Importance of Point Of Purchase (POP) In Retail Business

When we went shopping for food, clothes or a car, we will be given many choices, and too much choice. Are we going to choose a brand familiar to us, or we take the challenge to try a new brand?

With so many choices faced by consumers, then they will be very easy to become overwhelmed, and they tend to give in to the decision making process by buying products that are already known rather than try something new! But even if we wanted to try a new product, customers do not even know where to start. Too many POP materials and communications issued by the maker of brands talk about the features of their products and completely forgot to talk to the benefits - in a product. Benefit-driven communication is the best way to talk to customers. Is the brand more efficiently? Providing time-saving or cost-effective?

At the store, merchandising and point-of-sale (POS) is a very important thing to make a connection with the customer to encourage impulse sales. To catch the eye of consumers, brand owners and retailers need to constantly create innovative Point Of Purchase (POP) in the store to attract attention. Without attracting attention and communication, many consumers often overlook new products or specials and consequently buy products that are familiar and already trusted.

Business retailers want to ensure that their brand is in stores and available to consumers. Here are the things to watch out for doing that:

Packaging: This is the most important brand POP. This is the part that will continue to work everywhere: on the shelf, in a store, in the kitchen, at home, anywhere. It's all about originality! A brand needs to have a unique character and personality and more importantly talk about the benefits.

POP: Using a unique visual elements and colors that describe a brand in order to attract customers. Creating effective POP on shelves, cell phones, coupons, or digital media are some tactics that can be used.

Check Out Displays: Using Check Out Displays in the store is an effective tactic to make the brand stand out. While consumers wait in line, strategy shelf "one brand" can create astonishing effects. And certainly will increase impulse buying customers.

Floor Graphics, Floor Stand, Floor or display: Usually placed in front of the store. It is an effective and creative way to direct consumers to a product! Reforming certain artistic products coupled with attractive graphic images will provide a significant effect on sales.

Effective POP can make consumers out of their routine, and this can affect the behavior of their shopping and their purchase decision. All retail businesses should be sure to do it right. However, so many cost spent for advertising, if consumers do not find them on the shelves, there will be no sale.


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