Promote Your Blog With Creating Facebook Fan Page

About blog promotion, actually it is a very important thing because a newly created blog will not immediately have visitors, therefore you need to do something called a promotion. You can do promotion through any method. Self promotion is actually demanding creative and hard work from you as the owner of the blog.

Make A Facebok Fan Page For Your Blog
Why should create a Facebook Fan Page? If you have a blog or an online store, Facebook is an appropriate means to promote in the beginning. Why do I say so? Think about it, how many friends you have on facebook? You may be having 500 friends, 1,000 friends, or even 5000 friends. With friends you have, you already have enough audience to introduce your product.

You have to create a fan page and brought the brand name of your blog or online store. It will look much more professional in the eyes of others. I have a case study where there is my friend who made a blog with Tips, tutorials theme. Of course, to win the competition in Google's position is very heavy, especially if the blog is still new. So how did he get visitors if the fact that articles on the blog may be in 5th or maybe 10th on Google search pages. Therefore, look for your first visitors through the promotion on social networks such as facebook, twitter, google+ and others. In this case create a Facebook fan page can promote to your facebook friends.


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