Stores Online Planning Stage

Internet is the most rapid and appropriate to seek information, learn from each other and manage the resources needed to start a project like this. But this does not mean that everything can be done casually. You need a plan to mature, as well as all types of businesses.

Some questions that need careful consideration are listed below one by one.

What will be sold? Is suitable media websites? Do a little research to find out whether a product can be sold online. Today, even for businesses that require immediate presence, customers expect there are web sites that can be visited for a variety of information. For example Disney World. Visitors helped with news, promotions, maps and other information. And this is certainly encouraging them to visit on weekends.

What do the others? One thing that is different from the virtual world, you can do research on competitors quietly and without wasting a lot of time and effort. Everything can be done at home. Competitive intelligence can be very useful to differentiate your store from other online businesses.

This process sometimes takes a relatively long time. Suppose you are planning to sell beauty products. Instant search on Google will reveal what is being done players in the same market niche. What do they offer? What kind of promotional packages that work? It can not be concluded with 100 percent accuracy rate, but if you monitor site activity for some time, will become self-evident.

Successful promotion will be repeated, especially if the promotion is done through media advertising. Other things that can be learned is the product selection, product positioning, pricing structure and even the questions and problems being faced by your prospects. If they have a forum where the community gathered and discussed, there are many things that can be learned from it.

All of these activities take time, but the benefits will far exceed the investment of time that you do. Of all the knowledge gained, you can differentiate your business from others online.

Who are your customers? Are they able to effectively reach online? Internet penetration is more often the case for a relatively young age group, but it does not mean the products are destined to be lonely mature buyers. Things you need to know is whether you can reach and sell to your customers with a good group? Is there a channel that is economical or even free? Of course this all depends on the price of the product and the amount of profit per customer. The larger the value, the higher the ability and varied things you can do to get a customer.

If your product is not limited to a particular location, marketing will be much easier. Businesses tied to a specific geographic location should be more careful in order to avoid wasting time doing promotional costs. For example, through advertising, there must be a way to reach a specific audience in order to achieve targeted audience.

Each segment of the market is also unique that marketing and communications must be made specifically for the consumer. Whether you can interact with them through social media such as Facebook?

What resources do you need? Running an online store requires extra attention. There are technologies that must be integrated. Business and marketing strategies should be planned. Daily operations and administration that must be implemented to keep things running smoothly and has the potential to grow.

The selection of the right technology for your website is crucial. For example, if you sell tangible products, not digital, how to integrate or interface with the inventory by the existing stock? Is the chosen software supports payment and shipping you choose? How to design a good site? Do you need professional help for it?

What do you do to serve the prospects questions? Customer service is one component that can not be ignored. Just because you hire permanent staff to handle this field does not mean that all the problems sorted out. Training and communication remains important because customer service is the online store image that you have, because they directly interact with prospects and customers.

How do I send the goods to the customer? There are several options. If your target customers locally, perform yourself via a courier delivery may be considered. Some of the online stores that I know of to do it. This way I do not recommend because it will increase the burden of operations that must be addressed.

Delivery services such as FedEx and offer an affordable solution. Some of the other services offer more oblique, but the two services mentioned above have tracking facilities sage is useful for both the customer and the store.

It must be recognized for certain items, the cost of this course will weigh some customers. But no need to be discouraged. Good product offering often will get a warm welcome and you will never guess a lot of customers who want to do anything, and pay whatever, to have a product they like.

What types of payment are acceptable? The answer depends. So far all I know online stores accept payment through Internet banking, cash or direct deposit. Some stores decided to accept other forms of payment types such as PayPal, the online payment service via email. PayPal applies internationally and can be associated with a credit card and your bank account. Currently, credit card processing is still not a common choice for many problems.

Use A Loan To Expand Your Business

It is inevitable that a business requires capital. The capital must be sufficient to meet the initial needs of your business asset purchases. But what if your capital is not sufficient? Is your business must stop? Of course not, because it is not the nature of an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur is a person who has a never give up attitude, willing to take risks, and to find solutions to all problems, including the capital problems.

If you have less capital, as an entrepreneur, you have to take the risk to loan some capital. Loan you do of course have to be adjusted to your ability to pay your business skills you later, lest you not be able to pay that could harm your business and achievement.

There is many ways on how to loan, starting the conventional way to an online way. Internet-based lending is now easier in the filing and processing, such as online payday loans. Online payday loans are short-term form of borrowing that is easy in the process. You stay mengisis form provided, and if approved, the loan money will be immediately shipped. Paydays loans online is one alternative to increase the capital of your business development.

Insure Your Car Asset

What Do You Need To Open Online Shop?

Opening an online store is not just hire a team of web developers, negotiated the amount paid, discuss the features and then let them do their job. The process requires great attention to each step.

For these reasons, you should at least understand how it works in outline. Some of the areas that must be considered is divided into 3 major categories:
  •      Planning. All you need to know, to be considered and decided upon before starting this project.
  •      Develop a marketing strategy. How to launch and develop the virtual store, bring in more visitors and maintain good relationships with customers.
  •      Technical aspects. No need to understand the details, but how each component works ... establish a shop in cyberspace.

Why Build an Online Store?

Why not? The most amazing thing about the Internet is growing very rapidly. Although there are still many people who are hesitant to shop online, they decided to try and like the convenience of accelerating. This is evidenced by the growing number of online stores that look good on social networking sites and search engines.

For the entrepreneur who decided to focus on cyberspace, cyberspace provides unparalleled opportunities. No matter how small your operation online store, the Internet can be just as exciting as the big stores because of the existence of these types of stores are fully virtualized. Often customers prefer smaller stores because of the perceived closeness with their owners. One thing that is not found from large online store.

And for those who already have a business entity and want to expand online shop, they can reach more customers ... within the scope of national, even international. Who hesitate to buy can browse online product catalog-a trend that is on the rise because it is practical and time-saving, and then decided to visit the store in the real world to buy. Actually, this step is not an option anymore. Because if not, your competitors are considering and do it.

Online Shop- Exploring E-Commerce Opportunities

In recent years, a trend that most stuck out in the country of Indonesia relating to the commercialization of the Internet is the proliferation of online stores. Apparently the e-commerce is on the rise. No matter whether you're a student / i, a housewife, solo entrepreneur, or company that is looking to alternative sources of income ... online stores offer lucrative opportunities of e-commerce that is unmatched today.

If you are affiliated with over 35 million population of Indonesia is in Facebook (2010 data), it is no doubt that this trend can not go unnoticed. The number of online stores on the social networking site meets the wall / wall every day. Some of my colleagues was upset by the sudden change occurred. What is a pure interaction between friends into a never-ending campaign event.

Well, for those who are interested in starting or expanding into the virtual world, of course there is a long list of questions in mind. How is the right way to get started? Are there any online store to market effect of the business? What do the competitors? How much does it cost? Exactly how to process a customer makes a purchase? What are the payment methods that can be used? Will security issues become a scourge?

It was just a handful of questions that I receive every week. I wrote this guide to answer all of the questions above, plus a few personal tips from my experience running an online shop. Enjoy.

How to Reach Loyal Customers

Basically, everyone just wanted the best, so it is with the customers. They want quality products and the best service from you. Make visitors "addicted", you should have thought before you build a store. So when a visitor tries to enter your store, they already feel the advantages of your store. The quality of service, price matching, and a good product. Guaranteed they will recommend your store to others. Conversely, if the visitors are not comfortable, do not expect them back. Moreover, to give recommendations.

For some people, your store are considered very useful. But it can not be denied, there must also says that your store is unattractive, even so boring. It should be understood, because you can not please everyone. As a seller, we must continue to look for a formula "how to get a loyal customer?" If this question is answered, your store will definitely visited by many.

Evaluate your store again. Plan any profit you want to get from each product in your store. Estimate also, what is the benefit for our customers if they buy at the store?No need grandiose idea to make our store visited by so many people! Just show your ideas gradually. Do not forget to create an attractive launching. It serves as a decoy.

One more thing that almost forgot! Learn from your competitors is also important. You can find out why your competitor's store was selling. Then, attach the minimum standard for your store. Whatever possessed your competitors, that's the simplest thing that is in your store. However, you should still think if your competitor is far above you. That is, that you keep improving and improving quality.
Last, treat your loyal customers and be prepared for high customer visit!

Tips for dropshipper

Being dropshipper - first glance - is easy. However, for beginners who want to try a dropshipper there are a few tips.

1. Choose products that indeed we are interested. We do need to quickly take chances, but not all of the opportunities we need to take. It would be more fun if we sell our goods are indeed interested and we know its benefits.

2. Make sure that the reputation of the supplier. The principle of honesty must remain the bedrock of a businessman. Do not be, it turns out we work with suppliers who are not honest or deliver a product that is not feasible.

3. Understand the best product to be marketed. It is important to anticipate if there is a problem with the buyer related products we buy. Not infrequently, the prospective buyers ask about details of the product before purchasing, so we can explain it better if we understand the product.

4. It would be better if we also had a sample of the products we market. That way, we can estimate the problem that may arise. In addition, product samples can use for offline promotion.

Dropshipping can be an alternative for those who want to self-employed but still do not have the capital, skill, or courage to take many risks. At least, the kind of small business dropship, we can build a "mental trade", trained to deal with consumer attitudes, learn explore marketing ideas in real time, and slowly building a vision as an entrepreneur that has a picture if it will be to switch from employee. to entrepreneurs.

Dropshipping: An Introduction

Dropshipping is selling a product that allows dropshipper (resellers) to sell products to customers just showing photos from supplier / store (without having to stock items) and sell to customers at a price determined by the dropshipper.

Once customers transfer money to the dropshipper account , Dropshipper pays to suppliers in accordance with the dropshipper purchase price (plus shipping cost to customer) as well as providing customer data (name, address, Phone number) to the supplier. Items ordered will be sent by the supplier to the customer / buyer. However, interestingly, the sender's name is still listed the name of the dropshipper. So, basically there are three components involved here, namely: dropshipper, suppliers, and buyers.

Dropshipping can be done by offering offline. However, in general, offers made online, by installing a supplier's product catalog. If we have an online store, we only need to put a picture of the product from the supplier to our online store. If we do not have a shop-online, we can still take advantage of online selling sites.

In general, there are 2 kinds of cooperation model between the dropshipper with the store / supplier.

First, the supplier gives the price to the dropshipper, then dropshipper can sell goods to consumers at a price set for himself, incorporating the advantages dropshipper.

Second, the price from the beginning has been set by the supplier, including wholesale dropshipper for fee for each item sold.
In addition to the fee benefit from a given supplier, there are many other things that a dropshipper benefits, including:

  • No need substantial capital investment.
  • No need of office and warehouse for supplies.
  • No need higher education (at least can ber-SMS/menggunakan internet / operate the math sum).
  • No need to do the packing and delivery of products.
  • Wherever you are, you can still sell.
  • Very easy to run by anyone.
  • Not bound by time. You can run this business with ease, like while sleeping, while keep the child, and school / college / office work, or doing other tasks.

Having an Online Shop Without Having Products

Now is not uncommon anymore that sell products online through a website known for its online store. This has been done by offline businesses that want to market products globally to reach a wider market. Many offline businesses that sell products through online stores and a great success and can pay for their lives with their online stores.

Of course to have a profitable online store, a business must have products
for sale. So what if we do not have a product to sell? Can we have an online store? Yes, through dropship program.

Drop shipping business online store is the shop owners do not need to have a product to sell, do not even have to bother anyway to take care of shipping the product to the buyer. Drop shipping store owner simply needs to join the flagship store with their products, and if approved, the products can be displayed in the main shop at the online store owned by members. If there is a buyer, the online store will receive a commission from the main store for the transaction has occurred.

How to Attract Customers Attention

Before you get a customer, you should be able to grab their attention. After receiving attention, you just can give them better prospects.
So that you can attract the attention of potential customers, you need to know the following three things interesting.

1) The human brain can not pay attention to all things

For example, when first meeting someone, maybe in a couple of hours later you've forgotten the name of the person whom you want to meet earlier. But you remember certain things, such as hair, or origin, or other particular matter.
Meaning what? To attract someone's attention you have to select the specific information to be submitted. Needless to say all these things, let alone irrelevant. Because attention is finite.

2) Many other things can hinder people's attention

The longer, the more is not easy to get people's attention. Why? For those who are getting more and more busy. There are lots of things that are the focus of his life.
Other obstacles may come from the abundance of information (information overload) and level of competition are more stringent.

3) There's not much time to draw attention

A seller on the internet sometimes only takes a few seconds to get the attention of customers, before the visitor decides to continue or click the X in the browser. Because it is well utilized. Choose the information that is really relevant and interesting.

So how to attract customers? This the tips

1. Treat personally. Everyone likes to be favored. Everyone needs recognition. For that reason, it is important to treat them personally. Not as a crowd of people, but as individuals.

2. Use emotion. Ever heard of an orator or a great speaker who inspires so many people? Yes, they do that by making use of emotion.
Harnessing emotions is a great way to embrace the customer as well as enlarge the "magnet" of your business.

3. Use story telling / case studies. Remember how patient testimony from advertising a medical clinic that had become the butt of viral some time ago?
You can try it too. Of course with more positive results expected.

You Must Fast In Response To Customer Willingness

Prices are within easy reach and presence is no longer a force in the competition in the retail industry. Because now, almost everything can be purchased online with a relatively inexpensive and can be directly received by the customer the next day. This condition makes the retailers have to compete with a new weapon, the exceptional service and satisfying shopping experience that gives a distinct impression. Net-A-Porter for example, luring customers with a series of shopping events with augmented reality technology that enables visitors to scan the picture of the product to buy.

Another with Tesco experimented with shopping walls in Korea that allows consumers to shop by scanning the images on subway walls. Innovation is also similar even by London Design Museum. However, despite such innovations can attract customers to come into the store, there are other things you need to consider, that is customer service. Customer service does not seglamor innovations, but it is what will keep your customers coming back. You do not need to choose which of the two is more important, because they must be united and become an integral part of your strategy.

Talk retail experience today means talking about digital technology. How to utilize this technology to provide a different experience for the customer. While talking about customer service, which means we have to talk about customer behavior. Customer behavior in communicating a crucial element in customer service.

Social media and mobile devices are two things that almost inseparable and have become part of the customer communication process these last few days. Through these two customers can share any experiences, both positive and negative to a wider audience. When they were impressed or disappointed with what's in your store, they almost instantly share them with an audience in cyberspace. Amazingly, it turned out to be a distinctive opportunity for retailers who are ready. Whatever is shared customers through social media, even though a negative experience can still be a great opportunity for customers to reach out to customers and encourage purchases.

In a survey conducted recently, it was revealed that 20 percent of his customers mention a company in social media when they are still in the store. This fact could be an opportunity for retailers to create a shopping experience. For example, what the social media team of Marks & Spencer (M & S). When a customer was in the store M & S, she tweeted about how long queue there. Tim social media M & S store manager immediately called the outlet to deploy more staff to hold can be reduced. They also inform the customer openly via Twitter and was greeted with a sense of excitement. With this move M & S turn things from customers who are not satisfied because of the long queues and very likely will leave without buying anything, a customer happy and more likely to buy. The same was done by Tesco. Speed ​​in response is key in doing this. The response is almost instantaneous creates a big difference for customers.

To do so, it takes a team of customer service who understand the situation and act quickly to help customers, and respond directly through social media. Companies like M & S and Tesco fully understand and fulfill these requirements without compromise. As a result, they provide a better shopping experience and make customers come back every day. It even this sooner or later to be followed by other retailers, or you will lose customers. The question is whether you are fast enough to do this?

3 Things Customers expectation from Retailer

Most retailers think that the best way to retain customers is through "engagement" - as much as possible to interact with customers and build relationships with them. Apparently the fact that it is not always true.

In a study of 7000 customers, found that companies are often wrong in determining the best way to connect with customers. Errors are usually caused by the myths believed by the retailer. Before going any further, first consider the following three customers expectation:

1: Customers want to have a relationship with your brand

The fact is not. Only 23 percent of customers of this study which says it wants to have a relationship with the brand. In view of the general customer, the relationship is only built with friends, family, and colleagues. That's why when asked at 77 percent the reason they do not feel the need to establish a relationship with the brand, you'll get answers like "It's just a brand, not a member of my family." When dealing with the brand online, it actually desired by customers is discount.

With this reality, how you have to take a stand? First, understand where customers are included in the 23 percent and which is 77 percent. Anyone who wants a relationship and who is not. From there you can begin to define expectations and appropriate way of marketing. Stop flooding the customers who do not want to be associated with your brand with all kinds of emails and loyalty programs are complicated.

2: Interaction of building relationships

No, the interaction does not build relationships. Shared values ​​who build relationships with customers. Shared value is the belief held by both brands and customers on a large goal or philosophy embraced by brands. For example, Pedigree Dog Food. Shared value them is the belief that every dog ​​is entitled to have a house full of love. While Southwest Airlines shared value is the democratization of air transport.

Of all the customers in this study that states have a relationship with the brand, 64 percent said that the shared value is the reason they build a relationship with the brand. And only 13 percent said the frequency of interaction as the reason.

Many brands have big goals that are part of their mission. Start of commitment to the environment such as those held by Patagonia, to the purpose of realizing the dream with Harley Davidson motorcycle riding experience. The objectives of this feels authentic to customers. In addition it also provides a reliable basis for shared values ​​and the relationship between brands and customers. So, to build relationships with customers start by communicating the brand philosophy or a big goal.

3: The more interaction, the better

This is wrong. There is no correlation between customer interactions with their loyalty to a brand - in the form of the desire to buy, buy again, and recommend it. However, most of the retailers to behave as if there is a linear relationship between the number of interactions with the purchase amount. This makes retailers such as Neiman-Marcus, Land's End, and Toys R Us sent more than 300 emails a year as reported by the Wall Street Journal.

In fact, a linear relationship can be destroyed more quickly than a lot of retailers think. With the rapid interactions that were previously thought to help turn into a big wave that destroys. Without realizing it, many retailers simply bombarding customers with information and make them feel shopping categories. This reduces customer engagement with the brand, rather than strengthen it.

So, rather than constantly asking for the attention of customers, it is better to treat with good attention you've been getting. When you intend to campaign, always ask yourself, whether the campaign will reduce the customer's information overload? If the answer is no, then look the other way. When interacting with customers, the more often it is not getting better.

3 Things That Usually Noticed by Retailers

Any retail business will usually notice this three things to ensure the survival of the business. They believe that these three things if not supervised and well managed will bring business to bankruptcy. These three things are:

1. Relationships with customers
Retail business is closely related to the customer, because their earning is so dependent on the customers spending. Retailers has now been realized that the retail business is not just selling the product, but the customer service is just as important. Even now customer service is a top priority in maintaining the sustainability of a business. So, retailers will always maximize their efforts in maintaining relationships with customers.

2. Employee Productivity
Retailers are now realize that their employees not only serve as a shopkeeper. Their presence is far more important than just keeping the shop or protect against loss of goods. Retail store employees are ambassadors of the company, which is good or bad a company will showed by employees behavior in serving the customers. For that purpose, retailers will design some training program to its employees so that they are more productive, and more polite to behave when communicating with customers.

3. The ability to meet targets and ensure operational excellence
Every business will certainly have a target, as well as retail businesses. Business target not only relies on company's earning but also focuses on how to increase the store brand awareness. Increasing brand awareness could be done with creating a perfect system of store operations. The operating system started from the provision of goods, hiring employees, training program, and culminate in transactions with its customers.

Improving Personal Branding While Investing with Gold Shopping

Shopping for products such as gold is worth the investment spending that are not classified as waste. Shopping gold is now preferred by many people, both young people and adults. Their goal not only for investment, but also to improve their own personal brand on the environment. Why do people choose gold? Because gold is an investment instrument which value is likely to be stable from year to years and considered not affected by inflation.

People are like compliment and social recognition. Recognition of this fact is how well her name or personal brand is recognized by the public. Personal brand for entrepreneurs, or professionals is very important, because their identity is crucial in the life. For example, if a doctor has a good reputation then they will certainly have a lot of customers. More customers then more money to earn.

So what to do with gold? Actually, for a professional, gold does not significantly affect the increase in their personal brand. For this professional, gold may only be used as an investment tool only. But this view is very different for a socialite. For them, gold is a very important factor in their self image. Gold not only serves as a means of investment, but also serves as a means to show his true identity. Nothing prohibits it. The view of the gold is fine if it is different, it's just that one thing is certain that gold, just like service, is an investment tool that can enhance personal brand.