You Must Fast In Response To Customer Willingness

Prices are within easy reach and presence is no longer a force in the competition in the retail industry. Because now, almost everything can be purchased online with a relatively inexpensive and can be directly received by the customer the next day. This condition makes the retailers have to compete with a new weapon, the exceptional service and satisfying shopping experience that gives a distinct impression. Net-A-Porter for example, luring customers with a series of shopping events with augmented reality technology that enables visitors to scan the picture of the product to buy.

Another with Tesco experimented with shopping walls in Korea that allows consumers to shop by scanning the images on subway walls. Innovation is also similar even by London Design Museum. However, despite such innovations can attract customers to come into the store, there are other things you need to consider, that is customer service. Customer service does not seglamor innovations, but it is what will keep your customers coming back. You do not need to choose which of the two is more important, because they must be united and become an integral part of your strategy.

Talk retail experience today means talking about digital technology. How to utilize this technology to provide a different experience for the customer. While talking about customer service, which means we have to talk about customer behavior. Customer behavior in communicating a crucial element in customer service.

Social media and mobile devices are two things that almost inseparable and have become part of the customer communication process these last few days. Through these two customers can share any experiences, both positive and negative to a wider audience. When they were impressed or disappointed with what's in your store, they almost instantly share them with an audience in cyberspace. Amazingly, it turned out to be a distinctive opportunity for retailers who are ready. Whatever is shared customers through social media, even though a negative experience can still be a great opportunity for customers to reach out to customers and encourage purchases.

In a survey conducted recently, it was revealed that 20 percent of his customers mention a company in social media when they are still in the store. This fact could be an opportunity for retailers to create a shopping experience. For example, what the social media team of Marks & Spencer (M & S). When a customer was in the store M & S, she tweeted about how long queue there. Tim social media M & S store manager immediately called the outlet to deploy more staff to hold can be reduced. They also inform the customer openly via Twitter and was greeted with a sense of excitement. With this move M & S turn things from customers who are not satisfied because of the long queues and very likely will leave without buying anything, a customer happy and more likely to buy. The same was done by Tesco. Speed ​​in response is key in doing this. The response is almost instantaneous creates a big difference for customers.

To do so, it takes a team of customer service who understand the situation and act quickly to help customers, and respond directly through social media. Companies like M & S and Tesco fully understand and fulfill these requirements without compromise. As a result, they provide a better shopping experience and make customers come back every day. It even this sooner or later to be followed by other retailers, or you will lose customers. The question is whether you are fast enough to do this?


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