Company Mission Statement As a Component of Strategic Thinking Business

The mission statement is a statement that became the basis of all the major decisions for your store. Comprehensively, the mission statement will usually consist of several elements of the following:

1. The concept of your store.
2. The nature of your business (in this case is the retail business).
3. The reasons for the existence of our stores.
4. Principles and values into the handle when the store is run.

For example, you run the specialty store for men's clothing named "Store A". The following mission statement you may be able to consider:

"Store's A mission is to meet the expectations of the adult mens for medium community with high quality dress, with following trends and fashion at an affordable price. For that we have a commitment to:

- Choosing the location of the shop only at places that match our target market.
- Selecting and establishing relationships with suppliers with brand has been recognized by our target market.
- Creating a shopping atmosphere to satisfy our customers with an entertaining store concept and attitude of employees who serve.
- See the development of fashion trend in order to always be able to anticipate the market needs."

With a mission statement above, then at least there are some benefits that we will get in managing the store, namely:

- Establish and maintain consistency and clarity of the overall goal of establishing a store / outlet.
- The terms of reference for all major decisions to be taken.
- Gaining understanding and support of the people involved in the operation of the store, either directly (as employees) or indirectly (local communities and government).

If necessary, you make the documentation of the mission statement has been made, so that you and all your employees can continue remember the mission when doing any activity.


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