Online Shop- Exploring E-Commerce Opportunities

In recent years, a trend that most stuck out in the country of Indonesia relating to the commercialization of the Internet is the proliferation of online stores. Apparently the e-commerce is on the rise. No matter whether you're a student / i, a housewife, solo entrepreneur, or company that is looking to alternative sources of income ... online stores offer lucrative opportunities of e-commerce that is unmatched today.

If you are affiliated with over 35 million population of Indonesia is in Facebook (2010 data), it is no doubt that this trend can not go unnoticed. The number of online stores on the social networking site meets the wall / wall every day. Some of my colleagues was upset by the sudden change occurred. What is a pure interaction between friends into a never-ending campaign event.

Well, for those who are interested in starting or expanding into the virtual world, of course there is a long list of questions in mind. How is the right way to get started? Are there any online store to market effect of the business? What do the competitors? How much does it cost? Exactly how to process a customer makes a purchase? What are the payment methods that can be used? Will security issues become a scourge?

It was just a handful of questions that I receive every week. I wrote this guide to answer all of the questions above, plus a few personal tips from my experience running an online shop. Enjoy.


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