Two Giant Payment Gateway ready to thrill Indonesian E-Commerce in Year 2013

E-Commerce Indonesia ready to enter 2013 with renewed vigor. It was marked with the launch of cooperation between Doku, Indonesia online payment solutions provider, with PayPal, the global online payment motors. Doku integrate PayPal as a payment option for the premium merchant payment system that can be implemented across the State. Through business partnerships, E-Commerce Indonesia will be greatly helped by the support of global payment methods reliable, safe and convenient for international transactions.

In 2012, 15% of online transactions originating from Indonesia is foreign. This numbers jumped significantly since the beginning of the year, the percentage of international transactions only by 6%. This increase indicates a growing interest and need for foreign consumers online for products and services online in Indonesia.

Faraz Ahmed, PayPal's General Manager for South East Asia and India welcomed this cooperation. By sharing technological superiority, PayPal hopes Doku can increase the value of their international sales with minimal risk through cross-border e-commerce. Currently, PayPal is a popular payment method virtual and best to transact online. The rise of e-Commerce, online stores business owners require to have a PayPal account as one tool to improve customer service.


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