Conventional Stores and E-Commerce

Seems that the most successful businesses today is to have a web site, for web businesses can pass geographic area. On the web, where its market share is global, then local businesses can experience a slump and suffered heavy losses.

An example is the retail business. These businesses provide the products that are sold retail to meet the needs of consumers. By using the website to sell products and to introduce his store brand, an online retail store can get target market globally. Online Retail is commonly referred to as e-commerce.

E-Commerce provides several advantages not shared by conventional stores. These benefits are in addition to obtaining a broad market, e-commerce can reduce spending because of shop space rental costs. Besides e-commerce enables consumers to buy their products, because they do not have to move from house to buy an item he needs.

In fact, if the site owner does not want to deal with inventory and stock the product, affiliate system can be used to generate income. Affiliate system allows site owners to sign up for the program with the results of other companies. An affiliate program allows site owners to offer products or services of other companies and get a commission from the sales generated from the site owner's site.

In short, if you run a business that operates locally and also maintains a web site, then you will gain a double advantage, that is expanding its market to global markets without leaving loyal customers for your conventional stores.

Text Message Marketing

There many ways in implementing marketing strategy. Ranging from "simple" strategy such as promotions, product discounts, to a sophisticated marketing strategy that uses the internet and mobile telecommunications.

If using the internet, marketing strategy usually launch websites which represents product or brand, while the use of phone cell telecommunications usually based on SMS, or we can call text message marketing. Text message marketing, or briefly called text marketing is the process of introduction of products or services through the spread of text via SMS. Text marketing can also be done with the appearance of the logo or product name on the television screens, newspapers, or maybe in the stadium.

Text marketing can be fairly effective, and may even lower cost if compared with other marketing strategies like television advertising or sponsorship. If television advertising requires a plan and materials that need to be discussed, then text marketing does not take that long. Text marketing only needs to think of simple keywords which can be precisely targeted.

Text message marketing can be done simply by sending text messages to contacts that we recognize. So that the effect could be more severe, you can use a company that provides text marketing as a their product. By using this company, then text marketing can be sent not only to the people we meet alone but also others or perhaps to many companies that we have not met before.

As a businessman, it is certain that the determination of the best marketing strategy is essential to run the business agenda. Multimillionaire businessman may be easily implementing marketing strategy in any form because they have a huge budget. But for beginners or medium-sized businesses who have limited marketing budgets, the use of text marketing can be a great alternative. I think we should try it

5 Fundamental Mistakes to Avoid for Those who Intend to Have Your Own Product

For those of you who have joined the Secret Formula business and Blogging, certainly very aware of how important Having Your Own Product. Having your own product means you're pioneering having money mine.
Which should be avoided if you intend to have own product
When I noticed, sometimes there are new products launched cannot escape the fundamental mistakes. What are they? Here are the basic errors that should never be the case with you who intend to have their own products.

1. Do not do market research. Just based on intuition or desire may be. Then a rush to make product information. Supposedly, you start researching on the internet market. How? Please read the 6 ways to research the market in order to internet business running smoothly.

2. Do not look at the competitive landscape. In some niche markets may be the competition is already too high. If you are desperate to play in a niche with crude preparations, almost predictable if your internet business fails.

3. The content does not focus on consumer products. Sometimes we are too preoccupied with themselves when making products. We are so ignorant of what is actually required by the (potential) consumers us. Having said that, keep in mind the following sentence carefully in your brain. When creating an information product, always ask "what do they need? What's in it for them? Does it benefit them? "The quality of your product,becoming one of the factors of customer satisfaction.

4. Do not know the things that are effective or not. If that is you will find the answer as the process. At the beginning, when you are trying to do business online, you do not know which place to effectively advertise your products, what part of your yard that needs to be changed and the effect on sales, and what keywords bring in the most sales. But often the internet business, you will find the answer.

5. Finally, marketing point. When you've finished product, in the end the talk about marketing. Lots may be a good product, but it did not sold well because marketing is not the way. Or maybe the road, but halfway. Or the marketing steps, but the marketing is taken wrong.

Problem in marketing in essence is simple: "you bring the right products to the right people, the right way and in the right time!"
Alright. What do you think? Please give us your opinion by filling in the comments.
Because in the near future there will be a most horrendous tumultuous universe of internet business and blogging homeland.

Discover the reality about HYIP Investment Programs

If you're curious what HYIP is, then i will be able to assist you understand the reality concerning it. High yield investment programs square measure on-line investments programs which supply high returns on investments. These investments involve nice risks like gambling, FOREX reports mercantilism and sports sporting. of these ventures don't have guarantee to investments, that makes it to be therefore risky. There also are alternative programs that don't invest, examples square measure ponzi and scammers. These 2 square measure high yield investments programs that don't invest. to talk the reality 99%of HYIP square measure either scammers or ponzi.

These programs commonly collect cash from individuals then they disappear. They continuously try this after they understand that they need enough deposits. As AN capitalist it's vital to understand this reality therefore on avoid being a victim. At an equivalent time it's very important to understand ways that of distinguishing these scammers, therefore on avoid losing your cash. There are lots of controversies concerning HYIP investment programs, however these programs still thrive. Some individuals have learned from expertise that these systems square measure devious, however because the economy recess many of us square measure being lured into these programs.

This networking investment theme that several individuals have tried to speculate in, some have succeeded whereas others are victims of scam. For you to understand the reality concerning HYIP you wish to log into the web and visit sites that explains its advantages. There square measure some programs that are created simply to steal people’s cash, therefore it's judicious that you simply do an intensive analysis before investment in these programs. These programs need investors to place in AN initial quantity of cash and in exchange they promise to provide out high returns.

Investing in HYIPs are often therefore tough, you'll suppose that it's a real program however later discover that it's a scam. a number of these programs claim to supply high returns that is untrue, it smart to be told instead of attempting it yourself. though there square measure some HYIP programs that square measure real, and that they pay back your cash with interest therefore it's judicious that you simply think about such programs by reading their articles and additionally attending forums. These programs offer individuals with lots of guarantees and if you don’t turn over then you'll be lured into the program.

HYIP investment is a risky business, so you should really have a policy to select a HYIP business. many emerging new HYIP sites, is our company in the field of HYIP, but we do appreciate them because we are top HYIP sites. now many monitoring sites and many different looks after HYIP between companies are paying members. using any monitor and you will know that Felmin Aliance is HYIP paying members.

As a matter of reality it's very important to appear closely. the thought behind these investment programs is straightforward, it depends on referral approach. Their main aim is to induce main investors therefore on accumulate additional investment. this suggests that goodbye as there square measure new investors then the program can survive. The HYIPs investments aren't continuously invested with in a very real business generating income; the factor is that the cash simply go spherical and this is often the explanation why several HYIPs collapse, and many things that complaints by customers against HYIP, so do not let one choose a HYIP program.

SEO Outsourcing Company Helps Our online business

If we talk about online business, then it certainly will not be separated from the subject of online marketing. As with any offline business, marketing a business would need to introduce their product, or brand. Similarly on online business, marketing activity is necessary to introduce a website.

One form of marketing for online business is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO simply explained that a website can be optimized so that could be on the front page of a search engine, like Google, yahoo search, bing, and others. In addition, the SEO works to increase website traffic. Traffic in means a visit to a website blog. The higher the traffic, the website has many visitors. The analogy is that a store visited by many people, that's a very good store traffic.

Doing SEO needs perseverance and hard work so that the website can be at the top of search engines. But it's not too hard if you use SEO Outsourcing Company.

SEO outsourcing company is a company that provides services to optimize your website so it is in the best position in the search engines. by using SEO outsourcing company, we do not bother to do SEO optimization, as this has been done by them, so that we can focus on maintaining website content and other things. For doing online retail business, the owner of the website can better focus on product updates and promotional strategy-a strategy its online store.

This company can already be ascertained greatly help the performance of our online business operation. then what is the process? is it difficult? No! The process is just simple, usually the service providers will ask for any keyword you want delivered, you just fill in the forms that already exist. Then just a few clicks to make the payment process.

Unwinding in the Philippines: The Steven Boccone Way

Even the busiest businessman has to unwind and enjoy life every now and then. Steve Boccone, a respected and accomplished financial analyst and financial officer, may be one of the busiest people in the finance industry but he never fails to find time to focus on less stressful activities. Steve loves to visit tourist destinations in different countries. As a traveler, he has been to different countries in Asia. He is a frequent visitor to the Philippines. The country’s friendly, colorful tradition, and exceptional artistry are some of the many reasons why he and his family fell in love with the Pearl of the Orient. He and his wife Karen make sure that they find time to travel for them to take a time off from the busy life of the city. They also bring with them their two lovely daughters for them to have a quality family time together.

Steve visited different areas in the Philippines, including Intramuros, Cebu, Baguio, among others. The scenic spots the country can offer are simply irresistible, which is why it is not surprising that an American like Steven Boccone did not find it difficult to fall in love with the country and its people. Whenever travelling, Steven does not only enjoy the scenic sights but also the art behind every place. As a patron of Philippine arts, he always finds the artistic sense of every old building, painting, jewelries, dance, cuisine, among others. Needless to say, Steve is an above-average art fan who has solid background in art appreciation. His wife Karen is likewise an aficionado of the arts. One of her hobbies includes painting and drawing.

Steve is always a frequent attendee to different social events and gatherings in the Philippines. He and his wife Karen always attend music concerts, charity events, wine-tasting events, art exhibitions, and the like. The couple’s passion for the art and social events has exposed them to the true Filipino tradition of artistry and ingenuity. Because of this, it is safe to say that Steve and Karen are true believers of the true Filipino traits – talented, passionate, friendly, artistic, and imaginative.

Internet Business: Success or Failure is in your Hands

When starting an Internet business know, how you feeling? Probably doubtful, pessimistic, or even do not believe in get rich from the internet.
Yes ... sometimes that's the way it is. Often our own making "brick wall" of success for ourselves. We are too pessimistic view of life. As if the fate of being experienced can not be changed.

Likewise possible in affiliate program. The beginners who are interested in the affiliate program may think it is very difficult to run the business. The first time we certainly do not know all the terms in this business model. Our understanding of zero! Especially if we are lazy to learn. So our feelings are initially pessimistic about the affiliate program will be more evident.

In fact, the solution is definitely a lot to learn. It can be read, often browsing, or discuss about the affiliate program. Inevitably we must dare to take pains to conquer our ignorance. There is no science that comes without search. Correct?
There is no instant internet business

Ok ... besides the nature of human learning sometimes lazy, lazy hard work, and a diamond-like instant, there are other causes why we fail in affiliate program. What is it? You curious?

1. Hurry up. Many sources say based on the fact that there are far, ten people internet business, nine of which have failed. What is the cause? The main reason because we give up too soon. We could not keep the spirit on a regular basis. We got too excited in the beginning and quickly tired afterwards.

2. Bored quickly. We quickly tired of doing the things detailed. For example, we are tired of doing research. Or, tired of keeping traffic affiliate web site that we have.

3. Want to succeed without trying. Well, this is one of our most troublesome weaknesses. Yet nothing running the affiliate program we can not stand to get a lot of commissions.

4. Down on the street. We're easy to stop before we reached the target. For example, when learning website creation, either learn HTML, upload files and images, or create a sales letter, not finished learning has stopped.

5. Have a basic knowledge. We can only ask for help from others to run a web site (to outsource). But, you had better know how to work the website and how to control it.

6. Too busy studying. This last point is the opposite of the above points. We get stuck too long to master web site creation. 90% of our time spent on learning how to make websites. In fact, there is the most important thing. That is, run the targets we have set traffic and direct traffic there to be loyal customers.
Of all the obstacles above, what was it about the solution?

Yeah ... we should be smart to divide their time and enthusiasm. Remember time is more than money. Time is one of the determinants of our success. Every second is a chance to take us closer to success.

Learning from zero it is difficult. But that does not mean can not you? And, as fun-fun to learn we do not fall asleep and forget to focus. Focus where? Yes ... sell the merchant's products. Remember, improve product purchase is the ultimate goal of the affiliate marketer. The more we sell the merchant's products, the more commission we can.

And all that you were to administer themselves. Success or failure is in your hands. So take your pick .... All choices have consequences. And live your choice wholeheartedly.

5 Ways Digital Marketing Boost Customer Loyalty Program

The presence of digital technology has clear benefits both for individuals and the business world. This technology dramatically creating new ways for companies and customers in touch. Companies need to understand their customers in order to respond to customer needs better than their competitors do. For some businesses, it makes the customer loyalty program becomes more important. Because it can be the glue between the digital world with the offline world.

Unfortunately, in some cases the program through the digital channels do not "connect" with a customer loyalty program. Some companies move their loyalty programs from printed format to digital format in the form of online coupons, email, and mobile applications. But often this is underpinned by a passion for cutting costs, not to build closer relationships with customers.

Not only that, sometimes switching formats because the program was also conducted offline loyalty program does not run properly. However, if the pattern of communication that is wrong, transferred to any format still will not change things. Digital technology opens up many opportunities, but if you can not use it well will not be any good.

Digital technology is more than just a means to save costs, a new business unit, or tactics. Customer data or company-owned loyalty program will be more profitable if the company is able to think strategically about the role of digital in building a customer-oriented business.
Customer loyalty programs should be regarded as a key platform for growth companies. Digital technology is a tool to do so. There are five digital solution that can support a customer loyalty program.

Provide Data
Customer data is one advantage to be gained through loyalty programs. Mechanism Digital is now able to produce this data without the need for a separate infrastructure. A number of significant data if taken properly and combine it with existing data will help companies understand customers and improve communication in order to meet their needs.
Insight gained from the site or social media can help companies to understand customer buying motivation. Unfortunately many companies who have a website consider this channel as a complement and not forget that there is new data that can be taken from there. So change the way we look to the digital channels, and we will get a pleasant surprise from there.

New Mechanism for Dealing with Customers Anytime, Anywhere
Customers have many options and opportunities to connect with anyone in the digital universe. Therefore very important to expand loyalty program strategy into digital channels. That way companies can maximize the opportunities to connect with customers in ways that are most relevant.

Provides Digital Data to Traditional Media Channels
Digital technology opens up many opportunities in the media that were previously closed. Data of digital media at the individual level allows us to see the target customers that match the specific communication channels. Not only that, the data also allows us to make measurements that connects online data with offline sales data to understand the effectiveness of the media. With the partnership between online and traditional media, we can take measurements and obtain a clear ROI. Is not that what we've been looking for?

Digital Payment Solutions
Some businesses have released an e-wallet, and some have created their own way of transaction. On the one hand, this program can be a threat of disinter mediation loyalty program, but on the other hand also opens up opportunities. Customers simply bring a wallet (with a lot of cards in it). However, with so many cards you have, the customer will probably forget the programs that we offer. Therefore, the presence in the minds of customers is the key. Digital payment solution would be preferable, but in order to succeed you have to keep your brand top of mind of customers, both in terms of awareness and confidence.

Strengthen Confidence
New channels, new data and new service providers to add complexity for companies to manage data and customer preferences. This is compounded by the issue of personal data security is increasingly a concern of customers. Beliefs and values into the key relationships with customers, especially if they have to share personal information to companies.

Therefore, companies should be able to transparently about the security of personal data and be honest about the value provided to customers. Loyalty program is a tremendous platform in strengthening and maintaining trust. You do this by providing value through the shopping experience.

The philosophy and approach to loyalty will always be a competitive advantage which is owned company that makes it valuable in the eyes of customers. Hence loyalty programs should not be removed from the priority simply because there is a new digital toy more sleek. The program should be seen as a key platform to drive growth and connect the online and offline, both for companies and customers.

3 Fundamental Philosophy Regarding Sales in Retail Business

In gaining and maintaining customers who shop in our store, it must be understood three basic philosophy regarding the sale, namely:

1. The main target of every employee is to create and maintain customers.
Many people, including salespeople and managers, who believe that the main task of a salesperson is to make the sale. In other words, the sale is something that is important. But creating a sales means creates the dollar sales for the short term, while creating a customer is to make a dollar in the long term. Providing service to customers satisfaction is the process of creating dollars in the long run. Satisfaction that they receive will make them come back again and again to shop in our store.

2. There is a big difference between selling and helping a person to buy.
This is not mere wordplay. The difference lies in our attitude. Sales are typically manipulative, he took the approach, "Let us see what is ours and persuade someone to buy it." Meanwhile, helping people to buy is through the approach, "Let's see what is needed by customers and the extent to which those needs can fulfilled by us. "

This approach is not very pressing buyer or sellers. Precisely the buyer actually feel happy with that approach because they feel helped.

3. Humans love to buy, but hate when someone sells something to him.
It has become a matter of course when your home visited by a sales for a specific product offering. His arrival makes you frown because a few days ago the other sales come to offer other products as well, but only used it a few days the product was defective. And you blame the seller because presumed to sell a product that is not good. You think if only if the product is purchased in the mall or shopping center may not be damaged. This is human behavior, always blaming others for their suffering experiences.

Basic Attitudes In Serving Customer

Each employee must provide services by placing himself as a consultant to all customer that comes into the store. The attitude of an employee is a reflection of the company's attitude towards its customers. If the employee is bad in terms of customer service, then the corporate image is also bad in the eyes of customers. So, it is important to communicate to the employees about the fgood service to customers.
In general, the basic attitude of good service to the customer are:

1. relax
This means :
- Use nonformal language, according to the character of the customer being served.
- Show a confident attitude
- Able to create a fun and friendly atmosphere

2. Prioritize services to customersservices to customers than other activities.

3. Do not obtrude.

4. Required to provide information on:
- self-identity
- product advantage
- ongoing promotion

5. Always show an attitude ready to serve any time.
Things that are considered not show a service attitude is:

- Receive or play Telephone / Mobile in the store floor
- Indifference
- Joking and huddle with fellow employees
- Relying on the product display,door, display window, etc
- Stand idly Attitudes

The Importance Of Purchase Situation For Customer

The occurrence of unplanned purchase ever made by anyone, especially in the time to shop at retail stores. Today many emerging types of retail businesses (retailing) including supermarkets, superstores, hypermarkets and discount stores. This type of retail business is providing almost all products of daily needs to shoes, clothes and electronic goods.

Intense level of competition among supermarkets, superstores, hypermarkets and discount stores, requires every retailer trying to offer a variety of stimuli to attract customers to make purchases. For that situation, especially the purchase of the physical environment such as color, sound, light, weather, and the spatial arrangements need to be considered by a retailer, because the physical environment is expected to attract customers to make purchases that are not planned in advance. customers who have sufficient time to search and process them with good information is expected to bring the desires for purchase goods that are not planned.

However, unplanned purchases made ​​customers first consider the needs, values ​​and interest (involvement) in the product to be purchased.

Definition of Consumer Involvement

Each time make decisions or purchases, consumers first consider. Sometimes took long time to decided on the merits, more or less, or the pros and cons. Well it actually the process of engagement between something which we think to ourselves, and its often called "consumer involvement".

Some marketing experts expressed definition of consumer involvement as follows:

Customers involvement defined by the Engel, Blackwell, and Miniard as the perceived level of personal interest or interest generated by the stimulus in a specific situation. Involvement is best understood as a function of people, objects and situations.

Pride and Ferrell revealed that the level of consumer involvement is the reason why consumers are motivated to find a particular product and brand information.

Peter and Olson confirmed that involvement is a motivational state that drives and directs the behavior of consumers when making decisions.

Each consumer has an underlying motivation in the form of needs and values. While involvement will arise when the object (product, service or promotional messages) can help to meet the perceived needs, goals and values that were important. Meeting these needs is perceived to be varied or not the same from one situation to others.

Effect of Marketing Stimulus In Unplanned Buying Decision

Stimulus in the purchase situation experienced by consumers have a role in consumer unplanned purchases. When a customer was walking in a supermarket and see the discounts on shoes, consumers considering the purchase.

Passion of consumer interest in discounts evoke a desire to try and become involved in previously unplanned purchases. But the intention to make unplanned purchases are going to change because consumers consider the needs, values and interest in these shoes. If the perceived need is not urgent, the product which will be bought has low value and consumers felt less keen to have it, then unplanned purchase will not happen.

Corporate Values As a Component of Strategic Thinking

In March 2002, Fortune magazine named Wal-Mart as the largest company in the world. Now this global retailer has about more than 3,000 outlets across America, and more than 1,000 retail outlets in any types of retail store (discount stores, supermarkets, department stores) in foreign country. Wal-Mart is the first service and trade company that won a position as the world's largest companies. Wal-Mart is an example of the triumph. Sales in 1973 of approximately U.S. $ 1 billion per year. And 20 years later, the company could generate that much revenue in just one week only. Previously the company has also been cited as the "Retailer of the Century" by Discount Store News magazine, one of "The Most Admired Companies in America" by Fortune magazine, and "100 best companies to work for" by the Financial Times.

All these achievements are not created in an instant. Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart, has for many years apply some principles key to his shop called with 10 values of Sam Walton. When asked what makes Wal-Mart can be a huge successful business, their executives said that this company is making the values of Sam Walton as their main source of competitiveness.

The story above is an inspiration that you can bring the values of working in your shop. Just select a few key values that you want to be a priority. Here are some of key value that can be highlighted in your store:

1. Ethics
Your store operates honestly, both to customers and employees. For example, all employees of the store shall refund the excess payment to the customer, you do not sell products that have expired, not cheating in the use of weights, etc..

2. Environment
Your store will care for the environment (nature and society), because you realize that the development of your store depends on the warmth of your relationship with the environment.

These values are different from the vision and mission that can be embedded or notified verbally. These values should really be felt by all parties involved in the store, and applied consistently. Direct example and your behavior as a store owner will determine the success of the realization of these values.

Categorizing Products Or Services

In fact, an offer can vary from two extremes base namely pure form of goods and pure services. Based on these criteria, then the supply of an enterprise can be divided into five categories, namely:

1. Purely physical product
Offer consists solely of a physical product, such as soap, toothpaste, or laundry soap, without any accompanying services or service products.

2. Physical product with support services
In this category offer consists of a physical product that is accompanied by one or several services to enhance the appeal to consumers. For example, car manufacturers have to offer far more than just a car, that is biased includes delivery service, repair, installation and so forth.

3. Hybrid
Offer consists of goods and services that equal portions.

4. Services are supported with minor products or services
Offer consists of basic services with additional services (complementary) and/or material support. For example, airline passengers who purchase transportation services along the way, there are several elements involved physical products such as food and drinks, magazines and others.
Such services require goods that are capital-intensive for its realization, but the main offer is services.

5. Pure service
Offer consists solely of a services. Example lawyer, consultant, doctor, etc.