Think Strategic In Retail Store Business

If you intend to manage a store, maybe you've thought in mind what items will be sold, who will become customers, how to design the store, where it is located, and others. That view is not wrong because that is roughly a success factor of a store that you need to plan. However, before you need to provide a fundamental view before overall planning, strategy, ideas and processes that later would you do in your store. For that we need to think strategically about something that will provide a solid foundation for your business sustainable. By thinking strategic, we tried to look at our environment (market, competition, etc.), then compare with resources we have. From here we will get a thorough picture of how we should act.

Is it true that even a store, need to think strategically? Yes, now thinking strategically does not belong to big companies only. There are two important things that makes the process of strategic thinking should do. First, think strategic is important due to high intensity of competition in the retail industry. See it like a mini supermarket retail format. The amount that is around us can be hundreds or even thousands. Second, think strategic assist you in determining your target market. Consumers are very different characteristics, which each have different needs and characteristics of their own behavior patterns. Without a strategic thinking process, you are likely to get stuck on the action that is based on seeing the issue partially.

Strategic thinking allows us to see ourselves and our environment with a "helicopter view". We can see the whole at once, whether we have the resources and environmental conditions. But you must be honest and objective in conducting the analysis. Thus, we can do good plan and ready with anticipation. Remember, if you want to travel and do not know what path you are going through, then any road will take you anywhere without direction, maybe even get lost. Then what components in strategic thinking? That is Mission, Vision, and corporate values.


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