Your Customers become Loyal because of Personal Touches

Personal touch that beatify. One moment, you are standing on the roadside. Then suddenly there are people who greet you, ask how you are and so on. How do you feel? Definitely you will be happy. While secretly in the heart felt so famous people. But that's not important. What is important then you will also pay attention to the people who greet you and even trying to know her. They originally did not care about you, can be instantly turned 180 degrees. Giving attention to you and regard you as a friend.

The use of personal touch is very important in the business world. Not just to communicate, but more than that is to grow customer loyalty. Personal touch is also a lower-cost, not as expensive as if you advertise. You just remember their name, what their hobbies, and give sincere smile. And I guarantee they will give more attention to your business.

Indeed, using the personal touch of the results are not immediately visible. But I'm sure the results will be more lasting. Your customers are loyal and will continue to remember your business. They will be a loyal customer.

So what kind of personal touch can be used in the business world?
The principle is the same, valued clients by providing excellent service and humane. As the above example, say hello to your clients by name when you send a message. Alternatively, take your clients kidding when communicating. Make them feel comfortable with your jokes. This is what President Obama yesterday made to solicit support. When campaigning on the internet, Obama never thought of himself as a candidate for U.S. president. He treats his friends on Facebook as a friend. Not just to talk about politics and government, Obama often talked about more intimate with his supporters. Through this way Obama can maintain the loyalty of his supporters until he was elected.
How about you? Are you ready to give a personal touch to your customers? Talk like people who are sitting together at a café to them.
What is clear, you should treat your customers like friends. Yes, make them as your friend by giving a personal touch to them.


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