Effect of Involvement In Not Planned Purchase Decision

The role of consumer involvement is unique for each customer because it's covered a wide range of factors that will determine his involvement. Like the previous article marketing to review consumer engagement, this time it will peel the role of involvement in an unplanned purchase decisions of customers.

For consumers who are not so involved in the purchase of a product, any brand really is not an issue, what matter is essential levels of satisfaction are met. Lay out affect his desire to buy even though no previous plan, but before deciding to purchase, consumers think in advance by establishing confidence in the brand, to evaluate the brand and decided to make a purchase. If the result of consumer thinking produces low brand trust and brand valuation are not in accordance with her wishes, then the previously unplanned purchases will not occur.

It appears that prior to the purchase of an unplanned happens, consumers first consider the needs, values and interests or consumer involvement. high involvement or low levels of involvement appears to play a role in determining the decision-making.

Maintaining Customer Loyalty to Brand

Loyal customer is not easy switch their mind to another brand. Even if their loyalty is rise up, competitors are difficult to break into. Loyal customers will continue to buy despite many lucrative offers from competitors. Instead usual or not loyal customers, their purchasing trend is based on price factor.

Creating customer loyalty is important for several reasons, which are:

First, the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing programs, particularly those related to marketing costs. A brand who has high level of customer loyalty will be able to reduce marketing costs.

Second, can reduce the bargaining power of middlemen so that they will be in a lower position than the manufacturer.

Third, able to attract new customers to enter. If customers has a very high loyalty to our brand, they will influence others, such as through word of mouth, because they have become defenders of our brand.

Fourth, high level of brand loyalty also has high brand tolerance. This means that customers will provide high tolerance against competitors threat.

Measuring of brand loyalty should also be carried out continuously. The first, conducted on consumer behavior regarding repeat purchase rate, the percentage of the purchase, and the number of brands purchased by consumers in a particular product category.

Secondly, by calculating the switching cost. How many consumers will switch? Wherever they want to move? Why did they move? That is the question to be answered.

Third, the measurement of consumer commitment. One of the things that are measured from the amount of interaction and communication related to the brand.
What steps can we use to maintain and increase loyalty to the brand? Many companies are running a strategy of "frequency marketing program," meaning the company will reward if consumers buy in a certain frequency. If you frequently use the services of a particular airline, the number of a certain frequency we will get a free ticket. American Airlines is a pioneer in the application of this strategy in the 1980's. Almost all credit card companies also run this strategy. The customer gets a number of points that can be exchanged gifts when they shop with a particular credit card. Membership marketing program is a strategy that can also be used by marketers.

Harley Davidson had a HOG (Harley Owners Group) which is a collection of Harley-loving fanatics. Currently they are members of nearly 150,000.
Loyalty program to another is relationship marketing. By running the program, we hope to develop a process for the customer journey from suspect-prospect-repeat-first-time clients, advocates, and ultimately become our partner. Implementing a loyalty program is definitely one way to maintain customer loyalty and this is necessary given the competition that is now very sharp. Many consumers actually do not see significant differences between the products that we offer with a competitor. We ask the customer, whether they still want to buy our brand if the price is the same. If they say all the same brand, or they say "we do not know", surely this is bad news for us. That's why loyalty programs are expected to neutralize the problem.

The development of loyalty also undergone many changes. Timothy Keiningham even mention some of the myths about the loyalty that we must avoid, including the myth that says goal number one company is customer loyalty; then the company should further emphasize efforts to retain customers than acquire customers; company with many loyal customers who will certainly get the market share higher, and the myth that reducing customer defections 5% of company profits will increase between 25% to 85%, and the view that the cost of acquiring new customers five times greater than retaining customers.

Such views are now considered not very relevant and somewhat difficult to justify its rationality. For example, retain existing customers, especially big fish buyers or customers of the bank's cost would be very large because heavy users are always demanding more, giving rise to enormous costs in order to keep them moving. To better be able to maintain customer loyalty, our thinking about the wrong view about loyalty should be changed.

Talking about customer loyalty, first we must understand is not to manage customer retention first before we make customer selection; then we must always focus on the customers' share-of-wallet; there should be a mutually beneficial interaction between customers and companies in the creation loyalty program. Then, we must learn all the patterns of responses from customers for this: we must better understand that customer satisfaction and loyalty are two different things. And lastly, we must run concurrently and simultaneously with the loyalty program brand image creation program. With this notice, we can maintain customer loyalty so that the sustainability of the growth of the company become more awake. Loyalty "is the hidden force behind growth, profits, and lasting value"-the intangible That binds an organization together and manifests the strength and quality of its culture. (Robert T. Herres)

Forming Segment Based on Customer Characteristics

To be able to determine a segmentation can be done by adjusting the conditions that are most relevant. Consumers have a difference in so many ways and each has the potential to form a segment, but in reality not all of these variables would be beneficial to all situations. As an example for the corresponding consumer markets are demographic variables, geographic, socioeconomic, psycho graphics. Each of these variables can be used to determine the segmentation, but must be chosen carefully to fit the product to be researched segmentation and tailored to the most relevant conditions.

Some researchers tried to form a segment with the observed characteristics of the consumer. Usually used are the characteristics of geographic, demographic, and psycho graphic. Geographic segmentation divides the market into geographic units as diverse as country, state, province, city, or the environment. Demographic segmentation is divided into groups based on demographic variables such as age, family size, family life cycle, gender, income, occupation, education, religion, race, generation, nationality, and social class. While psycho graphic segmentation divides the different groups under the social class, lifestyle, and / or personality.

Let's make An Investment

When you make an investment, there are two options: invest periodically, or investment only once. Both give the same mean value of investments. Stay where you select the funds in accordance with the strength you have.

When you invest periodically, then this means you make an investment on a regular basis. You could invest once a year, six months, or even once a month. Some people have invested every one or two weeks. But the important thing here is that what is meant by periodically is to invest regularly.

Usually, periodic investing is the most powerful way to achieve the target of future funds. You do not need to have a large amount of funds at the moment, but you simply set aside a small portion of your income for the past invested into an investment product. Eventually, you will have a balance of investment is so great, because you also earn interest.

Invest periodically just as a builder who is making a wall. What he did was pick up a brick, rub it with cement, and paste. Take again a brick, giving the cement, and stick it on the left or right of the last brick. And so on until he could finish one layer. After that, he will continue with the second layer. The second layer is completed, followed by the third layer. And so on.

Eventually, you'll see a wall. That is exactly the picture when you invest periodically. Only difference, by investing, you also earn interest. While the builder, did not get the 'flowers'. All he did was like saving money into a piggy bank on a regular basis only. But the principle is the same: a little bit, would be a hill.

Just once
You also can invest only once (lump sum). That is, you simply put money into a once only investment products. Deposits, for example, you endapkan for-say-ten years. Every year, you will earn interest that can be added to the principal. Then deposited again so that the flower grew large. But, as long as you never touch it, until the past ten years. After ten years, you will have a very large amount of funds.

Investing a lump sum just like if you go up to a snowy mountain. From the top, you take a bunch of snow with your hands, then shape it into a ball. After that, you release the ball from above the snow, to rolled down. What happened? On his way from top to bottom, that the longer the snowball will get bigger. And it's snowballing growth just like geometrical progression:
1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096, and so on.
Well, that's the picture when you invest a lump sum.

Use the Law of 72
When your investments doubled to two? If you invest just once, then there are times when the amount of your investment will double. For example, if you invested $ 1 million in deposits that provide interest rate of 12% per year (on-roll-over each year), then your money USD 1 million will double within six years.

How to calculate it is to use the "Law 72". For number 72 by the interest rate (eg 12%) of your investment products. For example: (72/12) x 1 year = 6 years.
That period of time it takes for your investment can be doubled.

Criteria of a Good Market Segment

As reviewed in previous marketing article that there are several options segmentation, but what is the good segmentation?. To that end before a segment is selected, then it should determine the criteria that must be met, among others, as follows:

1. Can be measured. Size, purchasing power, and profiles of segments can be measured.

2. Great. segment are quite large and profitable to be served. A segment must be the largest homogeneous group of, has value to be achieved with a marketing program designed specifically for them.

3. Can be accessed. Segments can be effectively reached and served.

4. Can be distinguished. The segments can conceptually separable and respond differently to different elements and marketing mix. If a woman who has been married and has not gave the same response on the sale of perfume, then they are not separate segments.

5. Action can be taken. Effective programs can be formulated to attract and serve those segments.

Good Customer Who Ruin Your Business

I am a good customer. You all certainly know me. I am a customer who never complained; no matter form of service I received.

When I go into a restaurant, then I will sit quietly while the waiters chatted and did not bother to inquire whether there was someone is coming to take my order. Sometimes a group of people who come after me served first, but I'm not complaining and whining. I'm just waiting.

And when I go into a store to buy something, I do not want to make others difficult. I am trying to understand others. If a servant is acting to be offended, because before taking a decision I had to see the various items on display, so I tried to be polite. I do not believe that rough should be met with rough.

Sometime ago I stopped at a gas station and had to wait until nearly five minutes. And when the waiter serves me, the gasoline filled squirt into my windshield, and then he wiped it with an oily cloth. Do I complain? No, I just stay quiet. I never forced, I never whine. And I never imagined that I would be a spectacle in public places. I think it is not appropriate, but I did not say anything, because I am a good customer. And do you want to know anymore who I am?

Shopping Customer Motives

Shopping is fun for some people, because shopping is not only buying and selling activity, but also recreational activity in today's society. Unlike some years ago, now shopping activities not only as a routine activity to meet the necessary items, but often become entertainment shopping activities to eliminate the boredom of daily activities performed.

Customers have various motivations or reasons to shop, but to get the product, customers also view shopping as an enjoyable activity accompanied by one or more activities as expressed by Henry Assael marketing experts that shopping is an activity to enjoy the store environment, track and observe the store bargains, speak the clerk, as well as spending money.

Shopping activities Seems simple, but the truth is therea are complex interactions between various aspects of the environment where shopping is done. so that the activities of marketing strategies are designed to understand customer shopping behavior.

Product Availability In Offline Stores

Customers behavior are commonly the same. They look for something they like, something their needs and they usually stick with it. They tend to change when something really compels them to do so, and it is not always about the price.

Retail businesses has a lot of competition; not only competition with similar size stores, but also a competition with online marketplaces and big box stores. If we do not managed our store very well, then our business can easily runs out.

Retail business has something important, and that is shelf space. Note that there are no retail store business can carry every item or even every style, shape or flavor of every item.
This means is also that these businesses can't satisfy all customers. And, if a customer cannot be satisfied, then that is an opportunity for another store - your store.

I believe that you have an experience when you gone to some store to find a certain product, but when you get there, you only found that the big empty space on the shelf where the item use to be. The store either don't carry it, quit carrying it or just are simply out of it? How is your feeling? The feeling that you either have to go somewhere else or settle for another item; an item that you either don't want or that does not fully meet your needs.
So, as a store owner, here is thing to do about our product availability:

1) Offer More Selection:
If your store can offer more selections or even more styles, then your store can attract and retain customers who want something more than just the regular product.
More selections means having more brands with higher quality and prices, more type of products, or more brands product with same quality and same prices.

2) Keep Your Shelves Stocked:
I hate going to a store, only to find out that they are out of product that is I needed. Well, what is your feeling is the same feeling with other customers. Not having the products on hand that customers want, does not instill a loyalty in that customer, and it is bad for business.
Keep our store shelves always stocked with products that customers can get at any time, can opens up an opportunity to earn a loyal customers, and making good image of our store.
Assume that customers are a very busy people. Thus, if they can go to your store and always get what they want, they are more willing to pay a little more for the product and the convenience.

3) Quality:
If your retail store can provide better quality, typically at higher prices, then your store has differentiation from other store. There are customers out there, even the most frugal ones, who will spend more money, make larger purchases, because they understand about the important of higher quality.

What you should do is just have to educate people. And, that means using your marketing strategy to not just let them know where to find your store or to promote your latest sale - but, use that marketing strategy to educate people on the overall cost savings they will realize from buying high quality products from your store.

Purchase Without a Plan Decision (Unplanned Buying)

Purchasing decisions of customers without a plan is often done after entering the store, supermarket, or mall. As disclosed by marketing expert on Easwar S. Iyer that the purchase of customer products with no plans made at the time in the store and not a priority at the time before entering the store. In other words as an unplanned impulse buying, the customer purchases made without the prior plan.

Henry Assael added, when customers shop, customers often make purchase decisions in-store rather than put before entering the store. This happens as a result of environmental influences in-store displays, especially factors, the arrangement of shelving, packaging, and the price offered rather than a planned purchase (preplanned purchase) which is a purchase where the customer has set or find out what products will be bought before entering a store.

Consequently, these factors play a role in-store stimuli in influencing purchasing decisions that are not planned in advance. In unplanned purchases, customers tend to rely on the information available in the store and did not occur in-depth information processing.

Just Do It

Trust in yourself for the salesman is a key for successful performance. Belief in yourself is a reflection of an independent soul. And an independent soul is the courage to take risks and responsibility within the limits of capabilities.

Many people who have the knowledge, expertise, and skills in many ways, but do not do something in keeping with the expertise and skills he has. Why? Because people have no confidence, so do not want to try and do not dare to try. This is a psychological threats that was created or made themselves, in the form of fears and doubts that are not groundless.

Be Brave
Conversely, many people have minimal knowledge and skills, but because of strong self-motivation, he was driven to do something and then succeed. After an examination of cases like this, the key lies in: "the courage to try". Try to do something on what you dream off, don't think too much, Just Do It!

Your Financial Savior

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Situational Factors In Customer Purchase Decisions

Purchasing behavior may occur due to stressful situations consumers to make purchases which appear in various places and times that have not been determined previously. Influence situation is deemed by Russell W. Belk as the influence arising from particular factors to a specific time and place. Belk further explained that there are five characteristics of the consumer situation that can only affect customer behavior, namely:

1. The physical environment
2. Social environment
3. Time
4. Task
5. Antecedent circumstances.

While some other marketing experts. Whan Park, Easwar S. Iyer, Daniel C. Smith suggested the existence of two situational factors, namely:
(1) Knowledge of the store and (2) Availability of time to shop that makes the consumer intends to make a purchase, whether have been planned, without a plan or changing the brand or product to be bought.

Store of knowledge is defined as consuming information in store layout and configuration, including the location of products and brands. Availability of time for shopping is the consumer's perception of time needed to carry out shopping activities with the time available.

Availability of time may also influence consumer decisions in certain situations. Due to time pressure, consumers will progressively reduce information search time. The use of information available will also decrease, and negative information or unfavorable also participated into consideration in decision making due to time pressure.

Definition of Market Segmentation

For a company, it is not easy to satisfy everyone. The number of consumers, scattered and diverse demands made the company should be selective in offering products or services to groups of consumers that if can satisfy their needs. That requires market segmentation.

Market segmentation is the process of division of the overall market into market groups consisting of people who have a relatively similar product needs. Its purpose is to design a marketing mix (or more) that accurately fit the needs of the individuals in the segment (or segments) of the selected markets. Another notion is the process of dividing the whole market that is heterogeneous in several segments, where each segment tends to be homogeneous in all its aspects.

Brand Follower!

Times have changed and really kept changing. Nobody, or even companies, can stop the change. Like flowing water, it will continue pumping indefinitely. Clear direction, towards which it must tread.

Similarly in the marketing world. Suppose the market is the ocean, the water seemed endless sprawling. That's where the fish compete for food. That's where the marketers vying to conquer the consumer. And, now the competition is getting tight, dense, and fierce. Therefore, marketers are willing to do anything to just grab a piece of the market. One of them is become a brand follower.

Brand follower can be defined as a follower or brand imitation. So, should be remembered by the brand pioneer, the existence of brand followers can not be ignored. We borrow the opinion of Steven P Schnaars briefly in the book Managing Imitations Strategies that states, "But many who are now first will be last and many for a last will be first. Now that is sage advice for later entrant… ". Which means, many of which the first become the last and the last become the first.

As marketers, we can understand that there are many opportunities for a brand follower become the market leader and a market leader position ratcheted by follower. Because, usually brand follower also has many advantages that can threaten the pioneers.

Nevertheless, the brand pioneer remains the best chance of becoming market leaders. Some of the pioneers advantages among other: has a high consumer loyalty, generally very solid position in the market, usually support by great technology, and has more funds for research and development.

Pioneer also have first access to intermediaries (distributors) and their experience effects are also well above the late market entrants. Lastly, they've created a very high barrier for competitors who want to enter the market. So, it's really a lot of advantage which has been gripped by the pioneers, and it has to be managed without stopping.

The Follower Chance
According to the brand pioneer advantages, is the opportunities for later entrants (follower) to win the competition closed? The answer is no! Just like Schnaars said, the first might become the last and the last might become the first. The reason, the followers also offers many advantages. First, they can avoid products that are not potential. Second, if the product had a risk, the risk is borne by the pioneers. Third, the cost of R & D is smaller because the follower comes to the formed market. Fourth, they have a chance to gain market share from market leader when the market is weak. Fifth, the cost to educate consumers is very low because previous educational process has been conducted by market leaders. Thus, it can be concluded that the brand follower actually also carries many advantages.

Then, what strategy used by follower to attack the market leader? Generally there are three strategies namely: clone, Imitator, and Adapter. Clone means to follow the product, distribution, and advertising exactly same as pioneers. They live like a parasite from market leader investment .

Imitator mimics some of the pioneers and tried to distinguish the packaging, advertising, and pricing. Adapters, they follow the pioneers and adapt and improve the pioneer's weakness. Characteristic is they always see what the market leader weaknesses, then try to fix it. For example, Google+ following Facebook..

In addition, their usual strategy is offer lower prices. They play in the value marketing.

Second strategy, they also have the opportunity to improve their products through more advanced technology. Third, which is mostly done by the follower quite successful, is using market power. The implication is that the advertising and distribution became a major force in facing market leader. Because the market are already exists and large, those strategies are effectively proven to gain market share by the brand follower.

Actually there are many marketing strategies and tactics that can be prepared by brand follower in an attempt to overtake the pioneer brand. Simply, a weapon that qualified for the follower is: value leadership, real superior product, and full superior marketing effort.

The current global financial recession also trigger a change and intense competition. Therefore, draw up the right and smart strategy, so that victory is in the hands of your brand. If you are follower, then be a successful follower brands. Remember, it is not impossible that the last would become the first?

Basic Attitudes In Serving Customer

Each employee must provide services by placing himself as a consultant to all customer that comes into the store. The attitude of an employee is a reflection of the company's attitude towards its customers. If the employee is bad in terms of customer service, then the corporate image is also bad in the eyes of customers. So, it is important to communicate to the employees about the good service to customers.
In general, the basic attitude of good service to the customer are:

1. relax
This means :
- Use nonformal language, according to the character of the customer being served.
- Show a confident attitude
- Able to create a fun and friendly atmosphere

2. Prioritize services to customers than other activities.

3. Do not obtrude.

4. Required to provide information on:
- self-identity
- product advantage
- ongoing promotion

5. Always show an attitude ready to serve any time.
Things that are considered not show a service attitude is:

- Receive or play Telephone / Mobile in the store floor
- Indifference
- Joking and huddle with fellow employees
- Relying on the product display,door, display window, etc
- Stand idly Attitudes

Think Strategic In Retail Store Business

If you intend to manage a store, maybe you've thought in mind what items will be sold, who will become customers, how to design the store, where it is located, and others. That view is not wrong because that is roughly a success factor of a store that you need to plan. However, before you need to provide a fundamental view before overall planning, strategy, ideas and processes that later would you do in your store. For that we need to think strategically about something that will provide a solid foundation for your business sustainable. By thinking strategic, we tried to look at our environment (market, competition, etc.), then compare with resources we have. From here we will get a thorough picture of how we should act.

Is it true that even a store, need to think strategically? Yes, now thinking strategically does not belong to big companies only. There are two important things that makes the process of strategic thinking should do. First, think strategic is important due to high intensity of competition in the retail industry. See it like a mini supermarket retail format. The amount that is around us can be hundreds or even thousands. Second, think strategic assist you in determining your target market. Consumers are very different characteristics, which each have different needs and characteristics of their own behavior patterns. Without a strategic thinking process, you are likely to get stuck on the action that is based on seeing the issue partially.

Strategic thinking allows us to see ourselves and our environment with a "helicopter view". We can see the whole at once, whether we have the resources and environmental conditions. But you must be honest and objective in conducting the analysis. Thus, we can do good plan and ready with anticipation. Remember, if you want to travel and do not know what path you are going through, then any road will take you anywhere without direction, maybe even get lost. Then what components in strategic thinking? That is Mission, Vision, and corporate values.

Uneducated Customers and Educated Customers

If you are a retail businessman or may contribute to a customer of a bank, you might find someone who grab the transaction queue. Without seeing others who lined up, they said to the customer service to be served first with reason for being in a hurry. Of course, the Customer Service refused and explained to follow the queue. But with arrogant they just get angry and cursed by reason of poor service, do not know the benefit of people, and so forth. In fact they were the ones who were in the wrong position.

At other times you find a customer who did complain a rising tone and angry because he had bought the product is damaged. Once in check by the Customer Service, it was his fault and not the product, but the users fault. The company is willing to help repair the damage the condition to pay the cost of repairs. But the customer was angry and felt that he was cheated and aggrieved because purchasing damaged goods and no warranty. They get angry until his voice booming around the room that makes all people see acting. They are self-righteous, but the truth is they are in a wrong position.

It is pure uneducated customers. Uneducated customers usually are lay people who tend to be lacking in education, and social contacts. As a result, what they do is an act that is usually egoist. They less able to control and use logic when they have problems. They cover the incapacity to use the words high-pitched and full of emotion.
To deal with these uneducated customers, need a very high patience by the employees on the front line. Explanations should be given extra care and patience, do not make them irritable or angrier. For if offended or getting angry, it is not the solution to be obtained, but the chaos in the work. However they are customers, if his heart is not purchased, they will consider us bad service, and they will tell their friends, and ultimately to the detriment of the negative image of our company. Good communication skills must be owned by a customer service or the salespeople to deal with customers like this.

Unlike the case with educated customers. Educated customers are the opposite of uneducated customers. Usually they are people who are educated fairly high, so it is able to control his emotions and use logic correctly. They understand the needs and interests of others in addition to his personal interests. They were willing to queue up when actually they were hunted down by time, because he understands that other people are in the same position. Logically long queue was his own fault for being late. Error perceived by himself, not imposed upon others.

Faced with educated customers even more convenient. The customer service or salesperson does not have to waste a lot of energy to explain a product. With little explanation they already understand. However, companies must be careful in dealing with this customer educated. The most important thing is not to lie to them. If they lied, then it would be fatal, and they will know if they are being lied to. To lie to the customers will be more educated endanger the survival of a business carried on, since they may have relationships unusually good and influential. They think about the service they received and seasoned with intelligent language will be can influence others.

True service to the two types of customers will provide benefits to the brand image of our business, but on the contrary, if the service is wrong, then they will be a boomerang and murderers of our business, although we know that it could be true that they made a mistake. Therefore be careful in serving customers. Prepare employees with sufficient knowledge of customer service and extending the exercise to serve. Never make customers disappointed!

5 Important Elements of Sales Letter

In this article we've talked about Sales letter. Yes, the headline is arguably the same function with the title. Why?
First, the clear function equally attract visitors. Secondly, yes ... because the sales letter we did not have a chance to make a sentence redundant. All should be devoted to product sales.
Ooppss! I almost forgot. In writing a sales letter, it should be covered by the five essential elements. You want to know?
5 essential elements of writing a sales letter

1. Attention
This element is usually located in the title and subtitle. There was, our initial opportunity to attract the attention of visitors.
Yesterday we discussed headline an all-out, so now we just talk about the subtitle (sub-headings) only. Some argue this subtitle shall not we write the sales letter. Because of this subtitle function support headline (title).
The subtitle serves to deepen the reader's attention. But, if you make headlines have become a powerful magnet for visitors, the subtitle of the law is no longer absolute.

2. Interest
To attract visitors you must create an opening paragraph. This paragraph it aims to solve the problem of visitors. What does he mean?
This is related to the products you sell. Suppose you sell a headache remedy. So in the opening paragraph should really tell you that you sold drugs can solve the headache problem. You must show that your drug is most appropriate for a headache problem.

3. Desire
Next, you can sleigh visitor interest into intent to purchase. You can make a list of the benefits or advantages of your product in this section. Embed the benefits of the product you are promoting.

4. Action
When visitors want to act to buy, you have to give them ease. Do not let visitors get confused where to place your product order it.
You must make reservations steps clearly and concisely. For example, to create a command link CLICK HERE TO ORDER. What a pity if visitors are not intending to buy but they instead leave your website just because of the difficulty order.

5. Cover
In this concluding element you can give the lure of warranty and bonus. Because, with a guarantee and bonus visitors will be more convinced to buy your product.
Ok ... now what was the greatest difficulty in making your sales letter? Do not forget it, everything you write in your sales letter should contain five essential elements above. Yes ... the goal that sales will increase.

As an affiliate marketer you should be able to woo visitors to the sales letter. Because of the continuity of career success is determined sell your affiliate products. Is not it?

Online Retail Business_3 Strategies to Attract Visitor

I used to post about the concept of attracting visitors. Visitors are prospects, visitors are fields you money. Whatever you do in the internet business, an important factor driving visitors to your success.
Especially if the visitor was becoming familiar with you until later become friends. They can be your potential buyers. They can support your business. They can also provide feedback to yourself. Without them, your business is nothing. Therefore I said, friends are an invaluable asset. Without them, you are hard up the predicate product best seller.
"But how do I attract visitors? Moreover, I still do not quite understand the internet business. "Questions like this may come at you. I used too. But do not worry. The answer can be found below.

1. Create a squeeze page.
Especially for those of you who are struggling in the Internet business, so I suggest your web site has a squeeze page. With a squeeze page, you can collect their name and email address. Let them want to fill it up, make a squeeze page as good and interesting as possible. Think carefully about the design and copy letternya. Also, do not forget ...

• Create a compelling headline. So that they are keen to fill.
• Show in a list (bullet points). So that they are easier to fill.
• Provide free gift for those who want to fill. For example, as an e-book.

In a squeeze page, it would be better if you also specify a time limit to get the prize. So that visitors did not linger long thought to include your name and their email address.

2. Make Your Business Articles
Make the articles related to your business. It can support your website. To note, your article should be useful to readers and presented in an easily digestible. Obviously, you can read more tips on the secrets of effective post. And make sure at the bottom of this article you include a link to the squeeze page. I am sure, by posting articles regularly, at least 2-3 articles per week, your website will attract a lot of visitors.

3. Advertise
How to attract the next visitor, you can advertise. Advertise remains one of the best strategies to capture visitors. At the beginning of blogging, I also advertise on several websites. The result is quite good. Although already popular, I keep advertising to maintain and attract new visitors.

With advertising, the opportunity to get visitors always open. Importantly, when you intend to advertise, make sure you advertise traffic is high enough. Note also effectiveness. If visitors do you get from the total site visitors has reached 10-20%, then your ads successfully. If not, than you need to see your ad format, it is also necessary to consider the move to advertise.

It is easy to attract visitors? Those who are interested in you offer, would voluntarily will come naturally to hand over their email address. Good luck with the strategy to attract visitors!

Never make Customers Disappointed!

Never make customers disappointed! Because the customer is a king.
This is one internet business law that you must obey. Do not let your assets disappointed with the product or service you have.
You know, the customer of your product you can be an asset for all. Since it is very likely they will become your regular customers.

Well, once they are satisfied with the products and services you, your career in this business will quickly skyrocket. Conversely, if you do not have an appropriate credibility proud. Your relationships do not hesitate to give an announcement that your website, your products and your service is lousy, unsatisfying, disappointing, blah ... blah ... blah ....

If the customer was disappointed ...
This is serious! The image can be damaged. So, be careful. Words of mouth is really sharp. If the good news will quickly spread. The bad news? Do not ask. The spread will be much faster.
Review to review the products internet can grow everywhere. Can pass special mailing or review personal blogs. And, this community has a large mass of tissue. All information can be peeled out here.
However, such discussion forums interesting!

If your product is well appreciated, your heart may flowery. Well, what if your product much heckled and criticized? You want to be angry? Emotions? Heartbroken? Desperate? Stopped so the online business? Oh ... I hope not!
You also should not get excited though "applause." Even grateful. Why you should still be happy? Yes ... because you can get a lot of feedback on forums like this. You so know why you do not like the product. What is your product shortages.
Among other benefits, you get to know how the market response. And, even analyzing market tastes. The most valuable lesson you will be here! Well, if you know your product shortages, just fix it.

So do not even think to work rudimentary and perfunctory. You must be a smart play opportunities. And set the strategy, learn from experiences, and take action step by step. As the slogan of the Germans, preparation perfect performance!
So keep that in mind ya ... no instant.
And, you also have to be careful. Do not be satisfied with what you already do.

Although text link you've spread everywhere, your affiliate web site is good, and your contact list has been flooded, the ad you are flying on many websites, you still need to learn and certainly creative thinking.
Oopss ...! Again I put the word creative here. Yes. Because not everyone will be able to compete if you do not have creativity. And, be unique, be different from that requirement. How do you like unique and different if we did not have the creativity?

For example, in making sales letter. As an affiliate you must aggressively promote. This promotion will not be effective without a sales letter. Well, let's think creatively, how to attract customers just by reading the sales letter that we make.
Sales letter it functions encourage visitors to buy our products. One way to stimulate the visitor wishes to buy, can add the word "limited."

Two Giant Payment Gateway ready to thrill Indonesian E-Commerce in Year 2013

E-Commerce Indonesia ready to enter 2013 with renewed vigor. It was marked with the launch of cooperation between Doku, Indonesia online payment solutions provider, with PayPal, the global online payment motors. Doku integrate PayPal as a payment option for the premium merchant payment system that can be implemented across the State. Through business partnerships, E-Commerce Indonesia will be greatly helped by the support of global payment methods reliable, safe and convenient for international transactions.

In 2012, 15% of online transactions originating from Indonesia is foreign. This numbers jumped significantly since the beginning of the year, the percentage of international transactions only by 6%. This increase indicates a growing interest and need for foreign consumers online for products and services online in Indonesia.

Faraz Ahmed, PayPal's General Manager for South East Asia and India welcomed this cooperation. By sharing technological superiority, PayPal hopes Doku can increase the value of their international sales with minimal risk through cross-border e-commerce. Currently, PayPal is a popular payment method virtual and best to transact online. The rise of e-Commerce, online stores business owners require to have a PayPal account as one tool to improve customer service.

All Kinds of Business Today Goes Online

With the internet, now all activities can be done online, including business. Different types of business are now possible with this sophisticated media, ranging from retail, marketing activities, to games like online pokies.

Many advantages when the business uses the internet, namely:

1. Market share can be extended to many countries. For businesses that have a local product and expect to be a worldwide brand, the internet is a fast, accurate, and inexpensive medium. Even just by using a single computer, the product can be introduced to the world.

2. Transaction security. Businesses and consumers do not have to worry about the money that was taken, because with the internet, payment can be done through the medium of global payments.
It is easy and secure.

3. Can be done anywhere and anytime. Before there was the internet, if you want to eliminate the stress you may visit the casino, which can be located far from your home. It costs more to make your refreshing activities. Now with the Internet media, you can perform such refreshing activities wherever and whenever. Even you can visit the game places around the world if you cannot visit them physically.

4. Reduce the cost of salaries. Internet presence can cut employees, which of course means cut companies spending.

Those are some internet advantages for business use. Internet Media enables all sorts of activities to do, either business, entertainment, social network, blogging, to games like online pokies. Another one of the internet advantages is that you can find something new and fun from the internet. For instance when you get an email or word from friends in your social network about a game that you've never heard. You can easily try it out, usually free. If you like it, you can do it whenever and wherever.

Your Customers become Loyal because of Personal Touches

Personal touch that beatify. One moment, you are standing on the roadside. Then suddenly there are people who greet you, ask how you are and so on. How do you feel? Definitely you will be happy. While secretly in the heart felt so famous people. But that's not important. What is important then you will also pay attention to the people who greet you and even trying to know her. They originally did not care about you, can be instantly turned 180 degrees. Giving attention to you and regard you as a friend.

The use of personal touch is very important in the business world. Not just to communicate, but more than that is to grow customer loyalty. Personal touch is also a lower-cost, not as expensive as if you advertise. You just remember their name, what their hobbies, and give sincere smile. And I guarantee they will give more attention to your business.

Indeed, using the personal touch of the results are not immediately visible. But I'm sure the results will be more lasting. Your customers are loyal and will continue to remember your business. They will be a loyal customer.

So what kind of personal touch can be used in the business world?
The principle is the same, valued clients by providing excellent service and humane. As the above example, say hello to your clients by name when you send a message. Alternatively, take your clients kidding when communicating. Make them feel comfortable with your jokes. This is what President Obama yesterday made to solicit support. When campaigning on the internet, Obama never thought of himself as a candidate for U.S. president. He treats his friends on Facebook as a friend. Not just to talk about politics and government, Obama often talked about more intimate with his supporters. Through this way Obama can maintain the loyalty of his supporters until he was elected.
How about you? Are you ready to give a personal touch to your customers? Talk like people who are sitting together at a café to them.
What is clear, you should treat your customers like friends. Yes, make them as your friend by giving a personal touch to them.

Simplify your Store Management with Software for Retail Stores

The development of retail business is no longer just on improving the availability and quality of goods only. There is a recent trend that consumers will demand better service excellence and integrated with technology, particularly the internet. Nowadays almost all retail businesses have a classy official website where all the information about the merchandise they can be accessed easily by the customer. For some customers, the less useful it was for them when their time is used only for window shopping to a store or boutique that ultimately did not get the things we want because its stock is up.

Smart customers an increasing number of today's more like doing online browsing in advance to get the kind of things they want from the store or clothing boutique there. Of phenomena specific software applications become indispensable retail stores. For what retail software is needed if we are able to upload our merchandise by hand? Again the smart customer we discussed not only want to see what kind of stuff but they did a survey and market observation. They need information on the number of existing and possible stock acquired discount if they buy 4 items at the same time for example. Benefits else can we can use in addition to making the customer retail software easy to find stuff and get info about the availability?

The process of manually update the number of items will be spending half your employees shift in vain to make them sit down at the computer to update the stock of goods. Now there is retail software that will automatically create a list of your items automatically update whenever there is no purchase orders online or manual cash. In addition to saving time, this automatic update system will release information in 'real time' to consumers so that there will be no complaints from consumers who have access to your store website and see there is a "ready stock" for the things he wanted was after he came straight to the shop Your stuff is not there and it was only due to delays in updates the number of stock items.

HYIP: Enjoying It Right

Mention anything that would lead to Excessive Yield Funding Applications and other people will listen. There are good HYIP's and there are bad. Something that is good has all the time attracted the flawed people.

HYIP's has been round for so lengthy coming in different names and guises however no matter what, it has not failed to attract customers. The good thing about HYIP is that it may possibly supply good returns for investments typically pretty much as good as 250% in a single month. The unhealthy news is, it has its sorry share of scammers.

HYIP might be one of the crucial exciting issues occurring on-line for people who are looking for methods to earn a very good return for his or her money. At this time, HYIP speculators can earn substantial income for their investments. A HYIP could invest in properties, in shares and in other HYIP. As these are good investments and individuals are flocking to it some HYIP packages are online to prey on potential investors.

HYIP packages are getting extra participants by the day and occasionally another HYIP program is launched. Many buyers have succeeded incomes fortunes nearly overnight.

Similar to some other venture, particularly when these have very excessive returns, HYIP also entails excessive dangers, Though for individuals who have finished their homework and performed it proper, a HYIP could be extraordinarily lucrative, felmina.com - high return investment in this site.

If you have participated in any excessive yield investment applications earlier than, you'll know that programs of this nature have its own large share of scammers and you already know what it means to take caution. Even when HYIP is recommended to you by a friend who have visibly earned from the venture, even when respected individuals in the enterprise and in the community have profited, there is nonetheless substantial purpose to be cautious and to make very good again floor research. It is a part of a scammer's strategy to make some individuals win to draw more. That is just like dropping baits to have the ability to fish more. Most of the time, it is the good unsuspecting man that suffers. Because of this when parting together with your money, severe research is needed. No one has to really feel pressured to take a position so long as there is nonetheless that nagging discomfort that warns you to carry back.

Good or dangerous, listed below are some pointers to get some certainty on your investment:

- Any investing is a risk. Successful and losing is a part of the game. For this reason many good buyers will tell you to speculate first the cash that isn't part of your lively income. Struggle first towards to induce of investing a fortune even if you find yourself sure you might win. That could come and happen anytime. There is no rush and positively there needs to be no pressure. Bear in mind HYIP investing is like gambling. Whereas there is good enjoyable in profitable huge the first time, many individuals who felt so sure have also made devastating losses.

- Select HYIP programs that has been conducting profitable programs for months not these that have been conducting for more than two years and undoubtedly not those who have been there for less than two weeks no matter the returns on investments that it advertises. Then conduct a shortlist.

- Do not put too much egg in the identical basket. Diversify.

- Carry on monitoring the programs that you just joined. If one of many programs that you joined has been down 4 instances during the month, pull out your investment.

Technical Aspects of Online Store

Strategies involving the Internet can not avoid technology. The good news, along with the development of technology, all the things that smelled technically have experienced significant growth. That is, even a newbie can learn to use the technology without much difficulty.

Some of the technical aspects of building and operating online stores:

Selection of hosting and servers. This one is very often discussed topic, but also often misunderstood. Many beginners are seeking for cheap hosting because they are all the same. Not so. Cheap hosting only intended for personal websites that are not important whether it will have problems for many hours in a month.

Buying cheap hosting for your site is the same as opening your fancy shop with stalls lined paper. No one will respond to you seriously. If your site is slow, often down and troubled, visitors will go away. Each incident will exacerbate the image, reducing sales and bring complicated issues.
Quality hosting does not have to be expensive. Only by 10 to 20 dollars a month you can buy hosting for small and medium quality.

Content management software and shopping cart. The right choice will avoid endless frustration. The number of options available is often confusing. And depending on a software house for this important decision was not wise.

If you can not decide, try to use the content management application first. The process does not have to be difficult from the beginning. When I build an online store first of all, everything is just text and images. Booking through SMS and email. This method is fast and you can instantly accept orders. But for the long term, this process is not the most optimal and comfortable for customers.

Efficient online store consists of a shopping cart / virtual trolley that can be used by customers electronically. Acceptance of the order and confirmation of payment can be done easily and automatically without your intervention. Of course, customer support is required if there are additional questions from prospects before they buy.

Design an attractive site. Not only interesting, but usable. This means that a visitor should be able to easily use. This aspect greatly affects the number of visitors who stayed on your site and then buy. Templates and themes of good design is not overrun with dozens of boxes and images. A professional designer will know how to create a layout view that works fine, but as the owner of the store you who decides what should and should not need to be displayed.

If you want to save money, there's no harm in choosing an existing template. Maybe with a little modification. Design changes can be made at a later date after you get feedback directly or indirectly from the visitors and buyers. In fact, I do not know any of the online stores that do not change

Online Store Marketing Strategies

There is one thing you should know. Market their products through Facebook seem easy. Sign up an account is also free. But here's the thing less noticed by the owner of the online store. They assume because others do it, that's the right way.

Facebook policy strictly prohibits registration other than individual or personal account. If you do, your account may be deleted at any time. Tagging pictures of random products and add people to your friends list without knowing them in person often ends with sanctions blocking. This can all be avoided if you plan a marketing strategy first.

Here are some long-term strategies that have been proven in the field:

Search engine. Competition can be fierce, but every product is different occasions to get a good ranking in the search results. Today, because of the large market share and penetration among Internet users, Google is the only search engine that should be given more attention when you target the organic search results.
How natural it takes time to get the grades you want. Alternatively, you can buy ads that will be displayed on the sponsor-top and right side of the search results-to reach a particular prospect.

Search engine strategy is one of the most popular. Why? Since most Internet users use it to find all kinds of information, including the products they want. The results showed this method ranks first in the list of favorite strategy of micro, small, medium and large.

Users also proven search engine will open up the wallet to purchase products or services. Although it takes time and effort, this strategy is most crowded visitors ogled for business owners that will be obtained is complimentary.

If you choose the path of pay, Google offers a system of pay per click advertising, or pay per click. Costs incurred could explode if not careful in execution. This strategy is recommended only for those who know what they are doing. Usually those who are experienced and know the value of a customer they can use this channel effectively. This method can also be used to conduct experiments on a product because you can drive traffic quickly.

Email marketing. If done correctly, email marketing is potential. Unlike the other strategies, email can explore and deepen customer relationships and open communication that can only be done gradually. A marketer must have realized the importance of this approach. A customer who has a special relationship with you will be a customer forever.

The website is useful as a medium, but visitors who come rarely go back unless they really want what you are offering. Even if they come back, there is no proactive communication is done through the site. There are no controls that convert a prospect into a customer.

Publication of the newsletter via email, for example, can help a prospect understand the superiority of your product. This process does not always have to involve aggressive marketing message, but also tips and information to help. This method, which I call content marketing, has proven to be more effective.

My Newsletter for example, Whisper Success, contain unique and exclusive that you can not find on this site. Customers receive tips, strategies and even tactics they can use to start and grow their online business. Many of the readers then decided to register the various classes that I offer as amazed with the quality of the free information I provide.

Their minds, "If only it were so free with quality, what I get when attending intensive classes?"
You can also adopt this strategy to differentiate your business from competitors in an instant ... as most businesses do not wear it. They are still using traditional marketing methods, which as you know, has been reduced effectiveness from day to day.

Social networking. As said above, Facebook offers a huge opportunity because there are tens of millions of people are actively using it. The problem is if you do not want to source your visitors lost in an instant, redeeming manner that complies with the rules and policies of Facebook. At least look for alternative strategies that you can use so that your online business is not threatened because it is dependent on a single source of visitors.

Facebook Page or Pages offers a specially designed as company profiles, communities, and organizations. The Facebook account is only allowed for individuals. With the rampant abuse, enforcement will be more frequent ... so beware.
Some beginners do not understand why Facebook did. The reason is simple. Facebook survival depends on the quality of services provided. When all that is seen by the user who logged just offer products, sooner or later everything will stay away from Facebook. Surely this is not something to be desired.

The second reason is Facebook offers advertising program. You can promote and enthusiasts looking for the Page / Page you through advertising. With this strategy, Facebook earn income to support their international operations are expensive. Moreover, as commercial entities, their goal is profit.