Basic Attitudes In Serving Customer

Each employee must provide services by placing himself as a consultant to all customer that comes into the store. The attitude of an employee is a reflection of the company's attitude towards its customers. If the employee is bad in terms of customer service, then the corporate image is also bad in the eyes of customers. So, it is important to communicate to the employees about the good service to customers.
In general, the basic attitude of good service to the customer are:

1. relax
This means :
- Use nonformal language, according to the character of the customer being served.
- Show a confident attitude
- Able to create a fun and friendly atmosphere

2. Prioritize services to customers than other activities.

3. Do not obtrude.

4. Required to provide information on:
- self-identity
- product advantage
- ongoing promotion

5. Always show an attitude ready to serve any time.
Things that are considered not show a service attitude is:

- Receive or play Telephone / Mobile in the store floor
- Indifference
- Joking and huddle with fellow employees
- Relying on the product display,door, display window, etc
- Stand idly Attitudes

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