Protect your supply chains and get affordable rates

In 2012 American insurance industry is likely to enter the record books as one of the most expensive. The unprecedented range of natural disasters the whole world faced the last year resulted in its destructive effect on the supply chains too. And you shouldn't think it has nothing to do with people living in safe ans stable regions as the catastrophic floods in Thailand have been producing a direct effect on what people in other countries, including the US, are able to buy and at what the prices. These are the laws of global trading when wishing to get savings in low-cost labor and manufacturing, we take the work away to other countries. While different parts of a product often are often supplied from multiple manufacturing sites and assembled at the domestic factories - there are many businesses when the whole product is fabricated and assembled at the plants and factors abroad. And under these laws everything arrives "just in time" and we find everything we want when we want it when the world is at peace. But at times of catalism which can follow one by one as this year (a big earthquake and a tsunami in Japan, Hurricane Irene and the extraordinary tornadoes in the US, followed by the floods in Thailand) the economics and businesses seem just to stop functioning and there could be terrible losses and emerging financial, social and other related problems.

Putting all these together, 2011 pushed a serious disruption onto the supply chains. The claims on Business Interruption Insurance has been more than seventy billion dollars globally. The problem for the insurance industry is simple. Suppose one factory in Thailand owned by Toyota suddenly finds itself several meters underwater. That may be only one factory out of action, but suppose it supplies parts to fifty other factories around the world. Now there are fifty-one claims for business interruption. We know Thailand is the world's second-largest producer of hard-disk drives, has Honda and Toyota manufactures, and many other factories and offices. The disruption in case of such tremendoius nature disasters especially at World Economic Giants can affect of every major manufacturing economics all over the world.

So owning a business in manufacturing, distribution or logistics which depends on moving complete products or parts around the country or internationally , it is of the first importance to review the corresponding conditions of your insurance cover for events that could affect your supply chain. Your exposure depends on where you are in the value added chain and how easily replacements can be found. Insurers are now going to ask for a lot more transparency - meaning this is both direct and contingent interruption. This type of insurance was lately underwritten with little information, but this year's experience caused insurerance companies to ask more for a business owner's detailed disaster plans to see wether you can react adequately in case your key suppliers cannot supply on time due to objective reasons. If you fail to set forthsuch a plan you could expect a refusal of cover or with many providers your business insurances rates would be significantly loaded.

As we can see the climate cahnges canot be denied anymore and in terms of approaching winter and costs in business insurances are raising too so to cover to cover possible business interruptions and property damage. Theses factors are to make you take appropriate measures and ensure you are getting appropriate business insurances coverage. Strat planning early to get affordable insurance and ready to face natural disasters in US or elsewhere in the world.

Don't you overpay for premiums?

Perhaps you feel you're paying too much for the company insuring your vehicle... Or it may seem to you there should be better deals adn your neighbors do not spend as much as you do... If you feel a bit frustrated about how things work in insurance business and do not know where to begin to get better value for money, read the following article to get answers to your questions about car insurance savings. Those who wish to pick a good deal and save hundreds of dollars annually, should know some steps to take so to ensure you're covered well and are not overpaying.

Check if any discounts are available
If you want to make car insurance savings, you can forget the price you paid last year or when you just you first policy. This shouldn't be your guideline. You might have not realized but there exsist multiple discounts for your auto insurance premiums. Most companies welcome good students, the military and senior citizens with fair discounts for auto insurance rates and you can be eligible for these or other discounts too. Don't be shy to ask about this as you contact each company, or check it online as you are getting your free quotes - as there may be different types of discounts and policies in different companies and you shouldn't loose your chance to get the maximum.

Drive Safe to Save
These two words sound very similar and here it does mean something, as many insurance providers appreciate your good driving record. And maintaining a clean driving record is often rewarded by lowered rates too as well as accident forgiveness. There is an additional discount offered by some providers in many states, eligible for people who train in special driving classes. These could be different classes such as learning to drive more efficiently in extreme weather or defensive driving courses. So learn about this sort of discount as you check your insurer terms after taking a set of car insurance quotes - you will see how much you could save finally and we are sure you won't be disappointed.

Be a smart shopper
Shopping around is an efficient method to save money on insurance as on every purchase you make when you compare and choose the best prices. And car insurance shopping has become equally easy today. Surfing online give you the chance to locate low rates and big savings on auto insurance with a few mouse-clicks. Many customers state online insurance shopping made then not only save but get a better policy too. Spending just a few minutes and not leaving your home, you can find a better insurance costing you less as time goes by. Get the best policy you deserve and save your budget for better things for you and your family! Use the prompts above as a starter and learn other hints and ideas on auto insurance as the technology is always developing and new useful features and options appear.

Facing The Dissatisfied Customer

In retail business, it is inevitable that occasionally we found disgruntled customer. No matter how great your product or how committed you are to provide the best service to customers, there are problems that occur. You can diffuse the situation, save the sales and may even create loyal customers.

Customers complaint is not personal attacks
When a customer disappointed and upset, remember that it's not a personal attack to you. Let them talk as long as they need to describe the problem. Listen carefully! You can not fix what you do not understand, so be sure to ask enough questions to learn what is bothering them. By listening, the customer will realize that you are interested in their problems and he will eventually calm enough to discuss the situation in a positive way.

Empathize and apologize
Once you understand why customers are upset, then you should apologize. Even if you do not agree with their complaints, at least let them know that you are validating them and will find solutions. It may also separates the emotion from the issue. As a general rule, the expression of empathy for the customer should come right after the apology. Show the expression that you have really understood the problem.

Solve they problem
Your company should have a policy to prepare the people who worked on the front lines to handle customer service issues. However, not all situations are the same and therefore 'not all drugs should be as good'. Do everything to accommodate the interests of those customers. This demonstrates your commitment to solve their problems.

Learning From Mistakes
Dealing with any customer should become learning experience for the future. Customer feedback should be seen as an opportunity for change. Keep in mind that not all customers can be satisfied. Some people are just a "handyman complaint" and whatever you do will not change that. But all you can have from this situation will be very useful to deal with problems in the future. Continue to increase the capacity in which you have the authority.

Although customers are upset, remember that this is still within the sales framework. They make a purchase and you have their money, so make sure your response is timely and respectful. Customers with complaints really just want you to realize the problem and take necessary steps to fix it. Sometimes there is no substitution, discounts or free, but you can offer something that will make the sales go through. Even if you may lose this sales, you have made an efforts to win customers, and it helps sustain future sales.

Try before you buy-A shocking idea on retail business

Have you ever bought a car, motorcycle, or other electronic devices? Sure you have. And what do you do before deciding to buy? Yes, you try it first, asking so many questions to the salesperson or customer consultant. This is a good thing and certainly can provide the maximum customer satisfaction.

So, can this concept adapted to a retail store business? In principle it can, and I think this should do. Because retail stores not only sells the product, but it also would “sell” their store brand to be more well known and reach many loyal customers. And this is one of the advantages of offline stores compared with online stores, because it is impossible for online stores to apply these concepts.

For example, the DVD or Blu-ray retail store. Before customers make a purchase, the store provides a Blu-ray sample to customers. When a customer visits, clerk aggressively introduce Blu-ray products to them while visually demonstrating the product. Through this way, the customers would be more reassured about the quality and advantages of Blu-ray products. This is one way for “impulse buying customers”, where customers who initially did not intend to make a purchase finally making it because convinced that they will buying a quality product.

Brand Awareness For Online Retail Store

Not all products can apply the concept of "try before you buy" to its customers. One example is vibrators. A vibrator is a vibrating device suited for gentle insertion into women genital for sexual stimulation and increasing fantasies during sex activities. Imagine if this product using that concept. In addition to collide with health problems, also collided with the costs to be incurred if all the people who want to buy given experimental sample each time.

Although there is no concept of “Try it before you buy”, the company will maximize the promotion about the benefits of these products in terms of health and safety. Just look at the online store! This stores that sell sex aids explains their products in very comprehensive way, so that customers believe that products purchased in this store is the quality and safety product. That is why become a very popular online store and become a reference for potential customers. Through the concept of promotion like this, not only intend to sell as many products, but also intends to introduce a store brand, so the customers will always have the mindset that if tehy need any sex aids, then they will remember is also sells dildos, enhancement pills, male extenders, and so forth. All products in this store has good quality and relatively no complaints from customers, because all the explanations of products given to facilitate consumers in purchasing decisions. The weakness of online stores is the product can not be seen physically, even more to try it out first. But that would not be an obstacle to making a particular online store are in the mindset of everyone. With the proper promotion and clear introduction of products on its website, an online store brand can be in everyone minds.

Assist The Customers Needs By Providing Product Information

Many ways are used by first buyer for understands their needs, from asking someone else, consult the experts, to seek information via internet. This would do so that they does not make a mistake in purchasing the product.

As example is a genital health needs of men. The men felt that the genital health and satisfaction in sex is very important. Therefore they will buy products that meet their individual needs, for example they will buy a male enhancers pills or all natural male enlargement vitamins. But before making a purchase, they will want to know about what brand to be choose, what is the excess, and what is the side effects. Another example is if the men want to use a male extender, then they will find information such as proextender review before deciding to buy the products.

Sometimes the men would feel shy if asking to someone else, so they will seek information through the internet. This is the importance of products information to help prospective customers.What should to remember is in order to achieve customer loyalty, the information submitted should be attested facts. If not, then the customer will feel cheated and they will leave the product.

About Dissertation

If you are a doctoral program student or a students that will plan to improve an academic skills to the doctoral program, then you should understand about the dissertation. The dissertations is an academic writing in-depth research made by PhD candidate under the supervision of the preceptor conducted independently and contains a new contribution to the development of science, or find new answers for the problems that have been known in science, technology, and art.

Characteristics of the dissertation is:
1. Focuses on the study of one of the discipline study in accordance with the field being studied.
2. The review focuses on new discoveries in disciplines that were examined in depth.
3. Using primary data as the main data, supported by secondary data where appropriate.
4. Written in good language and structure.

Dissertations is different from essays. In terms of level, the dissertation is a higher level which is used at doctoral level, while the essay is at the undergraduate and master level. Of the scientific, dissertations done to find a new theory that have not exist, whereas essay usually only give the argument about a particular theory.

While the principle of writing structure of a dissertation is the same to the writing of other scientific papers, which include an introduction (contains background, research objectives, benefits of research), main body (containing the subject of research, research variables, hypotheses, research methods) , and containing the conclusions of a new theory or important things found on research.

Writing a good dissertation requires a long time, because before a conclusion is generated, it needs studies that are very deep on a subject of research. Therefore, a dissertation is very difficult to do by himself. Usually students who do the research have a dissertation assistance consisting of several lower-level students to help write his doctoral dissertation.

Current information technology is growing rapidly. Internet has become part of the life of an individual. Any relative needs can be met with the help of internet. Similarly with dissertation, dissertation assistance now not only done directly by the local student on master's degree, but can also be done by online. This online dissertation assistance may also accelerate the process of preparing the dissertation itself, so that the students complete their doctoral program faster. It's just to note about the integrity and credibility of these online assistance so that the quality of the dissertation can be maintained.

An Essay Structure

An essay writing is a nonfiction paper where students describe their opinion about any events or subject. Every essay describe a facts and analysis about a subject, and mostly known as a science essay. Essay writing is a task that should be made in every school and need a good skill to do it.

There are many kinds of essays, which are formal, non formal, or personal essay. The subject of an essay could be from personal experiences or an opinion about any issue, or may be an essay is write to analyze the current issue. Whatever the type of an essay, any type of essay have the same in common, which is they are structured, and nonfiction.

For making a good essay, then first we should know about an essay structure so the writing would easily understood by readers. Usuаlly еssаy structure cоnsіsts оf thе іntrоductіоn, thе mаіn bоdy, conclusion, recommendation, bibliography, or references and appendices. The introduction of an essay describes the subject to write, why it is written, and what the purpose of those essay.

The main body of an essay consist of essay lіtеrаturе rеvіеw, rеsеаrch mеthоdоlоgy, fіndіngs аnd dіscussіоn. The main body consist of facts to describe the subject, analysis based on facts, causing subjects, and the effect of the subject to the society.

Last part of an essay structure is conclusions and recommendations,which is about your opinion or argument based on data provided. The argument could have many words for covering the subject. This argument is not about hard confrontation, but it's just simply the writer's opinion. This last part of an essay describe the writer's opinion and conclusion based on writer analysis about the subject to write. After the argument part, there is a conclusion in the end of an essay, which is the main idea describe from any argument. The conclusion is the important part of an essay because this part is about persuading the reader to agree on its conclusion.

Last but not least part after conclusion part, there are bibliography, recommendation, and appendices, which this section contains lists of sources of literature that supports an essay.

As my experience, sometimes I lost words when I try to write my essay, even if I know about the structure. But today when internet is become global needs, write an essay is more easier because there are many people or company who help us write an essay.

Building Company's Brand To Growing The Business

This is a simple idea to building the company's brand :

Know the target market: Whether you run an online or offline business, the first thing to do is get to know the target market. Plan the marketing campaign based on this target market. Marketing campaign could be build from this simple questions: Who is my target market? What problems do they have? What can I offer to solve their problem?

Creating a concrete logo: Who does not know about Mc. Donald, Nike, or Apple. Everybody know this logo even there is no name on it. Those brand representing their product even if the company’s name is not included. A concrete brand logo leads customers to associate the brand with a product.

Creating brand awareness: You need create a campaign that will repeatedly keep your brand in the back of your customers’ minds. Building a customers mind with useful promotion and marketing strategy will reward you with word-of-mouth advertising and repeated business.

Extend across multiple mediums: It is hard to reach the new customers or clients if you stick to the same strategy every time you release a promotional campaign. If you run an ad on TV or radio every time, how will you ever reach people who are fast-forwarding commercials with watching their favorite shows online? It is time to try running your marketing campaign through an online ad and social media marketing.

Be creative, Be different: Your should be original and exciting in marketing campaign so that you always stand out among your competitors. Do not be afraid to pull on your customers’ heart strings and trigger their emotions.

The business is constantly evolving, and so is the marketing. but no matter what the future holds, these fundamentals will remain invaluable. Always maintain the marketing strategy so the business will not falling down.

Service Is An Investment

Harry Bullis, former chairman of General Mills, encourage the salesperson to give up their sales and focus on service. As said Bullis, if every morning, you begin by saying to yourself that "I want to help people as many as possible today", rather than, "I want to make sales as many as possible sale today" then you will feel that your approach to the customers will be easier and more open, and at the same time you will be able to make more sales. Those who start aware to help others will having a live happier and easier, it means that they implementing an entrepreneurship at the most perfect form.

That perfect sales principle are also the most powerful sales principle. Sooner or later, money and satisfaction that you get will be proportional to the service you have given to others. On one occasion, what you might get less than you give. But on other occasions, you will feel the opposite. Because sooner or later, all will be balanced. What you plant, then that's what you reap.

Excellent service that you give to customers would gain the results at a miraculous time. Therefore, service should be regarded as an investment in the retail store business. Life and death of retail stores in the long run depends on the service provided to customers. Good customer service will create customer loyalty, and loyal customers is a money source for retail business that we run.

About Paper Writing Service

Paper writing service are popular on the internet these days. It seems like every minute, there are a new website providing a writing service for students around the world. We know that students has so many task in his study, sometimes they should get three or four paper in a week. It needs a lot of energy, and sometimes the students do not have energy that much. This paper writing service will help them.

There are two common kind of service from this popular business, first is asking the company to make a research and creating a paper, second is buying a paper provided by the company, which is called custom paper. Usually the fee for a custom paper is cheaper than asking to create. Why? Because if we ask the company to make a research and create a paper,then we should pay them for a research. Different from custom paper which just paying a paper which has been made.

In earlier times, if the student says:”Please, write my paper!”, they are only asking for help to closest friend in their school. But today in this era of internet, they can ask to people around the world, and the paper will come quickly.

SaaS for Teamwork Operations

A business is highly dependent on the implementation of teamwork. Teamwork can accelerate the process of achieving a goal that has been planned. The decision making process will be more effective and efficient if supported by a collaboration groupware management system.

There are many free management system that can help companies accelerate decision-making through the analysis of on time information.What need to consider is an operational model for supporting this system with low price but high performance.

Use collaboration SaaS from TeamWox Groupware for making high performance teamwork operations. SaaS is Software as a Service, which is a model where the customer / user does not need to buy a software application of this management system, but only pay for services provided which include among others the cloud server maintenance and consultation services. With this model, the client / customer benefited with no need to build a server that requires a lot of cost.

Protecting Your Employees So Not Hijacked By Your Competitors

Retail store business is a business with full of competition. Competition occurs not only in order to achieve a profit and the customer as much as possible, but also in order to obtain a qualified employee.

Any retail stores rely on front-line employees or salesperson to reach customers loyal. The salesperson is acting as brand ambassadors, where the company image is reflected by the attitude of the salesperson in dealing and interacting with customers. Therefore, a modern retail stores who already understand the importance of the role of a salesperson will always recruit employees who have a high spirit in serving. In addition, they also provide basic training on customer service before plunging into the real world.

However, because the cost of training services require no small amount of funds, sometimes some companies recruit employees competitor who have been trained. It is named employees hijack.

By law, this kind of hijack is legal, but certainly the loss side with the company that employees hijacked. For protecting large losses due to employees hijack, a company needs to pay attention to things as follows:

1. Welfare
Every person working for the welfare, both for himself and for his family. Welfare parameters which easily seen is the salary. A natural thing that everyone will find the highest salaries, while the company will pay a minimum salary. So that employees does not move to another place, it needs to be made a proportional salary calculation, in accordance with its duty and responsibilities. Position and experience also need to be taken into consideration for determining salaries.

Setting bonuses and allowances must be made in such a way that employees feel at home in the company. Review periodically about salaries, bonuses, and allowances setting, so that unrest employees to move the workplace could be muted.

2. Security and Safety
In addition to welfare, security and safety factors are very important to note that employees will not move to other workplaces. Imagine if a cleaning glass buildings employee are not equipped with safety equipment! Though highly paid, of course, employees do not want to sacrifice his life in vain. Imagine also if a retail store not equipped with a safety box. How can store employees save / secure sales money if there is no safety box? Though they are responsible for the security sales money. They will leave the company because his responsibility is not supported by the security and safety provided by the company.

3. Social Interaction / Employment
Social interaction between employees, employees with superiors, or employees to subordinates affect whether or not the employee is feel at home living in the company. Good relations between employees will provide a strong emotional bond between them, so they will feel a heavy heart to leave the company. Feeling this heavy heart will necessarily give the idea that they would not enjoy the atmosphere and working relationship like this elsewhere.

A superior leadership factor is also included in this social interaction. Authoritarian leaders and too much curbing subordinates will make employees not feel at home. Leaders must provide a balance in order to foster a relationship of communication and social interaction among employees. The policies that created a leader must be able to support and to consider the level of subordinates satisfaction.

Those are some things that must be taken to ensure that employees do not move to another place, and all that should be listed in the contract of employment, so they understand their rights and obligations.