Yeeehaaa!! My Blog Page Rank is Increase, Thanks Mr. Google!

This morning I opened my blog, this is a routine that I do every day to manage my blog so that more qualified and interesting for my loyal readers. Apparently I struck a very pleasant thing, my website Page Rank is up. Indeed, the increase is not much really, from PR1 to PR2, but it makes me believe that what I did during is correct. More precisely the strategy that I did is not violating the Google rules.

So what is the effect of this PR increase? As we know that the higher PR indicates that blogs are highly qualified and have many loyal visitors. With the high Page Rank of a blog, it will be easier for people who are interested in marketing their products or brands in the blogs that we have. In other words, earning money will be easier if your blog has a high Page rank.

It is not easy to increase the Page Rank; it needs hard work and perseverance. In fact, Hard work and perseverance is not enough, because we have to understand the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques. Although my SEO techniques not as advanced as fellow bloggers else, at least I did proven techniques. And this is my simple technique to increase Page Rank:

1. Active post articles that fit the blog’s theme.
2. Blog walking, and making quality comment.
3. Social Bookmark Post article such as Google Plus, Technorati, Stumbleupon, and
5. Affiliate blog with various social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

That's some strategy which I do regularly, and hopefully with rising Google Page Rank will be more and more money flowing into my pocket.


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