Customer is not Target, but Friend

Sales will be hard to do when the salesperson is overly aggressive offer products like hunting prey. All traditional salesmanship based on persuasion method, namely to persuade people, as the main thing. Because it usually emphasizes pad salesmanship training techniques to identify target markets, and approached to find out what is needed and not desperate to be handed a wide selection of sale.

Also learn about denial or objection that may appear to be prepared answers. The theory is based on a belief: "If no objection, then the customer is ready to close the sale." Spin selling is to avoid the objection. Because, if there's an objection, the actual psychological denial will arise. Through this approach the customer pattern is not a target but a friend, if possible customers are not pressured to buy , but aided by a trusted friend.

In 4-D bridge harry Potter, Walt Disney World, Florida, I was fascinated and carried away to "another world" for three minutes. Although very brief, but it was long, and I was out. Outside there was a special counter selling many magical wands of the characters in the story of Harry Potter. The guards just asking simply, I fit the character which one? He never sold it to me, also never offer a discount on the magic stick that costs U.S. $ 25. I do not know the character details respective roles in the Harry Potter story, but with a spontaneous, I replied that I liked the character of Harry Potter. The assistant it says: "Wow, that is you, man! This magic stick reflect your character if you put it at living room. "A statement from a friend who seemed wants to help me reflect on my dream character.

I ended up buying the expensive rod and still comply with the seller. I put the magic wand in the living room. Thus a stick for U.S. $ 25 becomes expensive again because I do not buy a piece of wood, but a symbol character. Greater is after I make a selection and pay; the seller wrapped it and handed it to the rapid style of a friend while saying congratulations. "Congratulation man, you are the character now!" It turns out I'd love to hear greetings like this than a thank you.

Do not think that it applies only to small items and retail sales. The principle is the same if you want to sell big ticket items, such as cars, houses, and even insurance. You are not being herded, but helping a friend through a transparent conversation. When the decision has been taken, the next is a bigger moral obligation to continue to show that the choices made are not wrong!


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