Turning Customer Complains Into Compliments

If you sell a products or services to your customers, there are two things you will receive about customers satisfactory. First, compliment about your product or service. This compliment would not be a problem for you,because this is what you want to reach in running a business. Second, complain about your product or service. This would be a problem for you if you are not fix it immediately. complain from customer shows that they pay attention to your product or service, and this is an opportunity for you. You can act immediately about they customer attention with turning their complain into compliment. If you can change it, then your business will grow because you will have so many loyal customers.

So what should do to turning customers complain into compliment? This is principle:

• Change customers perception about your brand. If you don’t respond about their complain, people will assume you don’t care with what they think. If you do make any respond, customers see that you do care about your product, and as a brand, you are trying to make an effort. This can build brand loyalty and confidence from customers.

• Stop the negative word of mouth. If one person starts complaining about your product or services, it can have a snowball effect. With the power of word of mouth, more people will see and hear the complain session, and then instead of having one complain, you will have dozens, or maybe even hundreds of complain. Stop their though with handling they complain immediately. If your business steps in and offers to help the person who has complain, then the snowball effect will be lessened or even stopped.

• Act immediately, and help them out. Let’s say someone complains that they never received a product that have been ordered. Instead of letting that complain stalemate, you should respond to it. Ask the person who made a complain to contact your business with their shipping information, and then ship them a new product or work with them to track down through the shipping company. This act will cause two things, you will satisfy the customer, and show other customers that your business is professional because willing to help them immediately.

Those responses will give your business the chance to turn a complain into a compliment! Take the time to listen their concerns and either help them to resolve their issues immediately. This will make a great impression on potential customers about your business, and they will become your loyal customers.


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