea. It should be a complicated process so that a book can be published, and certainly needs no small cost.

But along with advances in information technology, where the social media becomes a common thing in human life, the publication of an idea becomes much easier. No need pages and millions of sentences so that your ideas known to the public. Even just two or three words from you, everyone in the whole world can know your ideas. That's the power of a social network.

You do not need to be a popular first to make your idea followed by others. Writing skills were not need a great skill. What do you think, then could be all those who are far away from you can know right away.

Everybody can write. Yes, everyone, not just professors, teachers, writers, or others, can tell their ideas and their heart's content via the Internet. Social Networks like Facebook can facilitate your ideas to share with your colleagues. Blog facilitate you to introduce yourself and your articles to the whole world. No need a publisher agents, and no need to pay too much. You just sit at the computer, and start writing.

Everybody can write, so everybody can do business. Well, the internet is not only easier for you to distribute your writings, but also provide an opportunity to earn income from the writing that you created. In essence, your writing can be used as land for your business. You can write an article for others, reviewing a product, promote someone's else services, and so on. And it certainly paid. No need sheets of paper, it may be only need half a page of paper to make money from this business.

In this era of information technology, the age factor had small effect in writing. A quarter-page article of a teenage boy could be worth tens of dollars. Only from a simple idea, just write! But however, there are also an articles that are considered as a trash and annoying. But the basic principle is that anyone can easily write, whatever it is useful or not.

Then how about you? Whether you are just an avid reader of all? I suggest to you to not just read. Start writing, because may be your writing becomes your new business area. Learn how to do this business and do it right away. Believe me, that there is somebody will pay your writing. Put it out with a perdurable

Know The Players Involved In Your Retail Store Business

As a store owner, you must identify the players involved in your business. There are three players who will determine your success, and you should know them very well, namely customers, suppliers, and employees.

The customer is the source of your income. It is them who are expected to donate your cash inflow and ultimately increase your wealth. For those who only buy once in your store, call them the buyer. As for those who buy over and over again in your store, then that is what is called a customer. Customers are very much higher value than the buyer, because the customer has an emotional bond with your store that causes them happy and comfortable to shop at your store. That is what is called loyal customers. The more loyal customers you get, then the coffers of your wealth will grow and the viability of your store will be more assured. Loyal customers would you get if you apply the "service beyond service excellent".

The second player to watch is the supplier. Less supply store will cause you to lose customers who already have. With suppliers, you must be careful and treat them well. Trust and honesty is key in building relationships with suppliers. Never ever broke a promise to the supplier, and do not also cheating to them. If the term of your payment to suppliers has arrived, get paid somehow. The issue of money is a sensitive issue. Once you lied about the tardiness in the payment due date, you may not be given more credit by them. And this is very bad for your business progress. So the service is not just directed to your customers only, but also to suppliers you should give an excellent service.

The third player you should notice is your employees. Employees are the people you trust at the forefront to face the customer. They are ambassadors for your business. If they behave badly towards the customers, then customers will judge your store has a bad service, not your employees, and ultimately your store will be abandoned by them. Therefore, treat your employees as a valuable asset for your business. Provide training on service, suggestive selling, and impulse buying customers to them for their dealing with customers. Give the understanding that the customer who pays them, not the company. Thus they will feel to own the store and provide the best service to customers.

"Every business is a service business", all the business in principle is to serve. And treatment of all the three players point to one thing that is service. Serve that three key players in order to make your store survive and even rise.

The Term Private Label In Retail Store Business

You've probably been to a supermarket, and you find a product that was given a brand similar with store name. For example, when you visit Wallmart, and finds a bag of sugar branded Wallmart. Yes, that's called a private label.

Private Label or Home Brand is manufactured by a supplier of goods designated by the retailer for the retailer. In this case, brands, criteria, size, packaging design, even the price is determined by the retailer. The advantages of private label is lower production costs than the goods that have been branded, because there are no research cost, promotion cost, or any other costs. The low production costs result in private label goods can be sold at much lower prices than the competitor's price.

Private label has a very strategic part in the retail business because some of the following benefits:

1. Give more choice to consumers, especially for consumers who prefer the functionality of the product rather than brand.

2. Providing value for money is better for consumers because private label produced at low cost, so it can be sold at a cheaper price than the products that have been branded.

3. In market competition, private label can not be matched head to head with branded goods so as to provide good results in terms of margins.

Tips To Maximizing Facebook For Maximizing Your Business

You certainly have a Facebook account. Very funny if you do not have it, because most people use Facebook to fill free time greet your friends or find your friends who have not been heard from. But do you believe that Facebook can help your business?

Believe it! Facebook is not just to fill spare time looking for friendship only, but it can be used for marketing tool in introducing your products and services,and even your brand.

One more thing, that Facebook can be used as a tool for personal branding. Where self-image, excess, and your ability to be introduced to the world at very cheap cost. The goal? Of course to make yourself as a commercial enterprise. If you are an entrepreneur motivator, or maybe a medical specialist, you can use Facebook to gain loyal customers and ultimately increase your financial.

Then how can we make a Facebook account that can help maximize our business? Below are some tips on Facebook for that goals:

1. Personalize Your Profile
You saw your friends on your Facebook. There must be some of your friends who use strange names and sounding "trendy". Your friend's name is Michael, but on Facebook profile written "The Ghost". This is really ridiculous, and this is very bad for personal branding. How could someone else will get to know personally and your expertise while you hide yourself behind the name of "The Ghost".

In order for your Facebook account useful in improving your self-image and your business, then use your real name on your Facebook account. Fill out your profile with frankness, complete with the expertise, educational qualifications, work experience, and areas of your business.

2. Do not underestimate the little things.
Trivial things that you think may be a great thing for people who want to know you. Examples : the profile picture. Do not use funny cartoon photos in your profile picture, you will assume that you use Facebook just to fool around.

Use a your best picture of yourself to be picture profile. If you are a speaker, then use the photos reflect that you are a professional speaker. Use close-up photo. If you sell a product, upload the photo of your products with high resolution so that visitors can see it clearly.

3. Reproduce a friend
Friends who not just any friend. Use the add a friend to multiply friends who potential to your business.

4. Join a group or a Facebook fan page that suits your business and target market
Many people on Facebook might wants to be your friend. But get some friend that potential for your business.

5. Build a personal approach.
Make your Facebook friends feel valued by providing quality comments of their status.

6. Update status.
Update your status with things that are unique that leads to your business, so that your friends are interested to comment or just to “LIKE” your status.

7. Link to your web.
If you have a website or blog, create a status with a link that leads to your blog or website.

8. Manage your Facebook regularly.
No need to spend many hours on Facebook to reply a message or comment. Simply take a little time but routine. Moreover linger logged in to Facebook will interfere your work offline, is'nt it?

9. Create Facebook Fans.
If you have been successful enough to introduce yourself or your business, use Facebook Fanspage to create your own Fanspage. The goal? In order for your Facebook friends to be segmented. And this is the potential source to become your loyal customers.

Those are some tips for maximizing your Facebook account. Persistence and patience is one key to business success. Believe me that Facebook can enhance your business growth.

Graphic Design For Your Business Promotion

Promotion is one part of marketing to get a customers. Business promotion in order to attract the attention of your customers can vary from as simple as a unique brochure, up to a unique cd package design. Your marketing campaign will not be maximized if the promotional material does not attract the consumers. Graphic design is an important part for this purpose. A unique graphic design in your promotional materials will make consumers pay attention to products, services, and even your brand.

Graphic design is very supportive of your business progress. A philosopher said that the image contains a million meaning. Yes, it is true, and graphic design reinforces these words. See the worldwide corporate logos! Simple but millions of meaning, and it is the result of graphic design. With graphic design you can create interesting promotion materials. Company profile with a unique cd package design will make you more confident when doing business presentations. All that can not be separated from the importance of graphic design in making such materials.

So what if you can not afford to hire expert staff of graphic design? Well, you can hire a graphic design consulting company to make a unique brochure or a unique cd package design for you. All you have to do is provide what you want to put in that media. The rest is just trust the company. For make your business bigger, you can ask the consulting company to make a promotion material in a soap package design.

The Importance of Business Cards For Your Business

Maybe there are 1001 ways that our business could be known, but among of them the most important and most fundamental is to spread as many business cards. Why? Because the card itself is the identity of our business, where a small piece of card there are a variety of important information about your business.

In the marketing scenario, cards that can be said to function as one tool in selling or marketing something, whether it be products, services, brands, organizations and even your personal brand. Try to put yourself as a product or brand that is about to be marketed, then the card is like a brochure that will tell you who you are, what your business and what you can sell to them.

A businessman once said, if you are a book, then the card's name is his introduction. To browse the essence of the book, we can view through the preface, although only briefly. Therefore, take some time to have your own business cards seriously because in addition to judging from the appearance, speaking style, and whatever you wear, prospective clients and customers also tend to pay attention to your business card as a complement to your image and identity.

Business cards are the identity element when others ask: "What business?" You no longer need to answer by half in doubt, but enough to give your name card and then explain with confidence who you are.

The business cards it's like packaging, which to some extent determine whether the product is trustworthy or not. Therefore, it is very important in designing business cards interesting and informative in order to generate a positive first impression. And the other thing to also keep in mind that the unique and interesting designs are not necessarily complicated, but should still be impressive simple.

In his “Make Millions Marketing”, Roger Konopasek notice, the charm lies in its cards are cheap, easy (meaning easy to carry) and lively (lively in terms of rich information). All data includes name, position, education, business, contact number, address or anything relevant are exposed in the card. Imagine all important data can be delivered with low cost. However, there are also certain companies that print business cards on CD. Well, it is relatively quite expensive. However, believe the impact will also be commensurate with costs, because the CD that will leave a remarkable impression!

One thing that makes some of us hesitate to give the card is not another name for eastern cultures that forbid anyone to boast product excellence openly in front of our acquaintance. In fact, we ought to be more wise that when receiving or giving a piece of name card should be enthusiasm and gratitude. Thus, you will receive a good respect from others.

Did you have a card?

I asked it, because rarely I meet the professionals who still did not / do not have a business card. According to them, "We are the back officer. Only the front office people is equipped with business cards. Or there is a saying,"My business is still small, so I do not need business cards. "

Indeed, sometimes there are some people on some level that no longer need a business card to explain who they are. Say, Bill Gates or the late Steve Jobs . Bagging without any cards that people will know who they are. But I also believe, before they succeed they must also market their products and themselves through business cards.

So, again I remind you that one of the successful recipe for a quick business known to people is to print business cards and share as much as possible to the right people as well as many! Even if I have to give business cards two or three times to the same person on different occasions. Do not be surprised, as every experienced businessperson who generally hold more than 300 business cards collected from his relations. The more cards you gave to others, will allow your name to be found (at least if one is lost, there are other cards in your name).

Then Introduce yourself and your business through business cards!

Social Media Marketing

Lately we are shown the unusual euphoria in cellular phones (mobile phones) business. If previously people just choose Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG, or Motorolla, now reality speaks another. Consumers rollicking fun choosing local-brand mobile phones even though none of them produced in the country, such as HT Mobile, Vitell, Startech, Mito, My-G, etc., just because of the factor model, completeness of features, and prices offered.

As a marketer, -without even described- certainly already know what the big reason, which is characteristic of the market. It has often been discussed that the domestic market loves to style, so if you can not afford to buy Blackberry, fiddling with the phone like a Blackberry is not a problem. The important thing is style.

The completeness of features also have a major influence on demand for local brand mobile phones. Why? Because consumers thrilled when his cell phone is considered advanced, although not all features are used. But, forget about it. Because there are more influential even than all that, namely Facebook.

Yes, Facebook. This "Ghosts" is quite extraordinary existence. Imagine, now there are approximately 15.3 million people stranded in Facebook. And it still growth thousands everyday. Very fantastic.

On Facebook, which I'm sure you also include one of the float in the "lake" of Facebook, everyone has the same status and rights to convey information, opinions, or whatever, in two directions. All involved can argue with each other freely in the nature of this openness.

Power of Networking
It must be admitted that there is a close correlation between the presence of Facebook and his best-selling local brand mobile phones these days. Booming Facebook as social networking media (social media) has made this nation "crazy" to the praises, disputes, supports, blemish-deprecating, etc.

But in the minds of marketers, that's not the most important. The most important thing is how to take advantage of such this madness be the most effective advertising medium. In term, made up Facebook as social media marketing, which is marketing strategy conducted through the medium of social networking.

Not just Facebook and his friends. Blog, microblog, photo sharing, and video sharing are also included in the category of social media marketing. The reason, they both are "from members to members and from members for all", also is two-way.

The good thing is, because it has huge members or readers, experts assess marketing using social media marketing will be more effective than conventional ways of promotion. Yes, it would be more effective, because:
first : members or readers accessed the social networking media are a lot. If it is still small, it certainly will not be effective. Just like advertising in newspapers or magazines. Number of lint will be special consideration for many advertisers.
Second : the level of market penetration is much easier because everyone now can not be separated from the internet.
Third : low cost through online advertising. Today the internet crammed with advertisements that already has a brand and just begin an expansion. And no matter how it made very easy, do not even need high school to create an image ad and posted in a web.

More Familiar
There is one interesting example in the application of social media marketing that applied computer manufacturer Dell and could be imitated by other companies. Through IdeaStorm (his website), this companies from the United States is to bond with customers, dredge complaints from them, waiting for criticism and advice, also inform any company has to offer.

Because there is no limit anymore on the status of "who the owner" and "who the guests" Dell's IdeaStorm, -producers and consumers can be mixed up in it without insulation- then both parties will gain mutually benefit. Dell can promote their products directly to the target market, or at least to many people who already feel fused with IdeaStorm, so that the intended target completely right.

That was the first. Secondly, Dell can know or receive direct complaints made by consumers. Complaints that later became Dell materials to make improvements. These website is also directing the market that if you have a complaint on the quality of products and others, convey it to Dell directly. Do not go to mass media which more open and tend to be detrimental.

Third, with social media marketing like IdeaStorm, Dell is able to influence potential consumers for being consumers, consumers into customers, customers into loyal customers, and in the end loyal customers are ultimately really fell in love to feel a "beloved idol of this one". If it were so, then Dell just stayed reap the fruit of her love with customers.

I think that's enough examples clearly illustrate how the benefits of applying social media marketing in the future, whether through social networking, website, blog, microblog, or even video sharing. So, along with the development time, approach and get closer to consumers through social media marketing is one other option.