Stores Online Planning Stage

Internet is the most rapid and appropriate to seek information, learn from each other and manage the resources needed to start a project like this. But this does not mean that everything can be done casually. You need a plan to mature, as well as all types of businesses.

Some questions that need careful consideration are listed below one by one.

What will be sold? Is suitable media websites? Do a little research to find out whether a product can be sold online. Today, even for businesses that require immediate presence, customers expect there are web sites that can be visited for a variety of information. For example Disney World. Visitors helped with news, promotions, maps and other information. And this is certainly encouraging them to visit on weekends.

What do the others? One thing that is different from the virtual world, you can do research on competitors quietly and without wasting a lot of time and effort. Everything can be done at home. Competitive intelligence can be very useful to differentiate your store from other online businesses.

This process sometimes takes a relatively long time. Suppose you are planning to sell beauty products. Instant search on Google will reveal what is being done players in the same market niche. What do they offer? What kind of promotional packages that work? It can not be concluded with 100 percent accuracy rate, but if you monitor site activity for some time, will become self-evident.

Successful promotion will be repeated, especially if the promotion is done through media advertising. Other things that can be learned is the product selection, product positioning, pricing structure and even the questions and problems being faced by your prospects. If they have a forum where the community gathered and discussed, there are many things that can be learned from it.

All of these activities take time, but the benefits will far exceed the investment of time that you do. Of all the knowledge gained, you can differentiate your business from others online.

Who are your customers? Are they able to effectively reach online? Internet penetration is more often the case for a relatively young age group, but it does not mean the products are destined to be lonely mature buyers. Things you need to know is whether you can reach and sell to your customers with a good group? Is there a channel that is economical or even free? Of course this all depends on the price of the product and the amount of profit per customer. The larger the value, the higher the ability and varied things you can do to get a customer.

If your product is not limited to a particular location, marketing will be much easier. Businesses tied to a specific geographic location should be more careful in order to avoid wasting time doing promotional costs. For example, through advertising, there must be a way to reach a specific audience in order to achieve targeted audience.

Each segment of the market is also unique that marketing and communications must be made specifically for the consumer. Whether you can interact with them through social media such as Facebook?

What resources do you need? Running an online store requires extra attention. There are technologies that must be integrated. Business and marketing strategies should be planned. Daily operations and administration that must be implemented to keep things running smoothly and has the potential to grow.

The selection of the right technology for your website is crucial. For example, if you sell tangible products, not digital, how to integrate or interface with the inventory by the existing stock? Is the chosen software supports payment and shipping you choose? How to design a good site? Do you need professional help for it?

What do you do to serve the prospects questions? Customer service is one component that can not be ignored. Just because you hire permanent staff to handle this field does not mean that all the problems sorted out. Training and communication remains important because customer service is the online store image that you have, because they directly interact with prospects and customers.

How do I send the goods to the customer? There are several options. If your target customers locally, perform yourself via a courier delivery may be considered. Some of the online stores that I know of to do it. This way I do not recommend because it will increase the burden of operations that must be addressed.

Delivery services such as FedEx and offer an affordable solution. Some of the other services offer more oblique, but the two services mentioned above have tracking facilities sage is useful for both the customer and the store.

It must be recognized for certain items, the cost of this course will weigh some customers. But no need to be discouraged. Good product offering often will get a warm welcome and you will never guess a lot of customers who want to do anything, and pay whatever, to have a product they like.

What types of payment are acceptable? The answer depends. So far all I know online stores accept payment through Internet banking, cash or direct deposit. Some stores decided to accept other forms of payment types such as PayPal, the online payment service via email. PayPal applies internationally and can be associated with a credit card and your bank account. Currently, credit card processing is still not a common choice for many problems.


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