How to Attract Customers Attention

Before you get a customer, you should be able to grab their attention. After receiving attention, you just can give them better prospects.
So that you can attract the attention of potential customers, you need to know the following three things interesting.

1) The human brain can not pay attention to all things

For example, when first meeting someone, maybe in a couple of hours later you've forgotten the name of the person whom you want to meet earlier. But you remember certain things, such as hair, or origin, or other particular matter.
Meaning what? To attract someone's attention you have to select the specific information to be submitted. Needless to say all these things, let alone irrelevant. Because attention is finite.

2) Many other things can hinder people's attention

The longer, the more is not easy to get people's attention. Why? For those who are getting more and more busy. There are lots of things that are the focus of his life.
Other obstacles may come from the abundance of information (information overload) and level of competition are more stringent.

3) There's not much time to draw attention

A seller on the internet sometimes only takes a few seconds to get the attention of customers, before the visitor decides to continue or click the X in the browser. Because it is well utilized. Choose the information that is really relevant and interesting.

So how to attract customers? This the tips

1. Treat personally. Everyone likes to be favored. Everyone needs recognition. For that reason, it is important to treat them personally. Not as a crowd of people, but as individuals.

2. Use emotion. Ever heard of an orator or a great speaker who inspires so many people? Yes, they do that by making use of emotion.
Harnessing emotions is a great way to embrace the customer as well as enlarge the "magnet" of your business.

3. Use story telling / case studies. Remember how patient testimony from advertising a medical clinic that had become the butt of viral some time ago?
You can try it too. Of course with more positive results expected.


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